10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try

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10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try
Source: Jonathan Lin

Tokyo is a worldwide famous city that attracts tourists all across the globe. The city that never sleeps has the most outstanding culture, traditions and, of course, cuisine. Tokyo has many glorious restaurants, moreover, this city has more Michelin stars than Paris and New York together. We have prepared for you 10 best Tokyo foods you can try in this city.

1. Nigiri-zushi

Nigiri-zushi is a kind of traditional sushi you have seen in every Japanese restaurant. But they are not so usual as you think. Nigiri-zushi is a little bowl of rice covered by a great slice of seafood. This dish takes less time to be cooked and it is not strange that nigirizushi is so popular in Tokyo`s fast-food restaurants. Do you want the freshest nigirizushi? Tsukiji Fish Market is a right place for you.

2. Tempura

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 2
Source: Michael Saechang

Tempura is a well-known dish all across Japanese islands. But why you need to try it exactly here? We tell you! Tokyo has the best-specialized places to try Tempura, they are called tempura-ya. At restaurants like that, chefs use only the best techniques for preparing this meal. Moreover, Tokyo is the first city where chefs start to cooking Tempura by frying seafood in a special butter.

3. Soba

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 3
Source: Yuya Tamai

Nowadays soba is one of the most popular Japanese meals in the world. The soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and it is one of the main dishes in Tokyo. Locals and tourists like to order soba with some dipping sauce for more spicy taste. If you have never tried it, we suggest you to dip your noodles lightly into the sauce.

4. Chankonabe

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 4
Source: Jo del Corro

Chankonabe is a favorite dish of sumo wrestlers. It is healthy and rich on protein meal that will be likable for locals as well as for travelers. Chankonabe consists of chicken, fish, and season vegetables. There are many places in Tokyo to try this dish, but the best you will find is located only near the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium in Ryogoku. Some of them are managed by ex-sumo fighters, so you have a chance to listen to the incredible stories about his wins and defeats.

5. Monjayaki

Monjayaki is local pancakes that you can try in every food place in Tokyo prefecture. The chef mixes flour and water, then adds key ingredients like pieces of seafood, meat, slices of cabbage and cooks all of them on a hot grill. The most of the Japanese restaurants have an open kitchen, so you can easily watch and enjoy the process of cooking.

6. Tsukudani

The tsukudani dish takes its roots from Tsukudajima Island. It is a local accompaniment for a main dish. This meal is made from little pieces of different food (seafood, meat, vegetables). All pieces are mixed together and simmered in the mixture of the soy sauce and sake. The best way to try Tsukudani is to order it in addition to your bowl of rice.

7. Tokyo Sweets

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 7
Source: Jon Åslund

Almost every Japanese prefecture has its own famous and unique dessert. Tokyo is famous by its local sweets wagashi. Wagashi is a cake that has different shapes like birds, castles, and other forms. It is made from red bean paste. We must say that almost every Tokyo’s sweets are made from it. You can try sweet red bean paste in sweet pancakes or red bean sandwiches.

8. Fukagawa-Meshi

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 8
Source: Yamaguchi Yoshiaki

Fukagawa-Meshi is a local main dish you will find in every restaurant. This meal was invented by fishermen’s for quick lunch or dinner. Nowadays you have a chance to try this tasty bowl of rice seasoned with a miso-based stew of Japanese littleneck and minced leeks. This is a great meal to re-energize yourself after long and excitement city tour

9. Dojo-nabe

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 9
Source: ivva

Dojo-nabe is a local dish that is desired by a lot of locals and tourists. The meal is prepared in a hot pot with adding a soy sauce. Sometimes the chef soaked a dojo in sake for a while before cooking. The cook serves the dish in a big pot with adding a chopped leeks at the top. This is a great meal to eat with a big company of friends.

10. Unagi

10 Best Tokyo Foods to Try 10
Source: Naotake Murayama

Unagi dish has many different preparation ways. One of the most delicious unagi you can find in Tokyo. The local chefs slice down the eel, then steam it and only after that season and grill. There is a legend about preparing that dish. It says that it is a bad luck to start slitting the eel down the belly.

The most of local Tokyo’s cuisine is famous not only in Japanese islands but in a whole world. Tokyo’s dishes make a great contribution into the international kitchen. So if you will have a chance to visit Tokyo prefecture, don’t lose it to try original noodles soba or unagi.

Have a good trip and travel!

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