10 Things to Know about Palma Aquarium

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Source: Palma Aquarium

Undoubtedly the best aquarium in Europe, this magical place will teleport you to the depths of the ocean and will make you feel that every penny is well spent. Few of the facts about this artificial piece of magnificence are as below:

1. Location

Source: Ralf Roletschek

Located near to the Palma Airport with a short 5 minutes drive and 15 minutes from the city center, making it very accessible. You can hop into buses #210, 15 or 25 and you’ll be alighted right in front of this facility.


  • Name: Palma Aquarium
  • Address: Manuela de los Herreros 21
    07610, Palma de Mallorca
  • Opening hour: 09:30 – 18:30. Last entry 17:00.
  • Contact Number: +34 902 702 902
  • Website: http://palmaaquarium.com/

2. Tickets

Tickets are easily available once you reach over there, but if you intend to avoid the delay and hustle of standing in a queue then you can easily buy it online. For children below 3 years of age, it is free, while for those till 12, it is $17.41 and for the adults, it stands at $24.39. There are also offers available for family entry and you can avail special discounts too on the official site if you are booking for a large group!

3. Free Inclusions

There is 5 million liters of sea water, 700 different species and 8000 creatures  from all over the Mediterranean, the Pacific, the Indian as well as the Atlantic Ocean, kept in 55 different aquariums, and you can visit it all under the ticket you buy for the entry. And yes there is information available for each and every of them at the site itself. So a great deal of knowledge is included too! Apart from that, also included are:


Guided Tours

Shark Sleepover

4. The Big Blue

Source: Palma Aquarium

The deepest tank in Europe, measuring 8.5 meters, it is one of the major attractions and the highlight of the facility. Children are especially drawn to this, where they can sit comfortably on pillows and watch the numerous varieties of fishes including sharks, few centimeters from them!

5. Dive with the Sharks

Source: Palma Aquarium

This is a unique opportunity for all the people to get in close to 11 sharks of 2 different species, of course along with a professional diver and instructor. It has revolutionized the world of the divers and sea experts since it has come into existence. You are put into the Big Blue for the dive. The price for this is hefty as well but so is the experience. It comes for 200 € and you can be there for 1 hour. Also, you need to have a diver’s license for this activity.

6. Weddings

Source: Palma Aquarium

If you have been bitten by the adventure bug and you want your wedding not to be in a typical style but something worth remembering life-long, this sure is the best place to say “I DO”. This magical place will make you say so, even if you don’t happen to have thought over! If you have got a diver’s license and you have the guts, then you can be in a place like this.

7. Dinner with the Sharks

Source: Palma Aquarium

If you want the hosts for the evening dinner to be fishes and sharks, and your table set in between the moonlight lit aquarium with millions of colors around you being illuminated, you sure should ask the management to plan a dinner for you. You can get it specially decorated for the occasion and trust me it would be the most beautiful dinner date you can imagine!

8. Jungle Expedition

Source: Palma Aquarium

This is not just an aquarium, but it also has a jungle, filled with numerous plants and animals. It is the 2nd largest roof-top garden in the whole of Europe and is situated at the top roof of the aquarium. You will be guided into this facility and will be made aware of interesting information about the various species and their history.

9. Other Events

You can also arrange for birthday parties as well as get together, conferences or team-building activities over here with prior communication to the management team over there. They have a well-equipped conference hall which is available round the year for hosting all the events one can ask for!

10. Other Facilities

They have got a huge cafeteria, where after a wonderful day, you can eat, drink and relax. Also, there is a gift shop made available from where you can buy souvenirs and other items. There are also educational activities arranged for the children and students to get to know more about the aquatic life in general.

All in one, this is a must visit place in the city and one just can’t miss it!

Have a good trip and travel!