10 Things to Know about Barcelona Public Transport

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barcelona metro 3Source: José Manuel Romero

If you are new in Barcelona, as a tourist or as a new resident, you will need information about all the public transportation systems in Barcelona. Keep reading to know some important things about how to get around in Barcelona.

1. Main Ways of Transportation

barcelona metro 2Source: Mathieu Marquer

Barcelona has all different kind of transportation systems available throughout the city. You can travel by bus, metro, taxi, hired car, trams etc. These transports are conventional and affordable. The best options with many facilities and accesses are metro and bus.

2. Underground Metro

barcelona metro 1Source: Tony Hisgett

In Barcelona, you can go to almost all of the most important sights and locations through metro system. The metro is air-conditioned and modern. You can easily get a map of Barcelona on the main entrance or from the ticket booth. The train stops at each station after 2-3 minutes and in the station trains are available after 5 minutes’ interval in average. On Sundays, the service is more reluctant and may take some extra time.


  • Name: Barcelona underground metros
  • Price: per place 2.15 euro
  • Opening hour: Sunday – Thursday 05:00 am – 12.00 am; Friday & Holidays 05:00 am – 02:00 pm; No break on Saturday

3. Taxi Service

barcelona metro 5Source: Fabio Sola Penna 

People in Barcelona prefers this another affordable way of transportation all over the city. Licensed taxis in Barcelona are painted black with yellow doors. All of them are with meters that will count your charge based on timing. The service cost varies based on workdays or weekdays and different times of a day.


  • Name: Barcelona Taxis
  • Price: On average 10 euro per 15 minutes trip
  • Access: All over the city
  • Opening hour: 24 hours & 7 days a week
  • Holiday: None

4. Car Rent

barcelona metro 8Source: Niels Broekzitter

As taxis are convenient for inside the city trips, rented car is convenient for out of the city tour. It is, of course, a costly option for the busy roads of the city centre. But you may still need these for special cases like for business needs or something like that. Some good car rental companies are Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Enterprize, Sol-Mar and so on.


5. Bus Service

barcelona metro 6Source: CK Golf

Barcelona bus services are available for the centre Barcelona. The timetables vary according to the route & the day. If the road is just crowded for some reason, it will affect the timing of buses. Some buses do not provide services on Saturdays and holidays. Night service is also available.

6. Trams in Barcelona

barcelona metro 7Source: VivirElTren.es

The tram system in Barcelona is called “El Tram”. You can enjoy the ride on trams which are at the same speed of cars. Though this is another quick way to roam around the centre of the city, it is less popular among people. You will find the tickets from tram shops and from the tobacco shops around. Children under 4 are free, but you need to show them a proof with a birth certificate or passport photocopy.

7. Transportation from Airport to City Centre

barcelona metro 4Source: Tim Adams

You can take several transportation options to or from the airport of Barcelona. Barcelona taxi is available right outside the main terminal exits and it is a convenient transportation option to the city centre with a low cost. It may take half an hour and might cost some 30 to 40 euro. Aerobus is an express bus service from Airport to Barcelona city. They are different from regular bus services in Barcelona and specially used for this route and might cost 6 euros per trip. You can also choose RENFE train service which might take half an hour or so.

8. Car Parking Rule & Regulations

barcelona metro 9Source: Yves Cosentino

Car parking in Barcelona can be troublesome. The hectic city does not have enough locations for car parking and in some places it can be costly. Like in Barcelona bus terminal which costs 3-4 euro per hour and 20 euros for a whole day. But there are of course cheaper options available. Tourists should take extra caution about hired car. Because foreign passengers often lure burglars and hijackers.

9. Passes & Discount Cards

barcelona metro 10Source: Francesc_2000

For locals and tourists, Barcelona offers several public transport discount cards. T10 ticket is the most common of them. This is a more economical option for making the journey more than 5 days on train or bus in Barcelona. Another travel and discount card is Barcelona card which offers unlimited transport & discount on entrance fees to many shops, restaurants, shows etc. Another card available specially for traveling is Barcelona Tourist Travel Pass. This card gives discount only on transportation and is open between hours 05:00 am – 11:00 pm.


  • Name: T10 | Barcelona card | Barcelona Tourist card
  • Price: 9.95 – 42.05 euro | 20.00 – 60.00 euro | 20.50 – 32.00 euro

10. Transportation Options for Disabled

barcelona metro 11Source: Chris Yunker

First, there are several metros with lift facility and appropriate for travelers with a wheelchair. This service can be found in all the 8 lines of Barcelona, just make sure on which metros it is available. Many buses carry a sign called International Disabled Access sign and they have special arrangements for them. For taxi service, you can contact with Barcelona Handicapped adapted Taxis company. Also, the city is filled with wheelchair friendly roads. You can collect a map of the walkways showing these special roads. For this purpose, you can contact with Institut Municipal de Disminuits Fisics. Finally, electric scooters are available for rent which is a great option for disabled.

Have a good trip and travel!

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