7 Nightlife to Enjoy in Vigo

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Vigo Nightlife
Source: Jairo

Vigo is also known as a city that never sleeps. During the night, the city comes alive with amazing concerts, disco dancing, drinking spree with friends, or just hanging out on the terrace. Numerous dance clubs, cocktail bars, cafes, and restaurants are found anywhere in the city. Going home at 5 or 6 in the morning, sounds fun right?

1. Albar Enoteca

World-class wines and excellent tapas, perfect combination, right? Albar Enoteca offers fine wines that could gladly compete internationally. The wine bar features workshops through tasting sessions to help promote authentic Galician wines, together with its palatable tapas, to create winning combinations. It is known to serve Vigo cuisine with a twist.

2. 20th Century Rock

The feels of being in one of the bars New York, this is because of the atmosphere in the bar. The real NY yellow taxi and New Orleans tram are awesome. Las Vegas casino tables can also be found. Rock music is played but, not too loud you can still hear your friends speaking.

3. Bar Brasil

Drop by Bar Brasil for some awesome yet inexpensive food. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to satisfy your craving for delectable meals. Your first visit would definitely keep you coming back for more. Or, you can just order from the variety of fine wines in the bar.

4. Craft Vigo

If you are having the need to go get some beer, Craft Vigo is the place to go. This bar specializes as a brewery so, you get to taste a first-hand great beer. Gather your friends and spend a little time here for a beer. Share good laughs and enjoy the night.

5. AD Sports Bar

What makes AD Sports Bar excellent is its empathy to the customers who love sports. There is a list of beers you can choose from and you will get to see numerous TVs in the bar. Of course, it is tuned to a sports channel. If you are traveling, come here, and get to watch your favorite sports channel along with other fans.

6. Jukebox Vigo

The vintage look of Jukebox Vigo comes alive, especially during the night. The place, being modern, yet still possesses vintage theme. Over the years, the bar still offers world-class entertainment to the numerous visitors, Don’t miss your chance to drop by Jukebox Vigo at any day and meet new friends.

7. La Iguana Club

Party all night at La Iguana Club and you’d definitely have the best time of your life. While enjoying the party, grab some beer and drink all you want. The place gets crowded in the night because of partygoers. Dance til you get tired or get to attend to concerts held here.

Have a good trip and travel!