5 Reasons You Must Join Curitiba Restaurant Week

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Curitiba Restaurant
Source: Locaweb

If you are a big time foodie, you just can’t resist yourself from hopping in at the Curitiba Restaurant Week, once you are done with reading this write-up. This is a time of the week when all the restaurants and food hubs of this place come up with delicious and lip smacking dishes. Here are five reasons why you should visit this place while this food fest is going on.


1. Drop in Price

While this food festival is going on, you can enjoy food items which you would otherwise not order due to its high cost. As a matter of fact while this Curitiba Restaurant Week is going on you can grab a three-course lunch just for $15 or a three-course dinner just for $25. This is indeed a takeaway price which you just can’t miss out on.

2. Fabulous Menus

While this food festival is going on, you will find loads of food items which you will not find the year round. The food joints come up with such recipes which they make exclusively for this food week, and you need to taste them. You will find 22 restaurants out here, and they come up with food which will make your mouth water.

3. The love for Wine

When you are in this part of the world when the food festival week is going on, you certainly shouldn’t miss out on the fabulous Wine. It tastes excellent and will assist you with your meals. Bring back a bottle or two for your loved ones and family members and gift them a vibe of the food festival.

4. The secret of the place

Now there are some specific reasons why tourists and food lovers do come down to this part of the globe every year. You need to visit the site and find out what’s been drawing these people. Apart from this, you can also contribute in helping out the startup restaurants who are trying to make a mark in this domain.

5. The perfect place for a family

If you are at this place with your family and friends, this is the ideal location where you can hang out with loads of fun and enjoyment. There is nothing more exciting tahini trying out different dishes originating from a foreign land. This week will provide you with enough good memories to come back with.

Have a good trip and travel!

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