10 Exciting Attractions You Must Experience in Spain

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Source: Leonardo Shinagawa

If you are planning to visit a certain place, make sure you’ve done all the research so that you will not miss any of the exciting attractions and events to experience in that certain place. In this case, we are going to talk about Spain.

1. Watch Bullfighting

Bullfighting is an important cultural tradition in Spain. It is very famous in the entire country. For them, it is not merely a sport but a form of art, a celebration, a very important event. It is one of the highlights in the country, so make sure you won’t miss this one.

2. Watch Flamenco

Flamenco is a form of performance with a singer, dancers and some people playing instruments. It is very famous in Spain. You can see posters everywhere in the streets. Make sure you book your tickets now because shows are often fully-booked at an early time because of its popularity. It is one of Spain’s major historical symbol, make sure you don’t miss this one.

3.  Attend one of the festivals

This is an another event that is very famous in Spain, the festivals. The festivals here are very fun, unique and every kind of festival has it’s own unique and amazing story. Make sure to tune in with the dates of the festival you like to be able to attend them. Nothing beats visiting Spain with extra events to attend to.

4. Know Spain’s history

Spain, being a historically rich country has a lot to offer in terms of information about its history. There are a lot of museums in Spain like Museo Nacional de Prado, Museo Picasso and so much more. Spending time in the museum will surely make you love Spain even more by learning about its history. You would be surprised that there is still a lot to learn about.

5. Experience the past

Spain has very amazing structures from the past even centuries ago during the Roman era. The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is the place to be. Even though it has been improved, the government did their best to preserve what is left. Experience the history yourself by walking around the quarter.

6. Have a royal tour

People have been focusing too much on UK’s royal family, they also have a royal family here in Spain. If you are into royalty then visiting the Royal Palace would be a great idea. It is open for the public to see and guided tours are available as well. Have fun!

7. Visit one of the islands

There are a lot of amazing islands in Spain. There are two groups the Balaeric Islands and the Canary Islands. Among those islands are Ibiza and Grand Canary. They are the best island in the area. Don’t forget to explore the activities and sights in the islands. Just choose one and then go do the exploring. I promise you will not regret it.

8. Taste the wine

Spain is not just rich in culture and landmarks but also for their wine or vino. It is very popular. There are a lot of vineyards all over the country and their wine are just high-quality. Do not forget to have a taste. It is a moment of a lifetime. Most of the vineyards have a free wine tasting, don’t forget to do your research and plan the trip right away.

9. Taste local dishes

Spain is famous for its cuttlefish and rice dish which is very similar to seafood paella. It is made of cuttlefish, garlic, sweet paprika, olive oil, broth, cephalopod ink and green peppers. Do not forget to try Spain’s local restaurants such as Botin, Cinc Sentitsm and Moments. Food is an essential need of man, so while on vacation just cherish the amazing wonders of Spain’s dishes.

10. Spend time on historical parks

There are many parks in Spain for you to choose from. Their parks often have rich history so don’t forget to look it up or book a tour guide for more information. It will just make your stay in the park much more memorable. It’s a great way to spend time in a park during a busy vacation, you will not waste your time because the parks are just amazing as the landmarks.

Have a good trip and travel!

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