7 Restaurants to Go in Mojacar

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Mojacar Foods
Source: Billy Wirawan

The Andalucia region of Spain is widely known for its stunning beaches and marvelous architecture. Mojacar, one of the coastal towns has been a host to locals and tourists alike. Apart from the array of white houses and natural scenery, Mojacar has gained a reputation of catering some of the best restaurants in the region to tantalize your taste buds. If you happen to be in the locality, be sure to check out the following restaurants.

1. Al Punto Rodizio Brasileno

If you are a fan of meat and steak, then no other restaurants come close to what Al Punto Rodizio Brasileno has to offer. Located close to the beach, this restaurant serves Brazilian and Argentinian cuisine along with the good ole steaks. The ambiance and the settings perfectly complement the diverse cuisine. Freshly served BBQ is one item that you certainly need to try out without any second thoughts. Diners have the option of choosing from the limited and unlimited menu. The restaurant owners Lucio and his wife Paula spares no expense in maintaining quality and service to the customers.


  • Name: Al Punto Rodizio Brasileno
  • Address: Paseo del Mediterraneo, 101, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No: +34 950 47 58 99
  • Cuisine: Steakhouse, Brazilian, Argentinian
  • Opening hours: Mon- Sun  13:00 to 15:30 & 19:00 to 0:00

2. The Mountains of the Moon

Truly a fitting name to resemble the hilly town of Mojacar. The Mountains of the Moon is one of the few restaurants serving traditional Asian and Indian cuisine in Spain. The restaurant is just opposite to the Ankara Beach, displaying marvelous view of the ocean bed. You will find no better place with authentic Indian curries in freshly prepared ingredients. The taste and presentation of the dish are mold to perfection by the Head Chef Naresh. Just make sure to reserve a table in advance to save yourself from waiting for hours in the queue.


  • Name: The Mountains of the Moon
  • Address: Paseo Del Mediterraneo 237 | Comunidad Indalo Center, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No: +34 637 914632
  • Cuisine: Indian, Asian
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat  18:30 to 23:30

3. Bellavista

Swinging around in Mojacar can make you feel famished at any given time. Not to worry, though, Bellavista is the perfect spot to dine in. The restaurant offers wide cultural cuisine of Local and Mediterranean touch. With vast choices in the menu and very reasonable prices, food is one thing that never goes off their list. The contemporary interior and welcoming staff are going to make your visit a most memorable one. You can have a 3-course menu for as low as €9.


  • Name: Bellavista
  • Address: Paseo del Mediterraneo 211, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No: +34 950 478 800
  • Cuisine:Mediterranean, European, Spanish, British
  • Opening hours:  Tue-Sun 11:00 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 00:30

4. La Pika

La Pika is a unique and stylish restaurant, located to the opposite of the beach. It is one of the restaurants that offers a wide variety of cuisines, especially from Southern Hemisphere.  Most of the dishes in the menu are never tasted or even heard of. From Kangaroo steaks to Wagyu Burger (from Japanese cow), these are some of the food varieties that will tempt you to try out before leaving Mojacar. The staff is extremely hospitable and the interior is unique on its own. It is a fabulous restaurant with a bit of uniqueness.


  • Name: La Pika
  • Address: Paseo Mediterraneo 187 | Mojácar Playa, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No:+34 950930744
  • Cuisine: International, Asian, Australian
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun  12:00 to 16:00 & 19:00 to 23:00

5. Scotty’s Bar

If you are in a company of friends, hoping to hang on to some drinks with the food, then head straight to Scotty’s bar. It is a bar cum restaurant serving International cuisine with utmost perfection. With the nice interior and exterior terrace settings, this place is full of diners throughout the week.  The owners and the staff have diverged all their skills to create mouth-watering dishes for you to savor. You have the luxury of sipping some of the best wines and beer available in the countryside.


  • Name: Scotty’s bar
  • Address: Estrella del Cantal | Paseo Del Mediterraneo 261, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No:+34 687 38 25 40
  • Cuisine: International, British, Bar
  • Opening hours: Wed-Mon  09:00 to 22:00

6. Pizzeria Imperial

A front beach spot and a savory Italian cuisine are all you can ask for on a vacation. Pizzeria Imperial brings forth the traditional taste of Italian dishes right at the doorstep of Mojacar. The place is an experience of its own, with exterior sitting arrangements and truly welcoming service. Eating pizzas and pasta cannot get any better in Mojacar other than at Pizzeria Imperial. Affordable prices and unique variety of freshly baked pizza are what makes this place a heaven of eateries.


  • Name: Pizzeria Imperial
  • Address: Avda Mediterraneo 449 | paseo del Mediterraneo, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No:+34 950478098
  • Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean, European
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thurs,Sun  11:00 to 00:00 & Fri  11:00 to 01:00

7. La Estancia

Many restaurants in Spain have a good amount of Argentinian influence. La Estancia rightly describes the cultural variety of Argentinian cuisine. An open roof restaurant, La Estancia is a symbol of excellence and servicing. Traditionally a steakhouse, this restaurant is settled at the best scenic spot in the locality. Good ambiance and excellent food quality are the traits that keep in line with the best serving steaks in the town.


  • Name: La Estancia
  • Address: Parque Comercial Mojacar, 04638 Mojacar, Spain
  • Phone No:+34 654562396
  • Cuisine: Argentinian, Steakhouse, Spanish
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sun  19:00 to 23:00

Exploring Mojacar is a great way to indulge in the unique architecture and astonishing scenery of the countryside. The experience of Mojacar can be made even more memorable by trying out the restaurants and get a flavor of the local touch.

Have a nice trip and travel!

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