7 Places to Shop in Leon: What to Buy

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Source: Tomás Fano

Located at the northwest part of Spain, the province of Leon is a member of the autonomous region of Castile and Leon.  This historic province is known for its grand cathedrals, old quarters, tasty tapas, quaint shops, and colourful shopping malls.  This unassuming province offers a lot of international as well as local yet interesting products that draws every tourist’s attention.  Shopping Leon is a fun addition to your historic trip around the province.  Be aware though that all shopping centers in Leon are closed on Sundays.

1. Espacio Leon

Located in a residential area in Leon along Av. Pais Leones, this sprawling commercial shopping center is filled with more than 100 shops from local and international fashion brands to home decors and accessories.  Aside from the numerous shops, this mall is also filled with various cafes and restaurants that offer both local and continental foods.  Tourists will really find this commercial area convenient because, aside from the complete shopping amenities, there are also banks that can exchange foreign currencies to euros.  To top it off, there is also an indoor gaming area for children and teenagers.  Centro Comercial Espacio is a welcome treat for the entire family.


  • Name:  Centro Comercial y de Ocio Espacio Leon
  • Address:  Av. Pais Leones , 12, 24010, Leon, Spain
  • Access: Bus Stop – Cronis Luis Pastrana via Bus L13
  • Business hour:  1000 to 2200  Monday to Saturday
  • Website:  www.espacioleon.es

2. Leon Plaza

Closer to the city center of Leon, Centro Comercial Leon Plaza is a 3-storey modern shopping center boasting of numerous stores that sell clothes, shoes, sporting goods, food, and many more.  This smartly designed structure is famous for its eco-friendly architecture with natural lighting and spacious wooden walkways filled with couches and lounge areas.  As it is closely situated to the historic landmarks in Leon, this plaza is the best destination for tourists who want to take a rest or meet up with other friends.  Aside from the hundreds of shops, Leon Plaza also has a famous supermarket chain, Mercadona, where you can buy toiletries, snacks, or drinks that you can bring as you tour around the province.


  • Name:  Centro Comercial Leon Plaza
  • Address:  Avda. Pilgrim 8-10, Leon, Spain
  • Access:  Bus Stop – Reyes Leoneses (Jcyl) via Bus L7, L11, L12, 0r L13
  • Business hour:  1000 to 2200  Monday to Saturday

3. El Corte Ingles

The most popular commercial shopping chain in Spain, El Corte Ingles houses the most popular brands in fashion.  This multi-storey building located near the famous Parque Reyes de Espana is a good option for tourists to take a quick break from their tours and buy travel essentials.  Tourists can also stop for a quick bite at El Corte Ingles’ gourmet section.  Affordable ready-made meals are available for those in a hurry to get a bite.


  • Name:  El Corte Ingles
  • Address:  Fray Luis de Leon, 29, 24005, Leon, Spain
  • Access:  Bus Stop – Fray Luis de Leon (Corte Ingles) via Bus L2
  • Business hour:  1000 to 2200  Monday to Saturday
  • Website: www.elcorteingles.es

4. Local Shoe Shops along Calle Alcazar de Toledo

The best window shopping experience in Leon is along the narrow streets of the city. Commence your shopping escapade after touring Plaza La Inmaculada.  What is not so known in this part of Spain is the numerous local shoe stores that sell genuine leather products. As you walk south from the rotunda-like garden, look for the local shoe store called Calzados Zagal.  This store offers a variety of locally designed shoes for infants, toddlers, and young teenagers.  If you are more interested in finding men’s shoes, walk to the opposite end of the street and find Calzados Tengo.


  • Address:  Calle de Alcazar de Toledo, Leon, Spain
  • Access:  Bus Stop – Av. Roma 2.-Le  via Bus L1, L4, or L5
  • From the bus stop, walk towards Plaza La Inmaculada and look for Calle Alcazar de Toledo.

5. Quiant Shops along Calle Ancha

After visiting the awe-inspiring Catedral de Leon, walk westward along Calle Ancha and marvel on the many local and foreign shops. Upon entering the road, a quaint souvenir shop named Fotografia J.R. will surely get every tourist’s attention.  Stop by and grab a postcard or two and immediately send it to a loved one.  Walking further west, a local apothecary called Aromas sells locally produced perfumes and cologne.  There are also a couple of shops that sell infants’ clothes and children’s toys.


  • Address:  Calle Ancha, Leon, Spain
  • Access:  Bus Stop – Santo Domingo (BBVA)  via Bus L8 or L11
  • From the bus stop, walk towards Calle Arco de Animas. Walk eastward along the road and then cross Calle Ruiz de Salazar to get to Calle Ancha.

6. Mercado de Antigüedades de León

For travellers who love to find collectible items such as books, artworks, and timeless antiques, visit this traditional Spanish market.  This once-a-week flea market is a feast for the artsy type.  Here, one can buy pre-loved pieces which can be brought home as a keepsake to remember Leon by.  Not only is this a one-of-a-kind market, customers can also try and bargain for a cheaper fee.


  • Address:  Plaza Don Gutierre, Leon, Spain
  • Access:  Best way to get to this market is via a taxi or private vehicle
  • Business Hour:  0900 to 1400  every Saturday only

7. Rastro de Leon

Most streets in Leon become empty every Sunday because most stores, museums, and galleries are closed, except for Paseo Papalaguinda.  This kilometer-long road is lined with local artisans and local entrepreneurs that sell almost all kinds of items from spices, wines, and cheeses to antiques, jewelry, accessories, and house decors.  Feast your eyes and pockets with more than 400 different concessionaires that come from all over the province.  Come here early and with an empty stomach and try every tapas that you can.


  • Address:  Paseo de Papalaguinda, Leon, Spain
  • Access:  Bus stop – Av. Facultad via Bus L1
  • Business Hour:  0900 to 1500  every Sunday only

Everyday can be a great touring and shopping day in Leon, Spain.  The best way to spend a full day in Leon is to visit a historic landmark and then find the closest local street market with the best bargains.  That way you get to know the story of Leon, at the same time, mingle with the locals.

Have a good trip and travel!

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