7 Restaurants to go in Torrevieja

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Torrevieja Foods
Source: Fernando Medina

Despite the fact that Torrevieja is not first and foremost known for its food, this tourist beach resort still serves up some delectable dishes. After a day of lazing on the soft, sandy beaches and soaking up the rays, head to one of these establishments to fill your belly with goodness.

1. Sunset Beach Restaurant and Bar

Conveniently located near Playa del Cura Beach, Sunset Beach Restaurant and Bar features a Menu del Dia (Menu of the Day), presenting a carefully curated selection of delicate flavours to stimulate the palate. The establishment’s prompt and warm service maintains its number one standing in Torrevieja as best restaurant. Offering outdoor seating, Sunset Beach Restaurant and Bar is an ideal setting for a romantic date as the beach and sunset emerge before its diners. Due to its popularity, reservations are highly suggested.


  • Name: Sunset Beach Restaurant and Bar
  • Address: Av. de los Marineros, 17, 03182 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: 13:00 – 16:00 and 19:00 – 22:00
  • Website: http://www.sunsetbeach.es/en/

2. El Charro Negro

After the beach town’s helpless cry for an authentic Mexican restaurant, El Charro Negro opened in 1998. Everything about this space is genuine, as the restaurant is staffed by individuals who have grown up in Mexico, and the products used come from there as well. El Charro Negro’s speciality dishes are their fajitas, tacos and burritos. Their cozy ambience, hearty meals, and bright traditional decor transport diners to Mexico in the heart of Torrevieja.


  • Name: El Charro Negro
  • Address: Plaza Castelar, 4, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: 1PM-12AM daily
  • Website: http://www.elcharronegro.es/?ln=en

3. Tasca Nueva Bahia

Torrevieja’s tapas joint, Tasca Nueva Bahia, has won a few awards for its vast selection of tapas featuring fish, shellfish, meat and cheese. The locale’s tasteful creations and flavourful pairings are one reason why this is a local favourite, but it’s also because of its bustling atmosphere.


  • Name: Tasca Nueva Bahia
  • Address: Calle de Diego Hernández, 32, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday- Sunday 12–4PM, 7PM–12AM, Closed Monday
  • Website: http://www.tascanuevabahiatorrevieja.com/index.php

4. La Mar Sala

La Mar Sala is technically not a restaurant, but an establishment offering tastefully crafted homemade Spanish favourites for takeout. Their most beloved items are the fish croquettes, as well as the paella, which is bold in flavour. This joint sets itself apart from others through their passion and dedication, resulting in home cooking with love. Staffed with knowledgeable employees to explain the day’s offerings, La Mar Sala presents a gastronomic experience without breaking the bank.


  • Name: La Mar Sala
  • Address: Mercado Central “La Plasa”, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 9:30AM–2:30PM, Closed Sunday
  • Website: http://pescaderialamarsala.com/

5. Bulacan

Don’t be put off by its unpretentious appearance. Carefully tucked away in a quiet backstreet is the cosy Bulacan cafe, rumoured to serve the absolute best paella in town. Note that it is not actually listed on the menu. You just have to ask for it. Pair it with a jug of sangria for an outstanding local food experience. Bulacan is a hidden gem.


  • Name: Bulacan
  • Address:  Av de Diego Ramírez Pastor, 276, 03182 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 10AM–11PM, Closed Sunday

6. Catalina II

The long standing Catalina II has been managed by the same family since 1947. This authentic tapas joint serves as a platform for seafood lovers to rejoice, for they offer a wide variety including squid, prawns, mussels and salmon. It is highly recommended to mix and match with meat tapas like pork and chorizo for a tasteful and textural food experience. Catalina II’s proximity to the harbour and menus in English and Spanish contribute to its ease in accessibility.


  • Name: Catalina II
  • Address: Plaza de Castelar, 1, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: 11AM-12Am daily
  • Website: http://www.catalinaii.com/

7. Restaurant Christopher

Restaurante Christopher is often full with reservations for its quality food and first class service. The establishment’s scrumptious Sunday Lunch of roast and potatoes are a popular choice. And despite a large dining space, the owner Christopher manages a homey feel by personally greeting his patrons.


  • Name: Restaurant Christopher
  • Address: Urb.Mar Azul, R. Eliseos playa local 1., 03185 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 6:30–10PM, Sunday 1PM-430PM, Closed Monday

Each joint offers something special, and these sought after eateries in Torrevieja are sure to satiate your palate while vacationing in the beach town.

Have a good trip and travel!