7 Restaurants to Go in Vigo

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Source: Joselu Blanco

What is traveling without having to taste local dishes in town? Vigo is such a vibrant to miss all the fun especially food. Various restaurants serving Spanish, Mediterranean, and other European cuisines are found all over the city. Don’t forget to try authentic local delicacies too. You can never go wrong with having the best food.

1. Casa Marco

If you want to try traditional Spanish food, visit Casa Marco. You will be served with its delicious, affordable meals. Casa Marco goes the extra mile as there are times when the chef would come out and personally greet the guests. Do make reservations to avoid long waiting minutes before dining.

2. Follas Novas

The little sister of Casa Marco, Follas Novas never fails to disappointment visitors trying out the restaurant who have gone to Casa Marco. The fish dishes are relatively delectable in Follas Novas so, get your orders now. The restaurant is quite small thus, reservation is highly encouraged. English-speaking staff is readily available.

3. The Othilio Bar Restaurant

This modern Galician-inspired restaurant is often visited by tourists and locals alike. Its vibrant atmosphere, trendy decors, and lovely interiors allow you to have a good time with family or friends. Food and drinks are superb with its reasonable prices. You can never get wrong with trying out its local wines.

4. Tapas Areal Restaurant

When dining here, try the local pulpo dish, commonly known as the octopus. Staff is most friendly, especially to tourists. They deliver quality service to cater the needs of the guests. The tapas are tender and juicy, perfect for your lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to try their desserts, most if not all, are incredibly mouthwatering.

5. Maruja Limon

For authentic Galician cuisine, visit Maruja Limon. It serves great food with its pleasant plating. The restaurant is somehow divided into three: bar, middle, and gastro area. The middle area is where meals are served. In addition, the gastro area has a set-up for a cooking show of its chef.

6. O Porton

The tasty octopus salad should be one of your orders. All seafood are served here though they also serve meat. The place may be relatively small but, the food will let forget it. The oysters, clams, shellfish, mussels, scallops, prawns, lobsters are evidently fresh. The price, quality, and quantity of the food are reasonable.

7. A’ Curuxa Taverna

For Spanish food lovers, visit A’ Curuxa Taverna (Taverna da Curuxa). The octopus sublime is to die for. Local Galician food exceeds expectations of guests of being a typical Spanish restaurant. The stone walls, wooden tables, and dim lights make the perfect ambiance. Orders are served quickly so, there’s no rush.

Have a good trip and travel!