10 Things To Do in Parana: Brazil

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Source:Morio (Commons Wikimedia)

The road must be traveled without haste, enjoying nature, landscapes and stopping at the stop point to get off the car and enjoy each location path. On the way, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea, totally covered by rainforest. The Graciosa highway is full of curves and beautiful scenery. Parana has great views.

1.See the Iguazu Falls

It’s worth the visit in Parana. Wonderful location, perfect view. In contact with nature. You can not visit Foz do Iguaçu and not get to know this place! It really is indescribable the ride up to the falls. Recommend macro ride where you ride a boat up to the rapids below the falls.It is a piece of heaven on earth is worth and have to be careful to not fall. What a wonderful place, unique experience to see how God is perfect in his creation is priceless.


  • Name: Iguazu Falls
  • Address: Misiones Province, Argentina
  • Elevation: 195 m
  • Flow rate: 1,756 m³/s
  • Watercourse: Iguazu River
  • Height: 82 m
  • Number of drops: 275
  • Longest drop: 82 m

2.Visit the Oscar Niemeyer Museum

The museum is installed in a building designed by Oscar Niemeyer himself. At the time it was in the museum they had very interesting exhibits, an area to work with really cool visual effects for children, as well as a space intended solely parts the works of the architect himself, including scale models of several famous projects. Nevertheless, an imposing building with a beautiful underpass all white and bright. Many rooms with different exposures.


  • Name: Oscar Niemeyer Museum
  • Address: R. Mal. Hermes, 999 – Centro Cívico, PR, Brazil
  • Hours: 10AM–6PM
  • Phone: +55 41 3350-4400
  • Interest: Architecture

3.Go to Bosque Alemão

The location is great for those who do a great walk. You have two options to access an account with a track in descent and another account with the same track uphill. The long trail you can follow the story of John and Mary as well and depending on the day and time is still featured storytellers, the witch’s house. The oratory is very beautiful and you can take amazing pictures with the view of the city. To take advantage of the park, it is best to do the trails, which are inside the forest.


  • Name: Bosque Alemão
  • Address: Rua Francisco Schaffer, s/n – Vista Alegre, PR, 80820-200, Brazil
  • Hours: 8AM–8PM
  • Phone: +55 41 3568-1087
  • Interest: Landmarks, sightseeing

4.Explore the Itaipu Dam

It is a simple and quick viewing. The plant is gigantic but visitation is nothing so special for some. A walk for those who never went to the entrance, it is worth. Super interesting how it was built and how it works. While you will feel the value a little steep, the ride lasts only two hours and time to show the inside of having very little to be seen.


  • Name: Itaipu Dam
  • Address: Av. Tancredo Neves, 6731 – Porto Belo, Foz do Iguaçu – PR, 85856-970, Brazil
  • Impound: Paraná River
  • Opened: 1984
  • Height: 196 m
  • Hours: 8AM–6PM
  • Interest: Landmarks, sightseeing

5.View the Arena da Baixada

It is a luxury, very organized and clean, has a gym, a restaurant, an amazing sight, a great ride without the doubt. Environment very nice and affordable, well organized, very good visibility and with great restaurants and snack bars, worth knowing. Interesting as it is in a block with buildings around, very interesting.


  • Name: Arena da Baixada
  • Address: R. Buenos Aires, 1260 – Água Verde, Curitiba – PR, 80250-070, Brazil
  • Opened: June 20, 1999
  • Phone: +55 41 2105-5600
  • Capacity: 42,372
  • Team: Clube Atlético Paranaense
  • Architect: Carlos Arcos
  • Owner: Clube Atlético Paranaense
  • Interest: Landmarks, sightseeing

6.Relax at Botanical Garden of Curitiba

It is the flagship place with a European feel and very well maintained. Admission is free and the place is worth the visit. Many species of native plants to meet. The place is fantastic, can not stay out of the city tour. It is worth spending a few hours on Sunday is very busy. It is a visit of at least three hours to be worth.


  • Name: Botanical Garden of Curitiba
  • Address: R. Engo. Ostoja Roguski – Jardim Botânico, Curitiba – PR, 80210-390, Brazil
  • Hours: 9:30AM-5PM
  • Phone: +55 41 3264-6994
  • Open: Daily
  • Interest: Landmarks, sightseeing

7.Go to Cathedral of Our Lady of Glory

Strolling through the historic center of Curitiba had the pleasure to meet the Metropolitan Cathedral of Curitiba. A beautiful church with a richly decorated interior. The stained glass windows are beautiful and are in perfect conditions. For those who admire religious art and architecture as well as baroque art can not fail to see the Eucharist.

8.View the Wire Opera House

The Wire Opera House is one of the great tourist options in Curitiba. The visit is very fast! The place is beautiful, but it has nothing to do. Just take pictures and go. Worth visiting for amazing photos! The attraction is a circular theater, built of steel pipes and metal structure. It has a beautiful artificial lake.


  • Name: Wire Opera House
  • Address: R. João Gava, 874 – Abranches, Curitiba – PR, 82130-010, Brazil
  • Opened: 1992
  • Hours: 8AM–7PM
  • Architect: Domingos Bongestabs
  • Function: Theater

9.See the State Park of Vila Velha

The strong point of this park is the location. Is in the historic center, you do not need to use the car to go out at night. This is great because of the difficulty of parking in the historic center. The standard site are older and smaller, not enjoyed, but the superior are more spacious and brand new. Worth the travel in the state park.


  • Name: State Park of Vila Velha
  • Address: Rodovia BR-376, s/n – Jardim Vila Velha, Ponta Grossa – PR, 84000-000, Brazil
  • Open: Closed Tuesday
  • Area: 38.03 km²
  • Hours: 8AM–5:30PM
  • Phone: +55 42 3228-1138

10.Go to the Red Windmill of Parana

You have a lot to see, but the red windmill is cute and appealing, with valley passage in front and in which you can take a picture. It is an attraction for those tired of staying in the hotel but I would not trade the all inclusive and the beaches to take a picture with a red windmill in Parana in Brazil.


  • Name: Red Windmill of Parana
  • Address: Castro, PR, 84000-000, Brazil
  • Open: Everytime
  • Hours: 8AM–6PM
  • Phone: None
  • Interest: Landmarks

Parana is a beautiful place, beauty to behold. Starting with the entry portal you will love it. Make travel unhurriedly, pausing to enjoy the river that borders it. Make all your curves between mountains and cliffs covered by preserved forest, and with a lot of history, culminating in a pleasant lunch in Morretes is priceless, a true relax.

Have a good trip and travel!

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