10 Things to Know about Palma de Mallorca Airport

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Source: Ralf Roletschek

Palma is the capital and the largest city of Balearic Islands. This airport is one of the most famous owing to the tourism and serves close to 22 million passengers each year. Few things about this airport are listed below:

1. Location

Situated just 8 km away from the city, there are numerous transportation options available for the move. The journey time is somewhere around 15 minutes from the heart of the city. Also known as Son Sant Joan Airport, is the 3rd largest airport in Spain, close to the village of Can Pastilla. It is one of the busiest airports during the summers.


  • Name: Palma International Airport
  • Address: 07611 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Phone Number: + 34 971 262 600
  • Website: http://www.aena.es

2. Transport

There are 2 bus stops: one outside the Door D of the Arrivals floor and one outside the check-in floor. Buses run from the airport to Dic de l’Oest, with a fare of €3 and take 30 minutes. Another route is the Route 21 which covers major hotels en-route to S’Arenal with the same fare and approximately the same time as above.

Taxis such as Fono Taxi, Radio Taxi etc. are readily available as well with a minimum fare of €3.12.

3. Layout

Source: Usien

Divided into four modules as below:

  • Module A – Located in the north of the building, is equipped with 28 gates and 8 aerobridges. It is closed in the winters and used only during summers.
  • Module B – It is the smallest one, with 8 gates and no airbridges. Only used by carrier Air Nostrum.
  • Module C – It is the largest of all and has 33 gates with 9 airbridges. It handles the major volume of the airport. Mainly handles Air Berlin along with Easy Jet, Condor, Niki Air etc.
  • Module D – It is the south located module with 19 gates and 10 airbridges for the additional European flights.

4. Shopping

Source: Usien

Duty-free shops, clothing stores, gift stores, jewelry marts etc. are all available at the airport on the ground floor. There are special discounted items available too, till the stocks last at few of these stores. Shopping at the airport is although not advisable in general, as the cost is much more than the regular shops. But if you haven’t got enough time to go visit the city and to individually buy the famous items or general purpose things, then you sure can opt to buy them at the airport as you’ll easily get most of the items over here.

5. Food & Lodging

Source: Usien

There are various options available for to eat and drink at the airport. There is a restaurant in the public area which serves exceptionally good Tapas and also a number of bars available in the Departure area.

Although there are no hotels at the airport, you can easily find one close-by. You can also make the reservations and inquiry about the same at the Airport Tourist information office

6. Security

Source: Salino01

The airport authorities have given special focus on the security of the place aftermath the 09/11. Guardia Civil, the oldest law enforcement agency in Spain, has also got an office at the airport with complete surveillance of the area and equipped with latest tactical support. They also have got mini cars for the complete surveillance and ease of access in the area. They have a small detention facility as well to hold the suspicious persons from moving over.

Source: Usien

7. Communication

Free WiFi is available throughout the length and width of the airport. Also, paid internet facilities are available along with public telephones and post boxes. There is also a post office located inside the airport for the mail service. The airport is well connected in all respects to all the places feasible.

Also, you can easily approach the information center unit or the general inquiry area for any kind of help required and they will make sure your concern is attended well and timely.

8. Other Facilities

The airport is also equipped with a full serving bank as well as numerous ATMs on the 4th floor for all the monetary requirements.

Note: Currency can be exchanged in Module A: 1st Floor.  

There is also a lost property service available on the ground floor for all the Lost-and-found items. A pharmacy as well as first-aid and 24 hours emergency service is available as well along with a separate children’s play area.

9. Car Parking

There is a lot of area available for the car parking and is well connected with the terminal as well. You can easily pre-book the space from the website provided above. There is also an open-air car parking available for long term parking which is connected to the airport by a free shuttle service. The frequency of the same is every 15 minutes if you don’t want to walk to the place and are in a rush. You may leave out your car over there after getting a receipt and you don’t have to worry after that as the place is well guarded.

10. Tours and activities

The airport has got a very distinct culture and is very much involved in carrying out cultural activities year round. Apart from this they also conduct guided tours of the premises to the school children as well and offer projects for the students to get insight into the aviation world. They have set up an “Interactive Air Room” in Can Reviu, specifically for this aspect of knowledge enhancement where anyone can learn not only about the aeronautics but also how to cope in any airport in the world.

Have a good trip and travel! 

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