7 Kaiseki Restaurants to Go in Japan

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Source: J Driskell

Japan has its own variant of high-class cuisine; the famous ‘Kaiseki’ restaurants that is. It’s in this beautiful motherland that you are going to get a thrill out of tofu alongside a carp pond or luxuriate in a superb shashimi from a marvelous skyscraper. One way or the other, you will bite your lips if you happen to make a stop at any of these restaurants mentioned below.

1. Kaiseki TAMA

Kaiseki TAMA, residing comfortably in Ame-Mura in Osaka, is among the select kaiseki restaurants in the whole of Japan. Due to their stupendous reputation, kaiseki TAMA are ever flooded with customers thus it’s for your convenience to make a two-days advance call when you want to enjoy their delicacy. Upon specifying your price bracket, quite some mouth watering dishes will start coming your way.


  • Name: kaiseki TAMA
  • Address: 1-13-17 Itachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan
  • Price: fine dining
  • Phone: +81 665 857 586
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat 11.30am – 2pm, 5.30pm – 8pm
  • Website: https://web.facebook.com/kaisekitamaosaka?_rdr

2. kaiseki Hyoki, Kyoto

kaiseki Hyoki
Source: Jun Seita

Kaiseki Hyoki is known for its specialization in ancient Japanese cuisines incorporating the alluring Omy-gyu beef. This classic Japanese eating house found near Nijo castle has tatami rooms as its dining arenas. Tiny attractive gardens shatter it, and it has an impressive history as it once was owned by an artist. The dishes served are typical kaisaki and for foreigners, naming half the meals available is quite a hustle. All they can do is enjoy the delicacy as it comes.


  • Name: kaiseki Hyoki
  • Location: Tokyo
  • Menu: Kaiseki Course; 8,000yen / 10,000yen / 15,000yen / 20,000yen (tax not included), Pork “Dashi-Shabu” Course; 5,000yen / 7,000yen / 9,000yen / 12,000yen / 15,000yen (tax not included) , Beef “Shabu-Shabu”; 5,500yen / 7,000yen / 9,000yen / 13,000yen / 15,000yen (tax not included)
  • Phone: 03-6228-4313
  • Website: http://www.hyoki.jp/en/

3. Okakita

If you never had a thing for buckwheat noodles, Okakita will make you fall in love with them. This hilarious kaiseki Okakita, which is situated not far from Heian Jingu Shrine, has been storming the headlines of the newspapers from time and again but taking into consideration the sort of services provided here, no one can fail to see why. In fact, people have been saying, ‘let’s make a stop at Okakita and fill our bellies,’ due to their classic Kyoto-style udon. Their dishes are mainly the first generation type but with a modern-day incorporation of Kyoto’s taste.


  • Name: Okakita
  • Address: 34 Okazaki Minamigoshocho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-8334, Japan
  • Price: £4-£6
  • Phone: +81 75-771-4831
  • Opening hours: Tue – Wed: Closed, Thur – Mon: 11 AM – 8 PM
  • Website: http://www.kyoto-okakita.com/

4. Honkogetsu

A fancy Beanery in the form of a tea-ceremony abode. The second and third floors of this traditional Japanese style eatery integrate traditional crafts. Every customer stopping by Honkogetsu typically lavishes the majestic experience this two-star restaurant has to offer. Boredom is an unfamiliar vocabulary in this side of the city as an interactive chef with bewitching stories will keep you company as he prepares your delicacy. If you are a foreigner, let your mind be at ease still as English is perfectly comprehended, and once you are comfortably seated, toothsome dishes begin rolling in.


  • Name: 本湖月
  • Located: 中座くいだおれビル
  • Address: Japan, 〒542-0071 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Dotonbori, 1 Chome−7−11
  • Price: fine dining
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sat 5 pm – 9.30 pm
  • Phone: +81 662 110 201

5. Kanetanaka So

This is the kaiseki restaurant that most can’t help it but take a meal or two once or twice a day or rather whenever they are in a position to. The environment is so relaxed and friendly, and the look is simply dashing. It has an excellent 4 and a half star, and that makes it stand out above all the other kaiseki restaurants in the vicinity. Kanetanaka-So is one of the premium ryoteis, that is traditional restaurants in Japanese, but boosts select services and serves varieties far beyond the typical tried kaiseki cuisines. If you are itching for quality meals and superb customer care, just hop into this cool Japanese kaiseki restaurant.


  • Name: Kanetanaka-So
  • Address: Japan, 〒150-0031 Tokyo, Shibuya, Sakuragaokacho, 26−1, セルリアンタワー東急ホテル2F
  • Phone: +81 3-3476-3420
  • Website: http://www.kanetanaka.co.jp/restrant/so/index.html

6. Jisaku Tsukiji

Many describe their experience after passing by Jisaku kaiseki as a life worth eating. The course and dishes offered are primarily of fish as it neighbors the adjacent fish market apart from a wagyu course which most usually reserve by making a phone call in advance. This small Japanese old-fashioned but comfy restaurant has a tendency of complementing the nights of the compact majority in the city, more so visitors to this beautiful land. The staff is so polite, humble and welcoming and the first thing they will ask you is if you are allergic to anything as they will serve you with varieties you have never laid eyes upon before. Don’t wait to be told much, simple go to Jisaku Tsukiji and have a first-hand experience of the Japanese culture and delicacy.


  • Name: Jisaku Tsukiji
  • Address: Akashicho, Chuo 104-0044, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 3-3541-2391

7. Kien

Source: Kent Wang

This is a place where instead of trying scientific experiments in the field, you try more than 1o first iterations of Japanese kaiseki. If I were given a chance to choose where I would like to go in the whole of Japan, kaiseki Kien in Alasaka Tokyo would be the destination for me. The popular Kien is a Michelin star kaiseki restaurant serving lunch soup as well as a hilarious bamboo rice as a kaiseki dish dessert. Spending time at Kien is refreshing and comforting as the menu itself is so accommodating, and the staff is ever out to make you feel at satisfied. What else could you bargain for if not a meal at Kien?


  • Name: kaiseki Kien
  • Location: Alasaka Tokyo
  • Address: 2-18-8 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Access: 3 minute walk from Gate 12 of Tameike-Sanno Station, Tokyo Metro
  • Phone: 03-3505-0728 (International: +81-3-3505-0728)
  • Close: Sunday
  • Website: http://www.akasaka-kien.com/

Have a good trip and travel!

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