10 Things to Know about Water Park in Salou

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Source:  Jordi Payà

The Aquopolis Waterpark in Costa Dorado is one of the top destinations for tourists visiting Spain in the summer season. This park is also a famous place for people of all ages because they can have fun, entertain them self and do full enjoyment in different zones of the park. The natural beach in the park and surfing area is also the biggest attraction. Some important things to know about the water park are given below:

1. Access information about the Aquopolis water park

Visitors can reach Aquopolis Water Park by any of the modes such as a car, bus, and train. You can also reach by private car and there is ample parking space of the park where you can easily park your car and wander in the park for the whole day. While traveling by bus you can reach the park from Tarragona, Cambrils, and Reus bus station.

2. Restaurants in the Aquopolis Waterpark

The Park offers a number of restaurants and bars for the food loving tourists. Some famous restaurants include Hawaii Restaurant, Maui Café, The Big Wave XXL, Burger Waikiki, Creperie, Pacific and mini golf bar. At these places, you can enjoy pizzas, cakes and desserts, cocktails, paellas, hot dogs, crepes, waffles and many other food items with a variety of drinks.

3. Fascinating rides in Aquopolis Water Park

The Park has many things to offer for young age people, especially for kids. The attractions for middle-aged people include Hurricane, Kamikaze, Boomerang, Splash, and Surf Waimea. The moderate attraction for children includes mainly Speed Race, Zig Zag, and Rapids etc. All these are soft slides for the fun of children visiting the park.

4. Events in the Aquopolis Waterpark

The Park offers a variety of event celebration such as birthday parties and school excursions. For birthday celebration especially in summer, it is the best and unforgettable experience. On every ten tickets, two are free and the snacks include hamburger, juice or drink, jelly beans, and chocolate cake. An entertainment team can also be hired from the park to encourage children towards games in the park.

5. Dolphinarium at the Aquopolis Waterpark

In the Dolphinarium area of the park, you can see and meet the sea lions and dolphins from very near and also interact with them inside the prepared pool. There is also an educational program for visitors showing marine mammals and students are made aware of the importance of these species. There are also organized exhibitions for visitors. The area of Dolphinarium is made of the glass screen and you can see leaps, agility, skills and anatomy of these water mammals.

6. Facilities for kids’ up to 7 years at Aquopolis Waterpark

There are special attractions in the park for children below 7 years. These include Adventure Turtle, Mini Park, Treasure Island, and Funny Jungle. At Adventure Turtle, the animal throws out water through its nose.  The Mini Park is located inside the Children Lake and covers an area of 300 meters square. In Treasure Island, there are various slides made of soft material and are completely safe for children in every way.

7. Facilities for kids above 8 years at Aquopolis Waterpark

For children above 7 years, the main attractions in the park are Zig Zag, Adventure Turtle, speed race, Vulcano River, Mini Park and Magic Oval. At Zig Zag children can enjoy the excitement of sliding down in water. The height of flumes is more than 20 meters and it has beautiful colors. In Magic Oval, four people can get over at one time and float down. The main attraction of this ride is to feel the magic of sliding with family members.

8. Facilities offered for VIP’s at Aquopolis Waterpark

In the VIP area of the park, special treatment and services are offered to make you feel special. You can chat, read, listen to music and do whatever you want to relax your mind and soul. There is also a cloakroom and locker where you can place your things while visiting other areas of the park.

9. Surfing area of Aquopolis Waterpark

The surfing attraction of the park which is known as Surf Waimea is for adventure loving people. For those who are getting training in surfing they can practice till they get tired and there are no chances of getting hurt. And for the experts they can enjoy their best and become a freshwater surfer.

10. Other information regarding Aquopolis Waterpark

For regular visitors of the water park, there is available the provision of Season card or annual pass. This card allows the visitors to visit an unlimited number of times to park and enjoy the services offered by this card. For getting this card an annual amount is to be paid along with required documents. With this season card visitors can enjoy unlimited rides and attractions of the park.


  • Name: Aquopolis Water Park
  • Address: Passeig Pau Casals, 65 | La Pineda, 43481La Pineda, Spain
  • Phone: 977 37 1640-41
  • Website: www.costa-dorada.aquopolis.es

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