7 Nightlife To Enjoy In Leon

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Leon Night

Source: Manuel

If you are looking for a lively nightlife, Leon’s got to be on your radar. It is a beautiful city in northwest Spain which can greet you with unadulterated excitement like never before. Nightlife here is all about great parties, unique bars and clubs, traditional restaurants and much more. Here are 7 must-visit places to taste of an explosive nightlife in and around Leon!

1. El Flechazo

If you are in Leon, and you skip perchance this beautiful little bar, then sure you’re missing out on a lot! El Flechazo is a great way to start your night with a blast. They serve some sumptuous local wines you will fall in love with, and that too at great prices! They also serve homemade chips which are very famous among visitors.


  • Name: El Flechazo
  • Address: Calle de las Platerias, 24003 Leon, Spain
  • Price: Moderate

2. Casa Blas

Casa Blas is all about its cheap drinks and legendary tapas. This crowded club is very popular among locals as well. Their famous tapas include only potato chips with two choices- regular or spicy. Their tapas are so much popular, some even fondly call it the tapas bar. Pint beers are cheap costing even less than a euro. It is a great experience to be here and a good way to start your wonderful evening.


3. Taxman Beatles Bar

If you are in Leon with a group of friends, Taxman Beatles Bar is a must visit place. It offers a combination of everything from good ambiance, nice decor to superb drinks and stimulating music; a place that augurs well for great amusement. They have beers, tonics, gin and just about anything that will make you go gaga all over the place. You are in for a great time here with your companions. The décor is inspired by the Beatles.


4. Barrio Humedo

Source: Arturo Castro

Barrio Humedo is a place located in the old part of the city of Leon. This is a very popular place and famous for its evening activities. It boasts a lot of bars and clubs offering just about everything for everybody. If you want to just sit and drink with your friends there are pubs which will offer you that service rolling into the wee hours. If you just need a sip of coffee there are beautiful cafes and if you want to dance your night away, there are fancy clubs and discos which come in handy. Simply, this is the place where you want to be after darkness falls in Leon.


5. Black Dog

For all the rock music lovers, you are in for a treat here! Black Dog offers the best rock music in town. This great rock bar is full of character and offers a very desirable atmosphere for everybody. Their selection of rock music is just excellent, playing the night out. They have all kinds of drinks that you might lay your hands upon. One can have a great night here.


  • Name: Black Dog
  • Address:Calle Serranos 11, 24003 Leon, Spain
  • Price:Moderate

6. El Fuelle Cocteleria

El Fuelle Cocteleria is an ideal place to get hold of some nice cocktails along with great service. It is located in the romantic neighborhood of the city. One can get cocktails, beers and much more and can smoke freely as well. The place is cozy and generally very quiet. It is a potent place to start your wonderful night with your friends or your family.


  • Name:El Fuelle Cocteleria
  • Address:Cervantes 12, 24003 Leon, Spain
  • Phone number:630426674

7. Majestic Premium Bar

This place is famous for its authentic cocktails, variety of drinks and is located in the Plaza del Conde Luna. It gets very lively after sunset and the place with all its modern decor, good music, and superb lighting surely looks ideal for a party. One can have a great time here with vodka, gins, and some excellent cocktails. They are very popular for their service and hospitality.


Nightlife instills the spirit of recreation and fellow-feeling that goes a long way in sharpening mental alacrity among the like-minded people. So, when it comes to nightlife, Leon ranks among the best entertainment hubs out there.

Have a good trip and travel!