15 Things To Do in Torrevieja

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Source: Keith Williamson

The mere mention of Torrevieja may spark thoughts of the warm Mediterranean weather and golden sandy beaches. While many visit for those very reasons, the city also offers a plethora of other activities to engage the avid traveler.

1. Peruse the Main Market

Torrevieja Market
Source: Alex Lehner

Known as one of the largest open air markets in Spain, the 12000 vendors at Torrevieja’s Main Market are well worth a visit. Open early in the morning every Friday, locals and bargain hunters pay this market a visit in search of quality leather shoes, home goods, jewelry and clothing items. It is highly recommended to arrive early, as the market gets crowded over the course of the day.


  • Name: Main Market
  • Address: Salinero Calle (just off the Avda. De Las Cortes Valencianas)
  • Opening Hours: 8AM-2PM Fridays

2. Sample Delectable Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas
Source: Karol K

Traditionally, tapas served as snacks or appetizers during the day. But in parts of Spain, modern culture has transformed the tapas into a refined cuisine. Bars offer a wide selection of tapas, and the Spanish like to wash it down with their favourite alcoholic drink. Because Torrevieja lies on the seaside, fresh seafood tapas are worth a try for a taste of the local life.

3. Participate in the Tapas Route

Spanish Tapas
Source: jenny downing

Twice a year every year marks the wildly popular Tapas Route event in Torrevieja. Bars around city center put on offer their signature tapas creation, and foodies wander from establishment to establishment, voting on their ten favourites. Are voters are then entered into an exciting prize draw. Be sure to check this website for dates as they become available: http://www.torrevieja.com/eng/torrevieja-whats-on/torrevieja-tapas-route-april-2016.html


  • Name: Tapas Route
  • Opening Hours: Occurs twice yearly. Consult website for updated festival dates.
  • Website: http://www.torrevieja.com/eng/torrevieja-whats-on/torrevieja-tapas-route-april-2016.html

4. Fill Your Belly with Home Cooked Goodness

The little hole-in-the-wall places always seem to pack the biggest punch when it comes to flavour. La Mar Sala is one example, serving bold and flavourful home cooked Spanish favourites. Staffed with passionate cooks and dedicated team members, locals peruse this establishment for their fish croquettes, which are the most popular items on the menu. Inexpensive and delightful, La Mar Sala is definitely worth checking out.


  • Name: La Mar Sala
  • Address: Mercado Central “La Plasa”, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 9:30AM–2:30PM, Closed Sunday
  • Website: http://pescaderialamarsala.com/

5. Splash Away at Aquapark Flamingo

Torrevieja is graced with presence of three water parks, ideal for a day of family fun. Though Aquapark Flamingo is one of the smaller parks, it offers good value for money, and a more peaceful experience for the young ones. Boasting clean facilities, attentive lifeguards and sunbeds for adults to lay around on, a hassle free afternoon can easily be passed here.


  • Name: Aquapark Flamingo
  • Address: C/ Rossini, s/n, 03184 Urb la Siesta Torrevieja
  • Price: 11 EUR/child, 13 EUR/adult
  • Opening Hours: 11AM-6PM daily
  • Website: http://www.aquaparkflamingo.com/

6. Relax on Punta Prima Beach

The golden beaches of Punta Prima are what attract tourists to this resort destination. From Torrevieja it is an easy ten minute car ride, or for those feeling energetic, it is a thirty minute stroll. Its beautiful promenade is stocked with shops, trendy boutiques, chic bars and restaurants.

7. Float in the Laguna Salada

This area of Torrevieja houses two natural salt lakes of epic proportion, and the salt lake of Laguna Salada is the bigger one, which produces a large percentage of Europe’s salt. It is visually intriguing as the lake is pink, and often dotted with pink flamingoes. Because of the salty air and warm climate, people of Torrevieja are believed to be breathing some of the world’s freshest air. Take a dip in the salt lake and you float. Laguna Salada is also a romantic locale for watching the sunset.

