20 Places to Visit after Brazil Olympics 2016

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Source: Ranko Gacesa

If you happen to travel to Brazil in order to watch the Olympics, you can also prolong your visit and explore the rest of this beautiful country while you are over there. The country is huge and it has so much to offer, including gorgeous beaches, one of a kind national parks, and cities that are bursting with life. Whenever you go there will be something interesting to see. So once the Olympics are over, leave Rio and continue your Brazil adventure elsewhere.

1. Salvador

Salvador will be hosting a couple of football games during the Olympics. It is a beautiful city with long and clean beaches and narrow streets that are perfect for afternoon strolls. The architecture is a mixture of different styles and you will definitely enjoy your surroundings and the views.

2. Jericoacoara

Located in the northern part of Brazil, Jericoacoara is a paradise for surfers. They come from all over the world because the weather is perfect for both surfing and windsurfing. If you are not interested in watersports, you can always lounge around on a beach and soak up the sun.

3. Igazu Falls

These waterfalls on the river Igazu are located on the bored with Argentina and they are an absolute must-see. They can be reached from both sides and they are shared between two national parks. You will be mesmerized by this magical formation because Igazu Falls are the largest waterfall system in the world.

4. Joaquina Beach

Joaquina Beach is located on the southern coast of Brazil and it is another location that is ideal for surfing. The winds are pretty strong and waves can get extremely high depending on the season and the weather. So if you are really looking for an adventure and you are a skilled surfer, this is the place for you.

5. Fernando de Noronha

If you want to experience something completely different and unique, head out to Fernando de Noronha islands which are located off the coast of Brazil. You will be able to enjoy untouched marine life and clean beaches on every single island and see the entire archipelago that has a total of twenty-one separate islands.

6. Bahia

This former capital of Brazil is well-known for its interesting culture and large music scene. Besides that, it had excellent beaches that are very popular among the tourists and it also has its own street carnival that is held every year. Bahia is a true melting pot and you will see the mixture of various cultures as soon as you step off the bus.

7. Paraty

Paraty might be small, but it is becoming a true tourist destination. It has amazingly clear waters and you can see the mountains in the distance. Besides that, Paraty has a newly renovated old town that looks stunning. The weather is really good all year round so you can visit it whenever you want.

8. Curitiba

Curitiba is an amazing city that has so much to offer to the visitors. One of the most popular sights here is the Botanical Garden. It is beautifully decorated in various European styles and you will be able to spend your entire day just strolling around and seeing numerous plants and trees. The garden lights up at night so make sure you see that as well.

9. Jalapao

This national park will leave every visitor awestruck. With numerous orange sand dunes that dominate the horizon and interesting rock formation throughout this area, Jalapao is a perfect destination for all adventure seekers who want to hike or simply see something different while they are in Brazil.

10. Olinda

Olinda was one of the first colonial cities on the coast of Brazil. It is also well-preserved and you will see plenty of old buildings and architecture from that time. Besides the colonial downtown, there is also a street carnival which is influenced by both Portuguese and African cultures. The carnival is focused more on music so you will have a chance to hear numerous local musicians playing this event.

11. Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal

Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal is a very interesting place that will be a treat for everyone who likes hiking and exploring the nature. What makes this place so unique is the fact that this is the last place where Atlantic Forest is still growing. You can reach this national park from Porto Seguro.

12. Mount Roraima

It might take you a couple of hours to get there, but once you see Mount Roraima up close, you will be mesmerized. It is a large rock formation in the middle of Brazilian wilderness and it has its own ecosystem. The hikes are particularly amazing here, so if you are an adventurous type, this trip will be worth it.

13. Gruta de Lago Azul

This gorgeous lake is a mystery to geologists. It is believed that Gruta de Lago Azul is a part of an underground river. However, tourists love this place and you will too. The color of the water is simply gorgeous and it seems that it has been around for quite some time now because scientists have uncovered various bones and remains in this body of water.

14. Canoa Quebrada

Located in the northeastern Brazil, Canoa Quebrada is a fishing settlement that has gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It is still undiscovered by the large groups of tourists so you will be able to have a quiet time by the ocean and fully recharge your batteries after the Olympics.

15. The rainforests of Amazon

Amazon is one of the symbols of Brazil and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see it while you are in Brazil. Surely, the trip itself might be a bit difficult but you will most definitely enjoy it once you get there. The rainforests are unlike anything you’ve seen before so make sure you go there.

16. Petropolis

Located just an hour away from Rio, Petropolis has one of the most popular museums in Brazil. It used to be an imperial summer residence but now it houses numerous artifacts and displays. It is a gorgeous building that is worth your time and we are sure you will enjoy visiting Petroplos.

17. Brazilia

Brazilia is the capital of Brazil and it is located further into the mainland of this country. It is a beautiful city with many sights, such as the cathedral made by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The ceilings are made of stained glass and the entire building is meticulously made.

18. Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is probably one of the most beautiful places in the whole Brazil. The beaches are amazing, the water is crystal clear, and it is perfect for diving. It is surrounded by coral reefs and you will be able to view the marine life that inhabits this place.

19. Belo Horizonte

This city is completely surrounded by mountains and it has plenty of greenery. The architecture here is quite modern and there are many museums and landmarks that are located in the downtown area. It is a true contemporary city bursting with the culture and interesting music scene.

20. Canela

Canela is the ecotourism center of Brazil. It attracts a large number of local and international visitors during the colder months and it is a perfect place for hiking, walking, and rock climbing. The town itself is quite interesting and it has a gorgeous cathedral called Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Cathedral.

There are so many amazing cities and places in Brazil that should be visited more by tourists. When you get there, you will have an opportunity to see this country and experience their culture firsthand. So once the Olympics are over, pack your bags and continue exploring.

Have a good trip and travel!

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