7 Things To Do in Kabukicho: Shinjuku

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Source: Almir de Freitas

Kabukicho is a red-light and entertainment district in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Kabukicho consists of many nightclubs, restaurants, shops, strip clubs, love hotels, and hostess clubs. People refer to it as the Sleepless Town. Kabukicho was named after the kabuki theater that was supposed to be built but never did. This region now has some movie theaters, though.

1. Pachinko Parlors

There are plenty of gaming parlors called Pachinko. The name originates from the sound machines make. Pachinko machines are used for amusement and gambling. They have some resemblance with vertical pinball machines. You will see Japanese people looking at the machines meanwhile the ball ricochets around inside.

2. Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant opened in 2013 and represented one of the newest attractions in Kabukicho. This is a themed restaurant playing live show performances featuring beautiful Japanese dancing girls and robots.  The facility is established a couple of levels beneath the streets of Kabukicho. There are several shows each night. It will cost you 5, 000 for a 90 minutes stage show and a bento box. The food is not an attraction here.

3. Bars

There are bars located all around Kabukicho district. There is an English Pub called Hub in the center of Kabukicho. There is Lockup, a themed bar where there are prison bars around booths. There are the Yaki-Niku restaurant and the Shochu Bar with approximately 100 kinds of Japanese Spirits. You can also run into some gay bars. 

4. Love Hotels

There are plenty of these hotels located all over the district. Love hotels were designed to provide intimacy for couples in the pleasant surroundings. You can find the one you prefer simply by walking and looking around.

5. Strip Clubs

Strip clubs usually hire Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese workers. You will not find authentic Japanese girls or it will be a very difficult task to do so.

6. Hostess clubs

Hostess clubs are designed that way that elegant young women lure you into the conversation and treat you like the prince. They will pour you drinks, flatter you, and light your cigarette. You pay for the service depending on the time you spent there. They focus on the conversation so they will charge you for their drinks. It is never cheap. Their usual targets are successful and rich businessmen.

7. Oppai Club

And finally, you have the oppai club. Oppai club is the similar place to the hostess clubs with one difference. This is where you sit down on a sofa in some dark room that plays loud music and they will offer you to touch their breasts. You will have to pay every 15 minutes for this pleasure.


  • Name: Kabuchiko
  • Address: Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 9033003911

Unlike other country’s red light districts, there are no hostesses on the street. There are male people who would try to convince you to go in and have a good time. They are harmful. Their primary targets are tourists. Overall, Kabukicho is a fun place to go and there are bars, hotels, and restaurants where you can enjoy your visit. Just beware of the things that could ruin your vacation.

Have a good Trip and Travel!