10 Things to Know about Madrid Fashion Week

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Spain’s central capital Madrid is a city of elegance and known for its rich art collection and exciting lifestyle. The home to many important global events throughout the year hosts the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid each year. This five-day long event is a dream event for every fashion enthusiast, not only in Spain but from around the world.


1. Madrid Fashion Week – Promoting Spanish Fashion

The Madrid Fashion Week is the largest platform that promotes Spanish Fashion globally. It introduces the Spanish Fashion on the international scene. This event helps the international community to get to know about the current Spanish designers. An array of people joins hands to present new trends to the public and work on exporting the Spanish fashion worldwide.

2. Sponsors

The big event is held together by a number of top brands who sign up as sponsors for the event. Mercedes-Benz is the title sponsor of the whole event, making it Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Madrid. Other brands like L’oreal and Inditex chip in with the sponsoring of the event. There are also other big names involved such as Samsung and Schweppes.


  • Title Sponsor: Mercedes-Benz
  • Main Sponsors: Mercedes-Benz, L’oreal, Inditex
  • Other Sponsors: Samsung, Solan De Cabras, Movistar, Bombay Sapphire
  • Collaborators: Schweppes, Kalku Cafe Latte, Rowenta, Zumosol, Carlota Y Cayetana, Magrit

3. Title Changes Over the Years

Though the event has a long running history of more than 50 editions, the current title is a recent development. Up until 2008, the Madrid Fashion Week was known as Pasarela Cibeles. More recently, it was known as the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week until 2012. The event celebrated its 50th Edition on 2009.

4. A Platform for EGO

The event presents the opportunity for upcoming talents with their special platform for EGO. It is a committee for young talented designers and is organized by IFEMA. This initiative started in February 2006. The main objective was to find designers and their ability to express themselves through fashion. It is a great place for young talents to get together, present and discuss their ideas that might open their path to the dazzling world of fashion.

5. An Invites-Only Program

The tickets to the catwalks of Madrid Fashion Week are not open for all or up for sale. The tickets are only issued to the designers and sponsors. It is their exclusive rights to invite people with those tickets. If you want to attend the catwalks, you must be invited by either a designer who is involved with the shows or a sponsor of the event.

6. Celebrity Galore

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Madrid is an event that gathers quite a number of celebrities from different sections of the society. The event is known to host an array of models and designers both on and off the runway. Apart from those famous athletes such as Madrid-based football players are often seen attending the events. The long list of celebrity guests also include people like Duchess of Alba and many socialites.

7. Super Models

The timing of the Madrid Fashion Week often falls in between the New York Fashion Week and the Milan Fashion Shows. This enables many international models to be involved in this Spanish event. Many supermodels add the appeal of the event by participating. The list includes Michaela Kocianova, Jon Kortajarena, Diana Farkhullina. Iris Strubegger, Marina Pérez, Eniko Mihalik and many more notable names.

8. The Top Designer Brands

Numerous prestigious fashion brands make their presence known in this highly publicized fashion event. They showcase their newest trends and designs in these events with an intention to wow both the fashion critics and the public. Most notable of these brand names are Juanjo Oliva, TCN, Aristocracy, Andres Sarda, Adolfo Dominguez, Juan Duyos, Davidelfin etc.

9. Upcoming 2016 Edition

The event takes place once or twice a year depending on logistics and the organizers decisions. The next installment of this spectacular fashion event is going to take place in Madrid, starting from September 16, 2016. The event will go on for full five days and end on the 20th of September. You can check out the official website for more information about the upcoming event.


10. Getting There

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The exhibition site is located 10 minutes away from Madrid Barajas Airport. The site is only about 15 kilometers distanced from the city center. You can access the site by Metro from anywhere around the city. A wide network of buses and taxis are also available. Though there is a parking lot on the exhibition site, it is highly recommended to opt for a public transport instead of driving or renting your own car.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and like to keep your eyes on the global fashion happenings, the Madrid Fashion Week is something you don’t want to miss. Be prepared to be dazzled by the display of new fashion trends, a mesmerizing collection both by the reputable designers and the younger talents.


Have a good trip and travel!

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