10 Restaurants to Go in Casablanca

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Morocco has a variety of influences as a culture given its rich history that includes French colonialism among others. It is exactly this fusion with the past as well as the present international influence that impacts culture as reflective in Moroccan cuisine. Find meals from around the world as we show you 10 restaurants to dine in at Casablanca.

1. Brasserie La Tour

Devour French cuisine and local bites at Brasserie La Tour. For the health conscious, gluten-free options are available. Match your meals with the local Moroccan tea for to perfectly end your meal and help with digestion. The staff is multilingual which is ideal to cater to your dining needs. The atmosphere is bright during the day and marvelous during the night, brought to life by the glass roof that gives you a chance to go stargazing during dinner!


  • Name: Brasserie La Tour
  • Address: Rue Sidi Belyout, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5224-56200
  • Access: Located at the Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche

2. La Sqala

La Sqala
Source: Mararie

Escape the noise amid the bustling city and head into this 18th-century building for authentic Moroccan cuisines such as couscous, kebab, and tagine. The serving portions are huge so you’re sure to get the value for your money. Relax while you eat as the Andalusian garden offers a tranquil atmosphere. Thrice a week, they also offer live entertainment for a memorable experience.


  • Name: La Sqala
  • Address: Boulevard des Almohades, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Phone:  +212 5222-60960
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 8:00AM to 11:00PM

3. Iloli

Simple yet elegant, Iloli is the perfect restaurant to go if you’re craving for authentic Japanese food. The elaborate design of the dishes matches the sophistication of Japanese food. They have as many as six-course meals which are sure to satisfy your taste buds and the seafood is notably fresh. The chef is warm and welcoming that he personally greets some of the diners toward the end of their meal.


  • Name: Iloli
  • Address: 33 rue Najib Mahfoud, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
  • Opening hours: Tue – Sat 12:30PM to 3:00PM, 7:30PM to 12:00AM
  • Holiday: Sun – Mon
  • Website: iloli-restaurant.com

4. Le Cabestan

Channel inner peace while enjoying your meal at Le Cabestan. Offering a charming view of the ocean, Le Cabestan provides international cuisine to satisfy a variety of your cravings. Meanwhile, they have heaters in the patio which is perfect for chilly evenings by the ocean. While the restaurant is pricey for its portion, nothing beats the tranquil views of the ocean, making for a memorable dining experience.


  • Name: Le Cabestan
  • Address: 90, Boulevard de la Corniche Phare d’El Hank, Corniche | Ain Diab, Casablanca 20050, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5223-91190
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12:00PM to 12:30AM
  • Website: le-cabestan.com

5. Port de Pêche

Restaurant Port de Pêche
Source: Didier55

Taste the freshest seafood in town right off the hook as this restaurant is located beside a fishing port. The restaurant is famous for its paella, but you may also choose from any type of seafood you can think of! You can also take unique pictures here because their 1970s style decorated with fishing nets and hooks truly captures the restaurant’s soul. While the restaurant is often crowded, rest assured the service is still quick.


  • Name: Port de Pêche
  • Address: Le Port de Peche, City centre, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5223-18561

6. Blend Gourmet Burger

Get your hands dirty for the best possible reason: burgers! Satisfy your craving for American food and drink. Devour cheese fries, steak, and milkshakes among others. They also offer exotic juices if your palate’s feeling adventurous. While the items are pricey, you can be sure to have a scrumptious meal that will pleasure your taste buds. Consistent with its American theme, the waiters speak great English so you can order comfortably.


  • Name: Blend Gourmet Burger
  • Address: 9 rue Theophile Gauthier, Quartier Gauthier, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
  • Phone: 212522491122
  • Opening hours:
    • Mon – Fri 12:00PM to 3:00PM, 7:00PM to 10:30PM
    • Sat 12:30PM to 4:00PM, 8:00PM to 11:30PM
    • Sun12:30PM to 4:00PM, 8:00PM to 10:30PM

7. Le Rouget de l’Isle

Have a fancy meal at this French restaurant that boasts of a romantic patio where you could eat at for a memorable meal. The restaurant itself is an old house that exudes class and charm. The chef himself, Chef Taki who speaks English fluently, often greets diners and takes his time to explain his creations that is perfect for those who are unfamiliar with French food. Not only will you feel welcome, but are sure to order exactly what you want.


  • Name: Le Rouget de l’Isle
  • Address: Villa Elise, 16, Rue Rouget de l’Isle, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212522294740
  • Opening hours:
    • Mon – Fri 12:00PM to 11:30PM
    • Sat 7:00PM to 11:30PM
  • Holiday: Sun

8. Basmane

Dive into Moroccan culture from the moment you step into the restaurant. Tall pillars embellished with mosaic designs greet you and once seated, the menu offers traditional Moroccan dishes ready to excite your taste buds. While enjoying your meal, be prepared for another touch of Moroccan culture as belly dancers entertain diners around 10PM. While the restaurant is pricey, it is reasonable given the great food and the overall authentic Moroccan experience.


  • Name: Basmane
  • Address: Angle boulevard de l’ocean atlantique et boulevard de la corniche ain diab | Hotel Club Val d’Anfa, Casablanca, Morocco
  • Phone: 522797532
  • Access: Hotel Club Val d’Anfa
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12:00PM to 11:59PM
  • Website: basmane-restaurant.com

9. Le Resto

Take a break from Moroccan and French cuisine and pleasure your senses with Italian cuisine. Famous for their handmade pasta and pizza, you’re sure to have an authentic meal prepared by Italian chefs. The interior is also noteworthy with their elegant chandeliers and yellow gold curtains that reinforce fine dining while maintaining a comfortable vibe.


  • Name: Le Resto
  • Address: Angle Boulevard D’Anfa & Zerktouni No138 | Rond Point racine, Casablanca 20000, Morocco
  • Phone: 212522399295
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12:00PM to 3:00PM, 7:00AM to 1:00AM

10. Casa Jose

Enjoy Spanish food at its finest at Casa Jose restaurant. Indulge in various options of vegetarian, meat, and seafood cooked with the freshest ingredients. You can also pair your dish with local wine for a sip of Morocco. Simple and white-walled, the interior exudes a bright and relaxing vibe while the detailed art hung on the wall adds sophistication. What’s great is that the dishes are affordable yet remain savory and scrumptious.


  • Name: Casa Jose
  • Address: 26 Bis Bd Felix Houphouet Boigny, Casablanca 12000, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5222-97012
  • Opening hours: Mon – Sun 12:00PM to 12:00PM

Visiting Casablanca entails a gustatory adventure around the world through the variety of restaurants that promise to give you a unique dining experience. Not only is eating a part of our basic needs, these restaurants also elevate that need to a luxurious experience as memorable as any tourist spot you’ll visit.

Have a good trip and travel!

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