10 Things to Know about Barcelona Outlet

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Barcelona OutletSource: Jorge Franganillo

If Spain is the kingdom of heavens for shopaholics, Barcelona is definitely the capital of it. Barcelona offers world’s most unique, rich and famous Brands’ outlets all over the city. From a simple household thing to the most desirable outfit, you will find all in Barcelona. Here is a list of some important things about the outlets in Barcelona:

1. You Need Self-Control

barcelona outlet01Source: Fernando Palacios

Barcelona can be like a black hole that can pull all of your money and even the strongest mind may have a hard time to save his pocket. All the Brands and goods and eccentric collection of stuff will put you in a don’t-need-it-but-still-can’t-leave-it situation. Add that to a huge crowd, moving with the same destination, shopping. It does feel like a festival for shoppers. As a result, you will have empty pockets with a still unsatisfied mind if you don’t have a strong self-control.

2. Famous Outlet Stores

barcelona outlet brandsSource: Mike Mozart

Among the outlet stores with discount prices in Barcelona the most famous is Mango – a chain shop for women’s clothes and shoes, Lefties – an outlet from Zara, Bershka – for clothes and shoes both, Desigual – only for clothes, Nice Things – for women only, Querolets – for awesome shoes and more stores like that.

3. Places for Designer Clothes

barcelona outlet clothsSource: Julien GONG Min

If you looking for some designer clothes outlets only, there are a couple of outlets in Barcelona you can visit. For example, The Gallery Outlet – for both men & women clothing and for shoes brands like Marc Jacobs, Hunter, Nike, Tom, Scotch & Soda, Adidas etc., Logo Outlet – for men & women clothing brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Fornarina, Bikkembergs, Miss Sixty, Relise, Liu-jo, Nolita, Rare, Energie, Galliano etc., Number One – famous for Kaporal, Pepe Jeans, Fornarina, Sita Murt, Pinko, Ralph Lauren, Met, Diesel, Alcott, Miss Sixty, Calvin Klein, Antik Batik etc., 656 Outlet – only for ladies, Dolce Vita – besides the brand Dolce Gabbana it is famous for Hugo Boss Woman, Marina Yachting etc.

4. Available Brands & Outlet Malls

barcelona outlet MALLSource: Jorge Franganillo

Some most popular shopping outlets malls you can visit are La Roca Village, Heron City, new opening Viladecans the Style Outlets etc. In these malls, you will find the most popular collection of brands of all over the world. Some names I can put for you – Calvin Klein, H&M, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, Cartier, Bally, Ralph Lauren , Zara, Gianni Versace, Gucci and more and more.

5. La Roca Village – A Must Go

barcelona outletSource: Jorge Franganillo

The best discount shopping mall in Barcelona and one of the nine of its kind in the entire Europe. La Roca Village has almost 130 stores of the luxurious brands like Adolfo, Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and the list goes on. And they have incredible of sale and discount offers of 60% or so all over the year. The best time to visit this village is during the holiday season when they have their best offers.


  • Name: La Roca Village
  • Address: La Roca Village, 08430 Santa Agnes de Malanyanes (La Roca del Vallès), Barcelona, Spain
  • Access: 40 minutes drive from the center of Barcelona
  • Opening hour: 10 am – 10 pm
  • Website: https://www.larocavillage.com/es/home/

6. Heron City Outlet – Inside The City

barcelona outlet HHHSource: Jordi Payà

If you don’t want to move too much then you can visit Heron City Outlet. This is the only outlet located inside the city of Barcelona. It has popular brands like Unequal, Lefties, Bershka, For You, Querol and so on. You will enjoy a graceful time with their 70% discounted offers.


  • Name: Heron City Outlet
  • Address: Avenida Rio de Janeiro, 42, 08016 Barcelona, Spain
  • Opening hour: 10am- 10pm
  • Holiday: Sunday
  • Website: http://www.heroncitybarcelona.com/

7. Discount offers

barcelona outlet DiscountSource: Mike Mozart

The best of all the outlet villages in Barcelona, La Roca village offers 60% or so. The range can go higher during the holiday season. Mango Outlet may offer 40% on both men and women clothing. Burberry also offers a generous amount of 50% to 70%. Leftie offers a discount of 30%. Heron City offers 70% on various popular high street fashion brands.

8. Sunday Shopping

barcelona outlet sundaySource: Richie Diesterheft

If 6 days in a week does not satisfy your shopaholic cravings, you will be glad to know that there are outlets in Barcelona which are opened on Sundays too. For example, La Roca Village, opens 7 days a week, same time. Another one is Mare Magnum, which also contains movie theater, amusement parks and ocean view restaurants as it is located by the ocean.

9. Where To Eat

https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaycross/4606419751/in/photolist-82477c-4nZ3Gk-3495Z-cAZ3R3-ngX6Cm-pLjGVk-nz8FxD-cAYY9U-sfyQvU-8E5ZSD-9x8xvM-ciSEAm-9U28Cw-abkzv3-9xeXoy-kf41j8-89BtNX-doS5XJ-ciSiMC-cawycE-ciTaoG-4o47UG-9BRhhT-6UCFqz-ciT7U1-ciT5ES-aFhnQR-ciT3vm-ciV8rj-5QvGGd-b2JgAF-2DRAMP-rAQVPZ-6UCFz6-9UTf8a-hU8ZwT-hcMpG8-doVtmE-nZVrSb-nJBmN1-eqtJd7-cKC4Dj-dJvwsV-doS9L2-epxDgx-7P3V4x-epxw8Z-azpWbe-ciSzt9-8g7tbJSource: Jay Cross

There are many good restaurants around the outlets shop for delicious bites. In La Roca Village, you can go to restaurants like Pasarela, Andreu for traditional food, Mori by Parco for sushi and sashimi, Pans Boutique for sandwich and salad, Café &  Tapas etc. Near Heron City you can go to Ibis Barcelona – an Italian restaurant, Foster’s Hollywood – American style meal, Salzburg – a posh brewery, Wok – Argentine barbecue etc.

10. Win-Win Shopping Tricks

https://www.flickr.com/photos/59019440@N06/5481592221/in/photolist-9moAoH-6UCFwz-ePeyKZ-917hNe-njY9fF-2TNpFc-zXrWea-4nZJKe-aBcAiN-bmZpQb-dJvwsV-21jy5Q-bK6m1p-o7ancU-84EzW9-dEqQhu-AGCb2S-zXjEkS-5CXG8Y-5xQsUL-91tfbs-dP6Rey-9VUukv-9pHY7N-kf41j8-5CTenB-ccRp6u-edA9VN-bBn2g2-nhVebf-p6cMTw-bX12eZ-cWdKLA-cnTcCN-7KhGXj-nsmJFi-nPNDUn-eqtPVC-ATajKG-nzqCs9-zXsQ1r-eqtJd7-6UCFQe-dBid52-boh9GA-7Keie4-96BvEn-6UGKg9-cFUS5q-5CTp3gSource: Marek Lipczak

Barcelona Outlet malls offer real winning deals. You just need to know the right thing at the right time. Since the most of the outlets are not in the center of the city, be prepared to travel for at least one hour. Take empty luggage and wearing comfy shoes is convenient. Also for real low price shopping, you can visit vintage and second-hand clothes shops like Carrer de la Riera Alta and Carrer Tallers.

Have a good trip and travel!

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