7 Department Stores to See in Shinjuku

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Shinjuku shopping center is one the most important commercial place in Tokyo. It is always crowded with the people. It is the busiest commercial lane and is echoing till 2 am. This marketplace is so valuable for all those people who have the purchasing power and can afford the premium price and quality products. There is no doubt in the fact that the products and services which are being offered at Shinjuku are of premium quality and have a standard. The one most prominent factor about this most amazing marketplace is that you can experience 3D shopping. Shinjuku is designed in a way that stairs, elevators, and escalators give the feel of 3D looks. The basic aim of this article is to give reader information about the 7 departmental stores which they should visit when they’ll go to Shinjuku.

1. Shinjuku Odakyu Department Store:

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The Shinjuku Odakyu department store is located on the West side of Shinjuku Station. This department was built in 1962 by Odakyu Railway station. This store has 14 floors and also has an underground floor. The unique thing about this store is that the structure of this storey is inspired by the Railway station and is situated in the middle of the road to give the visitors the same experience.


  • Opening hours: 10am to 8 30 Pm
  • Number of floors for women: 12 floors
  • Food floor: 1 floor, B2
  • Number of floors for men:1 floor, 7F

 2.  Isetan Shinjuku Store

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Isetan is a famous departmental store situated in Japan. It is considered as one of the most important store and has some alluring features. Isetan store has a lot of branches throughout the country as well they are operating globally. Isetan is a center of attraction for men, women and children because of its refreshing environment and facilities. Even they have world’s greatest fashion museum and is involved in attracting greater number of women.


  • Interesting fact:The store has a park which is used by the several companies for promotional campaign
  • Opening hours:8am till 10 pm
  • Walking distance from Shinjuku-Sancho me: 1 mint away

3. Takashimaya Times Square

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Takashimaya time square is the biggest shopping center and is situated at the east side of Southern Terrace walkway.Takashimaya Shinjuku Department Store has14 floors, plus two underground floors, it is the main attraction for the men’s and women’s cloths but it also has the full coverage for the department store offers. This store is known for its quality goods and services within the reasonable prices.


  • Interesting fact: Disney Store on the 9th floor of Takashimaya.
  • Interpreter: Japanese-speaking Chinese and English interpreters are available on 2F.
  • Hours: 10am to 8pm

4. Keio Department Store

Source: Rs1421

Keio store is established in the west of the Shinjuku station and is situated along the side of the Odakyu Departmental store. It was built in 1978 and is owned by Keio Railway station. The best thing about this store is that the prices of the premium products are very reasonable and affordable. All those who have purchasing power can easily acquire the products. It also has the garden which is usually open during summer times and is named as rowdy beer garden


  • Opening hours: 10am till 8 30
  • Mostly caters the need of women and only has about one or two floors for men
  • Restaurant: B1 and MB floors and Restaurant at 8F at the mall

5. LUMINE departmental Store

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Lumine is famous among the visitors because the store has around 200 shops which offer quality goods and services to the shoppers moreover the store is famous for always offering the latest version of the brands. The environment of the store is pretty good. The store has British type structure and is divided in to three buildings to segregate type of shops from one another.


  • Floors: 16 floors
  • Opening hours: 11am till 10 Pm
  • Famous for: Premium shopping experience

6. Marui Departmental Store

Marui departmental store is owned by the Marui Company limited which is a retail company. You can find all the branded clothes at Marui departmental store. This store is a major center of attraction for Couples and Families because of the products its offers. Good range of restaurants can be find for the better experience of the visitors.


  • Age group: 25-35
  • Opening hours:8am till 10 pm
  • Building structure: Two-story frame building

7. Tokyu Departmental Store (close to Shinjuku)

Tokyu departmental store is owned by the Tokyu Group. This store is situated at Dogenzaka, Shibuya and is famous as One-stop shopping.  It is known as One-stop shop because you can find all the necessary items in comparatively lower rates. You can easily find stuff like baby items, cosmetics and women clothing. It’s a four story building and each floor is targeting different segments. Second and Third floor is for women and men respectively.


  • Supermarket floor: 4th Floor
  • Opening hours: 8am till 10pm

There is no doubt in the fact that above-mentioned stores come under the list of must-see departmental stores situated at Shinjuku but we can also not neglect the fact that there are some other important departmental stores too. Those stores also have the unique characteristics and offers goods and services that are the center of attraction for many people. These stores are distinguishable because of the structures they have and the products that they are offering. If we analyze the overall information, then most of the stores cater the needs of women than men but we must say that they offer quality and premium products and environment is worthy of the visit.

Have a good trip and travel!

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