10 Best Hotels and Guesthouses to Stay in Shinjuku

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Shinjuku hostel
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Shinjuku serves as the major commercial center of Tokyo, and is host to the world’s busiest railway station. It’s vibrant and lively atmosphere is no wonder why many like to visit. With it comes many options for accommodation to suit needs of any sort.

1. Tokyo Central Youth Hostel

Located in the heart of Tokyo and easily connected by rail to Shinjuku, Ginza and Roppongi, the Tokyo Central Youth Hostel re-opened in 2011 and now serves over 35000 travelers annually. Their dormitory style rooms are available for 4 to 10 sleepers, and the hostel also houses Japanese style tatami rooms on their upper floors which provide a sweeping panoramic view of Tokyo. The hostel prides themselves on their safety priority, and imposes a strict curfew of 11PM. Because of this, Tokyo Central Youth Hostel is especially popular with families, ladies, and youth organisations.


  • Name: Tokyo Central Youth Hostel
  • Address: 1-1 Kaguragashi, Shinjuku, Tokyo
  • Website: www.jyh.gr.jp/tcyh/e/top.html

2. Ace Inn Shinjuku

This capsule hotel situated in a bustling neighbourhood and caters largely to the backpacker clientele. The sleeping cabins are simply furnished, and the property offers shared bathrooms and cooking areas. A lounge with cushy sofas welcome explorers at the end of the day.


  • Name: Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Shinjuku
  • Address: 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku
  • Website: http://www.anshin-oyado.jp/english/

3. Imano Tokyo Hostel

This property is one of Tokyo’s bestselling hostels for its convenient location in the heart of Shinjuku and its sleek and modern look. Imano Tokyo Hostel offers several room types. Their dormitory style rooms are separated into male only and female only six and ten bed options, and they also offer a Japanese style bedroom for three sleepers. This property also houses an on-site cafe and bar for meeting fellow travelers.


  • Name: Imano Tokyo Hostel
  • Address: 160-0022 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku
  • Website: http://imano-tokyo.jp/

4. Mejiro Guesthouse

Situated atop a hill, the Mejiro Guesthouse is a share house that offers a quiet sanctuary in the bustling Shinjuku district. This property has three rooms and a shared kitchen, and is ideal for extended stays in the city as rooms can be rented out on a monthly basis. All rooms in the Mejiro Guesthouse offer views of the area’s skyscrapers, which are beautifully lit at nightfall.


  • Name: Mejiro Guesthouse
  • Address: 2-14-8 Kitaotsuka Toshima-ku
  • Website: http://www.tokyostay.co.jp/?p=488&lang=en

5. T-Tower Guesthouse

Conveniently situated just a stone’s throw from the city’s busiest and liveliest areas, T-Tower Guesthouse offers more than just a hostel experience. This shared living accommodation encourages guests to share the journey of living in Tokyo together by bonding over housekeeping duties such as taking out the garbage and wiping down the living area.


  • Name: T-Tower Guesthouse
  • Address:3-28-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku
  • Website: http://www.t-tower-guesthouse.com/

6. The Hikari House

The Hikari House offers guests an ideal base for exploring Tokyo’s major attractions. Rooms are simply furnished with basic amenities, and kept spotless. The property offers dormitory style rooms with male and female separated, as well as Japanese style rooms for guests who wish to experience a bit of the culture. The Hikari House boasts a multilingual staff team, who are happy to provide services in English, Chinese, Korean and of course Japanaese.


  • Name: Hikari House
  • Address: 1-1-22, Hyakunincho, Shinjyuku Ku

7. Ryokan Takemine

A bestselling traditional Japanese inn in Shinjuku, Ryokan Takemine features generous relaxing space with massage chairs and private bathrooms with jacuzzis in each room. Beautifully prepared set meals with tasteful colours and textures are delivered to the guests’s rooms each evening. Ryokan Takemine is a luxurious traditional experience.


  • Name: Ryokan Takemine
  • Address: 161-0032 Tokyo Prefecture, Shinjuku-ku

8. Tama Ryokan

A family run traditional Japanese Inn, Tama Ryokan provides guests with a family oriented experience. This property houses six rooms, all but one located on the second floor, and guests share two bathrooms. Their bath is of ofuro style, which acts as both a shower and a tub. Woven straw mats known as tatami line the floors of the rooms. For a cozy and family style stay, check out Tama Ryokan.


  • Name: Tama Ryokan
  • Address: 1-25-33 Takadanobaba Shinjuku
  • Website: http://www.tamaryokan.com/

9. Ryokan Eishinkan

Source: Nicolás Boullosa

Ryokan Eishinkan offers a couple different room options. The first is a traditional Japanese style room with tatami and sleeping mats, while the second option is a simply furnished modern day hotel room equipped a proper bed. Regardless, all rooms provide complimentary WiFi and enough relaxing space to unwind after a long day.


  • Name: Ryokan Eishinkan
  • Address: 〒160-0002 Tokyo, Shinjuku

10. Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule

Boasting 593 capsules on this property, the Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule is one of the largest hostels of its kind in the nation. This male only accommodation allows guests to experience the Japanese culture in a shared environment. Because these sleeping capsules are relatively tight in space, the property asks that guests remove their belongings from the capsule at 10 every morning for it to be cleaned. Lockers are provided, and guests are welcome to move back into their capsule at 3PM daily.a


  • Name: Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule
  • Address: 1-29-2 Kabukichyo, Shinjuku-ku
  • Website: http://www.hgpshinjuku.jp/en/

There are many choices for housing in Shinjuku. From budget stays to luxury hotels, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Have a good trip and travel!

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