10 Best Beaches You Must Go in Casablanca

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Casablanca is the home place for great beaches and these beaches attract thousands of tourists every year especially in summers. Mostly families, sun worshippers and those who are seeking relaxation and want to spend free time with full pleasure come to visit these beaches in Casablanca. Some famous beaches of the Casablanca are given below:

1. Ain Diab Beach

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This beach is located in the center of the city Ain Diab and is the most famous beach of Casablanca. The beach has cafes, beach clubs for relaxing of visitors and these are best option for local celebrities and youngsters. Visitors can also enjoy swimming in the ocean yet it is somewhat breezy and rough. The beach is a very famous attraction for locals especially on summer nights when restaurants and clubs are all open for people.

2. Monica Beach in Mohammedia

This beach is located 20 km north of the Casablanca and is very peaceful and calm location free from all types of the hassle of the city. Although it is somewhat wild and not recommended for families and children but still considered as one of the top most beaches of Casablanca. The surroundings and environment of the beach are unspoiled and clean which make it a favorite destination for beach lovers.

3. Babaloo Beach in Tamaris

This beach is located in the village Tamaris which was earlier known as the village but now has become a beautiful resort and famous place for adventure lovers. This beach is located 20 km south of Casablanca. Other attractions of the beach include cafe and swings nearby. The location of the beach is very fantastic just behind a high cliff. It also has a well-furnished resort for the visitors who want to live near the beach and enjoy weekends there.

4. Houzia Beach in El Jadida

This beach is the best choice for those tourists and locals who love wild nature and Japanese shipwreck. The beach is located 100 km away from the city of Casablanca and environment of the beach is the main reason for its becoming famous destination. The beach has beautiful golden sands and is located between two cities, therefore, it is the place of attraction for a large number of surfers and walkers.

5. Bouznika Beach

This beach is located 70 km north of Casablanca and it becomes surfer’s paradise in summers. People prefer to spend their weekend at this beach. Main attractions include a playground for kids beautiful landscape with sands for shooting and clicking photographs. The beach has a large coastline so it never gets overcrowded and this makes the beach very lively and attractive place.

6. Corniche beach

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This is the most popular beachfront district of Casablanca and main attractions are a number of hotels and restaurants which offer great quality food and living place for those who come to visit this beach-side town. Beach clubs located near the coastline of the beach are most preferred by sun worshipers. These beach clubs are full with tourists during the spring and summer seasons.

7. Beach in Oualidia

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Oulidia is a charming village in Casablanca known for its marvelous beach and Saadian Kasbah. The beach located in this beautiful town is a good choice for families who want to enjoy sunbathing at its best. The town is located 182 km south of the city of Casablanca. This beach has a large number of other attractions for visitors and tourists coming from all over the world.

8. Beach in Azemmour

Azemmour is the famous village located on the coastline of Atlantic ocean in Morocco. But this place is still not known to more people as it is secret and its charm is yet unexplored. The beach town is located 88 km south in the city of Casablanca. You can visit this beach and explore more about its magnificent landscapes and charm.

9. Beaches in Mohammedia

There are a number of fine beaches in the city of Mohammedia and is the most recommended place for spending weekends . Some attractions of the beaches are high-class cafes, restaurants, and hotels located on the golden sands of Mohammedia. On the coastline of the beaches, there is a large number of grand palm tree lined boulevards.

10. Agadir Beach

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The best time to visit Agadir beach is during the winter season and it is very fresh and sandy beach of the Casablanca. You can enjoy a number of leisure activities at this beach like rides, swings, food stalls, cafes, beach clubs and much more things for people of all ages. This beach is mostly preferred by families and friends who are touring the city of Casablanca.

In the end, we can say that there are a large number of beaches in Casablanca which are famous for different qualities. For the tourists who want to spend their leisure time in the best way, these beaches are best option to go and have fun.

Have a good trip and travel!

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