5 Things to Know about Subway in Tokyo

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Tokyo Subway
Source: JarkkoS

Tokyo Subway is without a doubt one of the busiest subway systems in the world. This comes as no surprise because Tokyo is after all a huge city that houses over thirteen million citizens in the greater Tokyo area. Tokyo Subway was opened in 1927 and the entire underground network is over three hundred kilometers long at the moment.

1. Thirteen subway lines

tokyo subway
Source: Ben Garney

As you might have guessed, Tokyo Subway is quite large. It has a total of thirteen lines and each one is marked with a different color and a number. But regardless of its size, you will not get lost since you have important information displayed on almost every corner of the subway.

2. Tickets

Even though a day pass seems like the best option if you plan on using the subway transport at least a couple of times in a day, they are very overpriced and can’t be used on all subway lines in Tokyo. So single subway tickets might be the way to go, especially if you are going sightseeing.

3. Free Wi-Fi

tokyo subway
Source: Ryosuke Yamazaki

What we particularly love about Tokyo Subway is the fact that free Wi-Fi is available at every station. You will be able to use internet as long as you are underground and stay connected at all times. It can be useful to tourists who are struggling with finding the directions and require a constant connection in order to access the maps on their phones.

4. Tokyo Subway application

In order to make things a whole lot easier for foreigners, Tokyo Subway also has a mobile application that will provide you with all the necessary information about the lines, stations, and ticket prices. This application is very useful for those who are using Tokyo Subway for the first time but you should have it on your phone nevertheless.

5. Women only cars

Tokyo Subway pays a lot of attention to the comfort of their passengers. Therefore, they included women only cars on most lines in order to provide women, school children, and physically challenged passengers with safe transport. These cars operate during the weekdays and they are almost always available.

Tokyo Subway is really large and it might intimidate you a bit, but trust us – you will be able to figure it out pretty easy, especially if you use their official mobile application. It is an excellent way to get around Tokyo because there are plenty of stations that will take you exactly where you want to go.

Have a good trip and travel!