7 Restaurants to Go in Santander

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Santander Restaurants
Source: Michela Simoncini

Northern Spain is famous for its wine and seafood. Cantabria in general (and Santander in particular) has so many many things to offer to foodies.  When on vacation here, make sure you take a full advantage of local cuisine. Try local seafood (mussels, clams, lobster), fish (sea bass, hake, scorpion fish) or any of the local wines. And here are some recommendation for where you can try it.

1. Bodega Cigaleña

Bodega Cigaleña is a traditional and cozy place in the center. And it is also a museum of wine! Needless to say, wine choices are the best in town. You can either stop by for a drink or come for dinner. If you decide on the latest, make sure to keep in mind that the kitchen opens at 8 PM. So you shouldn’t expect your meal before 8:30. Which is still rather early for Spanish standards.


  • Name: Bodega Cigaleña
  • Address: Calle Daoiz y Velarde, 19, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: 12:30–4PM, 7:30PM–12AM
  • Website: http://www.cigalena.com/

2. Bodega Del Riojano

High-quality Spanish food and one of the best choices for local food. It is often recommended by locals to the tourists who wish to experience Santander as a part of its culture. Start with Spanish potato chips (patatas fritas), then work your way through scorpion fish, or ‘Huevos con jamón y habas’,  or ‘Rissoto con setas’. Top it all with a good bottle of wine for just €15. Life has never seemed so good!


  • Name: Bodega Del Riojano
  • Address: Calle Río de la Pila, 5, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: 1:30–4PM, 8:30PM–12AM
  • Website: www.bodegadelriojano.com/

3. Bar del Puerto

The bar has more than half a century long history, this amazing place is facing the Puerto Chico waterfront and has an amazing view. Inside, there’s local art and atmosphere. And this is just the place to try seafood! Go for Norther Spanish spacialties: centollos (spider crabs) and percebes (goose barnacles). You can stay downstairs, where there is music and dancing, or go upstairs, where you can relax and have a chat with your friends.


  • Name: Bar del Puerto
  • Address: Calle Hernán Cortés, 63, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $$$
  • Opening hours:12:30–4PM, 7–11:30PM
  • Website: http://bardelpuerto.com/

4. La Gloria de Carriedo

Source: Andrew Nash

Oh, famous and beloved Spanish tapas! If you have never tried, you simply must. Those are small snacks of any thing imaginable: seafood, potato, meet. La Gloria is a very relaxed and affordable place to sit with a small glass of beer and some snack in the afternoon, while discussing plans for the evening with your friends.


  • Name: La Gloria de Carriedo
  • Address: Calle Cádiz, 12, 39002 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: 11:30–4PM, 8:00PM–12AM
  • Website: https://foursquare.com/v/la-gloria-de-carriedo/4c4b505e9e6dbe9aeac3de0b

5. Cañadio

Source: Andrew Nash

Cañadio in Santander is the second chain restaurant of its original place in Madrid. The quality of meals is exactly that of capital restaurants. Try pinchos with baby eels and  cocido montana. The place is always very busy, so make sure to book a table in advance and have some patience, as it takes some time to order and get your food here. But if you have time and want to experience great cuisine and perfect service, this is the place.


  • Name: Cañadio
  • Address: Calle de Gómez Oreña, 15, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $$$
  • Opening hours: 13:00-16:00, 20:30-23:30
  • Website: http://restaurantecanadio.com/

6. Ramonoteca

Excellent place for breakfast with coffee and some pastries. Its specialty is stuffed Spanish omelettes. For instance, try tortilla de setas con queso a la pimenta (mushroom omelette with cheese pepper). The place is popular among locals, so you are likely to have your breakfast accompanied by a lively Spanish conversation in the background.


  • Name: Ramonoteca
  • Address: 39008, Calle Jesús de Monasterio, 6, 39010 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $$
  • Opening hours: 8am-11pm Mon-Thu, to midnight Fri & Sat, 9am-11pm
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/Ramonoteca-1410567619239763/

7. Asubio Gastrobar

The most creative and hipster place in Santander. Come here for a modern atmosphere, glass of beer and a tasty selection of pinchos. There is also a daily 15€ menu if you are on a budget. Also, here you will for sure find staff that speaks English (which is rare in this region). Very popupar both with tourists and locals.


  • Name: Asubio Gastrobar
  • Address: Calle Daoiz y Velarde, 23, 39003 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
  • Price range: $
  • Opening hours: 12–4PM, 8PM–12:30AM
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/Asubio-Gastrobar-Restaurante-172295379465634/app/?sk=app_190322544333196

We hope you have the best culinary experience while in Santander.

Have a good trip and travel!

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