10 Things to Know about Fuengirola Zoo

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Source: Antonio

This is a zoo in Fuengirola with different animals like birds, mammals and other sea creatures living in natural enclosures. The zoo staff often recreate the big area as a jungle clearing. Not far, there are children’s play site and area. Here are other things you can know about Fuengirola Zoo.

1. Animal-friendly zoo

Source: Antonio

The zoos are not what they generally used to be like other zoos, luckily and fortunately. In here, you do not find some miserable creatures and animals that pace down and up cages. They are not housed in shoe boxes as well. Animals don’t
cling to solitary tree branches. No creatures paddle in places or around in extremely sad puddles. The zoo is well-known to be a visitor-friendly zoo. Most especially, it is an animal-friendly zoo.

2. You’ll see happy animals

Source: Jose Luis Caro Herrero

You may notice however that as you wander around, the place is simulated just like a typical tropical forest. There are lush green vegetation, clean rivers and cool waterfalls. You will also see crocodiles that freely bask on the sand and shores just like in the Nile. The visitors basically step into a true documentary on very deep tropical forest and woodlands, with animals very happy in their environment.

3. Animals live in natural habitat

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Source: Claudia Rahanmetan

This is actually a zoo where you will see the animals that generally live in their home, where there is a recreation of a nice natural habitat. This type of plan actually encourages the animal development. If you look down at their forest floor, you’ll actually spot the meerkats, large snails, and some river hogs. Wherever you try to look into the zoo, the great thing that will be between you and even the animals are the natural barriers.

4. Active conservation program

Source: Jim Gifford

The program is actually called Bioparc Valencia as well as Bioparc Fuengirola.  The zoo owner, as well as the manager, comes from the same company named Rainforest. It strives to be aware that it keeps the animals in conservations. The Bioparc Fuengirola actually participates in around 52 European breeding type of programs for a lot of endangered species. The foundation total around 70 captive breeding type of programs.

5. Wide variety of animals

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Source: Antonio

In this zoo, there are generally four kinds of areas: Madagascar, South-East Asia, Equatorial Africa, and even the Indo-Pacific. There is even more than 200 types of animal species that live in the Bioparc. Many of the animals that are more endangered as well as at big risk of being endangered. If you look up into the forest canopy, you’ll actually see the gibbons as well as hornbills. There are also some rainbow loris monkeys.

6. Animals are protected and safe

Source: Antonio

There are also other types of animals here like lowland gorillas. There are also Sumatra Tigers. You will also see some Borneo Orangutans. Don’t miss the  Pygmy Hippopotamus as well as the Malayan Tapirs. You will also see lemurs at the big Baobab tree. However, they are protected. Even if you will see real bridges and cool riverbanks, there are actually bulletproof windows. However, you can even get right up close to the crocodile with sharp teeth.

7. Animals feel the love

Source: Jim Gifford

The best thing here is that visitors, as they go around the different nice areas of Bioparc Fuengirola, they can experience a nice zoo-immersion. This means they can become more immersed into the many animals natural habitat. Other things you will see are the plants and even some cool water elements all around. These actually act as the zoo’s natural barrier.

8. Animals are taken cared

Little ones
Source: Antonio

In the Fuengirola zoo, they sincerely attach the best importance for the animals social living, that they may greatly live in harmony together in them very own amazing groups. The animals in this case, with the green vegetation and nice landscape, actually from that set that really allows the visitors to know or learn about the nice relationships between all those organisms.

9. Original ecosystem recreated

Source: Antonio

If you’re really that brave to see bats, the bats can be seen flitting around on some type of similarly abandoned mines. The inclusion of these wildlife predatory types of species in these landscape is actually done sometimes for the visual aspect. They are actually separated by some type of barriers that can’t be seen and is invisible to the eye of the people. In this case, there’s still an original ecosystem recreation, but still with total safety for the guests and even animals.

10. Best Zoo in Europe

Source: Phil Barker

The Bioparc Foundation that takes care here is actually a nice nonprofit foundation that creates the great tools so they can develop the great conservation programmes. This has allowed the Fuengirola Zoo to flourish and become the best zoo in Europe. If you come to Spain, make sure to include visiting the zoo and see the difference on why it became the best in the region.


  • Name: Fuengirola zoo
  • Tel: 952 666 301
  • Address: Avda. Camilo José Cela, Fuengirola. 5 minutes from the bus station and train station.
  • Open: Daily
  • Hours: 10.00 am, close vary every season.
  • Web: www.bioparcfuengirola.es/

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