8. Bargain for Local Produce at the La Plasa Market

Torrevieja Fish Stall
Source: Keith Williamson

La Plasa Market is an indoor food hall that is frequently bustling with locals as they hunt for the freshest produce and catch of the day. A myriad of seafood, fruits and vegetables, one’s senses are tantalised upon entering. This is a popular venue to pick up some food for a scrumptious picnic nearby.


  • Name: La Plasa Market
  • Address: Plaza Isabel II, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 8AM- 2PM, 6PM-9PM

9. Bargain Hunt at Zenia Boulevard

Zenia Boulevard
Source: TM Grupo Inmobiliario

Located in neighbouring Orihuela Costa is Zenia Boulevard, the largest shopping complex in the Alicante province. Boasting 150 shops carrying both domestic and popular international brands, Zenia Boulevard is a fashion forward destination. This shopping complex offers options to keep individuals of all ages engaged. For children there are animal shaped buggies to traverse across the mall.


  • Name: Zenia Boulevard
  • Address: Calle Jade, 2, 03189 Orihuela Costa
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM daily
  • Website: http://www.zeniaboulevard.es/inicio

10. Soak in the Beauty of Jardin de Las Naciones

The city of Torrevieja is broken up by many squares and green spaces throughout. The elaborate Jardin de Las Naciones encompasses 40000 m², and is regarded as one of the largest gardens in the city. Its serene lake is inhabited by ducks and swans, and there is even a waterpark for those interested. One can easily spend an entire afternoon at Jardin de Las Naciones.


  • Name: Jardin de Las Naciones
  • Address: Ronda Cesar Canovas Girada, 03181 Torrevieja
  • Opening Hours: 10AM-930PM daily

11. Drink Up at an Outdoor Bar


Because of the gloriously warm and sunny Spanish weather, most enjoy spending their day outdoors. A large part of Spanish culture is people watching, simply observing individuals who pass you by. Many of the bars and restaurants along the promenade offer an outdoor seating space, serving as the ideal spot for a cold drink in hand and observing and relaxing.

12. Experience the Nightlife

Notorious for its nightlife, Torrevieja offers many options for post dinner activities that will surely take you into the wee hours of the morning. A rowdy night out almost always consists of a trip to Keepers Bar, the beach town’s favourite nightlife establishment. What attracts party goers is their live cam, rendering it a place to be seen.


  • Name: Keepers Bar
  • Address: Paseo Juan Aparicio, 1, 03181 Torrevieja

13. Climb the Torre del Moro

The very landmark that gave Torrevieja its name once served as a watchtower. A historical gem in the city, the Torre del Moro is now a tourist landmark which many like to climb in order to obtain a stunning panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding sea coves.


  • Name: Torre del Moro
  • Address: s/n, Calle del Cabo, 03188 Torrevieja

14. Stroll Along the Torrevieja Seafront

Torrevieja Promenade
Source: viva brits

The Torrevieja seafront boasts 14 kilometers of coastline and soft sandy beaches, which makes it a comfortable place for a stroll, especially In the early mornings or at dusk when the weather is a little cooler. All along are stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and bold statues revealing tales of Torrevieja’s past on the promenade. Stocked with trendy bars and restaurants on the walkway, one can stop for refreshments any time along the way.

15. Learn about Torrevieja’s History at Museum of the Sea and Salt

The Museum of the Sea and Salt transports travelers to a time in history when Torrevieja was known solely as a fishing port and for its role in the salt mine industry. Its exhibits allow individuals to understand Torrevieja’s past and how it has shaped the city today. The museum’s most significant attraction is the Delfin S-61 submarine, which was presented to Torrevieja by the Spanish Defence Ministry. Visitors are able to climb inside the submarine and view its interior.


  • Name: Museum of the Sea and Salt
  • Address: Calle Patricio Perez,10 bajo
  • Price: Free admission
  • Opening hour: Monday & Tuesday 10AM – 2PM, Wednesday- Saturday 10AM- to 2PM and 430PM-830PM, Sunday 10AM-1PM

There is a lot more than soft sandy beaches that make up Torrevieja, as the beach town also offers a wealth of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Have a good trip and travel!