7 Things to Know about Curitiba Airport

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Curitiba Airport
Source Luizaraujo21

Curitiba is the capital city and the largest as well of the cities in the profound Brazilian state of Parana. As such, it is filled with many hilarious historical and tourist attractions thus folks from numerous parts of the globe have a consistent tendency of paying a visit to this aåstounding locality. The role played by the Curitiba Airport now kicks in as it enables visitors from the various destinations comfortable find their way to this marvelous city. A brief summary of the vital facts about this airport, all that you ought to know at that, are outlined below.

1. Location and Access

The Curitiba International Airport (Afonso Pena International Airport) is situated merely 29 kilometers from Curitiba City Centre. Its location is strategic and thus have made access to the airport pretty easy since different bus, taxi companies, and other transfers companies offer an airport shuttle. Map of the vicinity are ever available, and the best possible routes for navigation are as well clearly marked. This has made the airport a splendid choice for many and a reliable means of transport.


2. Parking at the Airport

Well, if you did access the airport by private means on your way to pick up or drop someone, fret not about where you will park your car as there is an ample parking lot at the airport. To put statistics right, a proper parking facility operating 24/7 and with mesmerizing 1806 vacancies for vehicles of any sort, almost 200 (196) seats for the aged and persons with reduced mobility (disabilities), four slots for minibuses as well as 196 slots for motorbikes is present at the Curitiba Airport. What more could you ask for?


  • Capacity: 1806 cars
  • Prices: R$ 7,00 for 1 hour, R$ 11,00 for 2 hours, R$ 1,00 per any extra hour

3. Car Rental

So, you are in the city for a vacation or a few days; how will you explore the city? Curitiba Airport has your concern at heart and hence have already set a car rental service for you at the airport upon landing. Again, why go for the prearranged rental service? It’s simple actually; lowest charges are guaranteed, there is a certainty of a vehicle from a leading supplier, you get a chance to alter or even cancel your booking promptly and effortlessly, and finally you get to enjoy the dedicated and complimentary customer service. Your task; just search for the car fit for you, check out the prices and just book.

4. Hotels

A vacation or business trip is as superb as the accommodation services lavished over the period. Lucky for you, that’s a hurdle you won’t even have to think of as there are numerous comfy suites near the airport in the likes of Bourbon Dom Ricardo Aeroporto, which is just a kilometer away from the airport. Tulip Inn San Jose is another luxurious hotel just a one-and-a-half kilometer away, while Hotel Villa Victoria also is very comfy and the prices as well are quite affordable compared to the high-class services provided by the homely professional staff at the hotels.


  • Name: Bourbon Dom Ricardo Aeroporto, Hotel Villa Victoria
  • Address: Av. Rocha Pombo, 2400São José dos PinhaisPR, Av. Sete de Setembro, 2448CuritibaPR

5. Tourism

Linha Turismo
Source: Deni Williams

Would a tour to Curitiba be an accomplished adventure without knowing much about the dynamic city itself? I bet not. The Linha Turismo is an excellent city tour that explores the central and select tourist attractions in the beautiful Curitiba city. It makes it simple to pay a visit to favorite parks, gorgeous squares and other celebrated attractions of Curitiba. Its reputation precedes itself, and it comes to pass every half an hour with a 2.5-hour escapade of a total 44 kilometers. The German woods, inaugurated back in 1996 is another stunning aperture that tells it all about the German’s traditions.  What’s not to fall for?


  • Name: Linha Turismo, The German woods
  • Address: Rua Niccolo Paganini, esquina com Franz Schubert – Vista Alegre (Jardim Schaffer). Tel.: (41) 3568-1087

6. Airport Guide and Shopping

Leve Curitiba
Source: Eduardo P

This docket has it all in store for you; from vital airport information such as airport contacts, Airlines, banks, currency exchange to cargo. That’s not the end of the line, however. Government agencies in play are as well covered here like the ANAC, the Police Civil, Federal Police as well as the Military Police. Think you have heard it all? Not at all. Services offered such as hairdressing, lottery and tourist information are also accounted for? Would the airport be complete without shops? You needn’t answer that as there are drug stores and gifts and souvenir shops such as Leve Curitiba.


  • Name: Leve Curitiba
  • Type: Shop
  • Location: Curitiba Airport

7. Travel Guide

Source: Luciano Guelfi

One wouldn’t complain that they did one or two things at the airport because they had no information about how things are done here. This is so since the airport’s travel guides explicitly touches on each and every aspect that needs to be looked into. Passengers’ duty, for instance, is one such highlighted element where how exactly you are supposed to behave while at the airport is clearly stipulated. Rules and regulation regarding smoking and drinking are as well spotlighted. Animal transport, which is indeed a crucial matter is again well covered, and other factors such as the declaration of goods, departures, flights schedules, airlines and under age transport are also catered for.

Have a good trip and travel!