10 Things To Do in Altea: Spain

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Altea Spain
Source: Brett Hodnett

Altea is one of the most charismatic towns in the Costa Blanca North which is quite popular with both holidaymakers and the lucky ones who live in the area. The old town is the centerpiece of Altea with beautiful white houses, artistic alleyways, historic streets, nice restaurants, and cafes. This is one of the few villages which conveniently preserved the former fishing flair of the past times. You can find all the tools in Altea to make your trip worth every penny.

1. The Charming Old Town

Old Town
Source: Phillip Capper

Altea is an eccentric mix of old and the new which can be beautifully witnessed in the Old Town which is strategically packed with steep cobbled streets, adorned with white houses that lead up to a nice central square. It’s the world apart when it comes to beauty and culture which rather seems appealing to people seeking a serene holiday atmosphere amid picturesque views.

2. Admire the beauty of Nuestra Senora del Consuelo

Altea Church
Source: inkflo

Altea is widely popular for this amazing little church completed with its fantastic blue-white tiled roof which just looks amazing. This is an unmatched beauty among the glistening white houses in the Old Town.  This picturesque setting looks typically Spanish with the rustic houses providing a neat canvas to the dazzling flowerbeds that’s blooming in Mediterranean colors.

3. Go for a beach walk

Source: NachoRuiz

Looking to get a tan along the numerous beaches around Altea? The beaches in Altea characterize the town in many different ways and lure locals and tourists alike. Altea offers a splendid diversity of nice beaches, coves, and cliffs along its 8-kilometer coastline. The beaches here are mostly pebbles – one of the best is the Playa de Albir in the popular town of the same name. If you’re looking for a rather peaceful beach, Cap Negret is probably is your best bet.

4. Mountain Biking and Cycling in Altea

Mountain Biking
Source: ar-li

The wonderful town of Altea is a perfect spot to enjoy a tough ride along the terrains or you can walk in the footsteps of the professional who rode along the Costa Blanca. The scary bends, steep climbs and crazy descents around the Guadalest and Jalon make for a perfect base for mountain biking. The steep terrains provide the best cycling routes and bike trails with the excellent cycling conditions all-year round.

5. Walking is Fun

Walking Trails
Source: Unsplash

The world is at your feet with numerous walking trails, steep terrains, mountains and hills, old castles, historic villages, all waiting to be explored on your walking trip here. Thousands of desperate holidaymakers walk their way through the sunny Spain avoiding the bustling cityscape and beaches altogether.

6. The Unspoilt Beauty of Altea on Excursions

Costa Blanca
Source: Schnauzer

Make your through the unspoilt mountains of the Costa Blanca on one of the guided excursion tours and enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and the historical village of Guadalest packed with large orange fields, medlars and beautiful almond trees. Another small town called Polpop, surrounded by pine groves and orchards, is a great place to enjoy some quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

7. Discover the Charms of Altea

Source: josemariacuellar

Altea is located just a few kilometers north of the bustling metropolis of Benidorm and suffice to say, it’s a world set apart from the crowds, the hustle and bustle, the noise and it’s easy to understand why holidaymakers from all over Europe flock to this part of the world for fun and sun, in a picturesque setting as tranquil as Altea.

8. The Festive Scene of Altea

Altea Annual Fiesta
Source: Asbawes

Altea is definitely one of the most beautiful resort towns in the Costa Blanca where the fiestas represent the authentic taste of the Spanish culture. Amazing fireworks, soothing music, and unlimited fun rush through the Old Town of Altea in September when the celebrations are at their peak for the annual fiestas with thousands of people parading the streets in battle-ready costumes. Altea also hosts one of the spectacular and biggest fireworks displays in the entire Europe.

9. Best Handicrafts in Town

Mexican Handicrafts
Source: Thelmadatter

The church square in Altea is jam-packed with handicraft stalls and shops all day and night during the summer months. The specialty handicraft market is locally known as the Muestra de Artesania and they sell everything truly handmade here. This is why this handicraft market feels a little distinct from the rest of the open-air street markets in the area.

10. The Eclectic Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine
Source: falovelykids

The excellent amenities aside, Altea is more than a picturesque resort town and there’s an abundance of nice Spanish restaurants along the stunning coastline with amazing views. Altea is one of those few places that put its entire efforts into offering its guests the best of Spanish cuisine. The restaurants in town know well how to keep it simple and just perfect. For western cuisine, Benidorm is just a short drive from Altea.

Have a good trip and travel!