15 Things to Know about Morocco Mall

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54295065_6266c1abbf_bSource: Annais Ferreira

The Morocco Mall opens its doors for a unique and magical experience, with family, friends or alone, in an original architectural concept. Get caught by the magic of shopping and the unique atmosphere of Morocco Mall. Here are 15 things that you should know about Morocco Mall.

1. About

Morocco Mall is a shopping center opened in Casablanca in Morocco on 5 December 2011 . It is spread over a dedicated area totaling 250,000 meter square of recreational spaces, restaurants, and stores.  In 2012, the Morocco Mall received at Cannes Price MIPIM Award in the category of Best Shopping Mall architecturally.

2. Access

The Morocco Mall is located west of Casablanca, about 10 km from the Hassan II Mosque . It is mainly accessible by car. The closest station of Casablanca tramway is about 3 km to Ain Diab. On October 1, 2014, Bypass South West Casablanca was open, and it connects the Morocco Mall with Moroccan motorway network including the A5 and A7. This same ring road allows direct access to the Morocco Mall to both northern Casablanca and El Jadida with the A5 motorway.

3. Location

The Morocco Mall is located on the Casablanca Corniche, which offers a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Waterfront promenade, where manicured gardens, restaurant terraces, and luxurious planting create the sensation of togetherness and intimacy, is very popular among young couples and families and.

4. Services

A true destination for both nationals and tourists or casual visitors, the Morocco Mall houses a comprehensive range of services consisting of fashion, beauty, luxury, culture, technology, health, decoration, food, equipment, crafts, services, recreation, relaxation, catering and much more.

5. Size

Spanning over 10 hectares with 70,000 meter square of retail space on three levels and more than 350 retail spaces, the Morocco Mall brings together more than 600 different brands stores under a single roof. Morocco Mall has its name on the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest in-store shop facade.

6. Facilities

Morocco Mall has thought about all the amenities and comfort of the visitors: security, private parking, rest areas, reception desks, ATMs, a personal shopper in Miraj area, valet parking, CCTV and security services, floor plans and screens information, found objects, tax refund services, banks, and pharmacies. Everything has been designed to make each visit an enjoyable and safe at the same time.

7. Awards

medal-646943_1920Source: Gadini

Morocco Mall has won several awards. These include ICSC- Design & Development, MAPIC- Best Retail & Leisure Development, MIPIM- Best Shopping Centre, and Global RLI Awards- Most Innovative Retail & Leisure Concept in the year 2012 and Africa Property Awards- Best Retail Development Morocco and African Property Awards- Best Retail Development in Africa in the year 2011.

8. Architecture

Morocco Mall was designed by Davide Padoa, who is the chief architect and CEO of Design International, an architectural firm specializing in designing for international stores and malls. Design International who developed this work in collaboration with Oger International in 2009 won the award for “Best commercial architecture” for the Morocco Mall at International Property Awards .

9. Opening hours

open-sign-1309682_1280Source: Ann_San

The shopping stores, adventure land, and food courts are open from 10 AM to 9 AM on the weekdays. On weekends, they are open from 10 AM till 10 PM. The food court remains open until 11 PM on weekends. The Marjane opens one hour early from the shopping stores, adventure land, and food courts at 9 AM.

10. Brands

Morocco Mall is the hub for the luxury brands. From local Moroccan brands to prestigious western brands, all can be found here. Some of the popular brands in the Moroccan Mall are Gucci, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Mango, Celio, Zara, Prada, Gap, Cartier, L’Occitane en Provence, Mounier-Bouvard, Fnac, Marjane, and Comptoir Des Montres.

11. Food outlets in Morocco Mall

There are nearly a hundred small and large food outlets in the Morocco Mall serving cuisines of all over the world. Most popular food outlets in the Mall are Amiamo Gelato, Dar al Fakia,La Pappardella, Crepe de France, La Pause Secree, Starbucks, Burger King, Aladdin, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, KFC, Mandolina, and Le Morocco.

12. Entertainment in Morocco Mall

There are lots of options for entertainment in the Morocco Mall. From the exciting Adventure Land to Bowling alleys, from modern IMAX theater to the ice rink, Morocco Mall never fails to excite you.

13. Owners of the Morocco Mall

Groupes Aksal and Nesk Investment et Famille Akhnouch are the owners and developers of the Morocco Mall. They are also responsible for the management of the Morocco Mall. They have other large-scale projects under them along with this one.

14. Special Attractions

8587110661_22099e1c20_kSource: Shawna Tregunna

This mall has some very special attractions. Most prominent of them is the huge aquarium at the center with colourful fish of all sizes. Ice rink can be a really fun if you know skating. There is also a modern IMAX theatre which showcases English movies.

15. Cons of Morocco Mall

Despite being such a grand mall, the Morocco mall has some cons as well. First, it is located on the outskirts of the city, which is not accessible by public transport. Second, the mall is especially for the high-end customers with very little for the middle class.


  • Name: Morocco Mall
  • Address: Boulevard DE Barritz, Casablanca 20066, Morocco
  • Opening hour: 10AM–9PM
  • Phone: +212 5227-92620
  • Website: http://www.moroccomall.ma

Have a good trip and travel!


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