20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar

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20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar
Source: Olivier Duquesne

Lloret de Mar is a little city on the seaside of the Mediterranean sea. Many people from the world come here to spend their summer vacation. Despite the fact that the city is not so huge, it has many attractions and sightseeings to visit. You have a chance to enjoy breathtaking Spanish Architecture and at the same time play at the casino or enjoy another activity. Let’s take a look what you can do in Lloret de Mar during your vacation.

1. Santa Clotilde Gardens

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 1
Source: Richard Clifford

Santa Clotilde Gardens is a totally must-visit place in Lloret de Mar. The beauty of nature combined with a sea view creates an incredible piece of art. The Garden includes many fountains, statues and exotic flowers and trees. Every spot at this place is magical and incredibly beautiful. Be prepared to take hundreds of photos, so don’t forget to charge your camera.


  • Name: Santa Clotilde Gardens
  • Address: Paratge de Santa Clotilde | a Quelle Distance du Centre Ville, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Price: Adults: 5 euros Reduced price: 2,50 Euros (pensioners, youth card holders, student card holders, family card, disabled persons)

2. Parish Church of Sant Roma

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 2
Source: Hengist Decius

Everyone who was at Lloret de Mar knows the beauty of the Parish Church of Sant Roma. This city attraction is located in the heart of the city, so everyone immediately recognize it. The church was built in between 1509 and 1522.The building is a vivid example of Catalan Gothic architecture. You have a chance to take a tour and find out the secrets and interesting facts about it.


  • Name: Parish Church of Sant Roma
  • Address: Placa de l’Esglesia, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Opening hour: Daily from 9.30 to 1 pm and from 4 to 7.30 pm

3. Fenals Beach

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 3
Source: Maria planas aulet

This is the second largest beach in the city. You will find it very similar to other ones, but this looks little bit private. The fact is that Fenals Beach is separated from Lloret beach and central part of the city. This is the perfect place to rest for people who like bay sheltered beaches. The sand is clear and water is crystal too. In general, every beach in Lloret de Mar is clean.


  • Name: Fenals Beach
  • Fenals Beach bathing season: from 15th March to 30th November
  • Access:  C-32 motorway, exit Malgrat-Blanes-Lloret; AP-7, exit Lloret C-63; C-63 , County road Vidreres to Lloret; GI- 682 , County road Blanes to Tossa.

4. Water World

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 4
Source: Olivier Duquesne

If you are traveling with your kids – Water World mustn’t be missed from your activity list. Water World is one of the biggest aquaparks in the Europe. It is 140,000 m2, isn’t it huge? The park has a lot of activities for children as well as for adults. To be true, everyone is in love with this place. Even if you do not have kids, you will have a lot of fun. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the fantastic slides.


  • Name: Water World
  • Address: Carretera de Vidreres Km 1,2 17310 Lloret de Mar
  • Website: www.waterworld.es

5. Lloret Beach

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 5
Source: Steve C

Lloret Beach is the biggest beach at the city. You will enjoy spending your time here. The place has everything you need from Parasailing rental store of umbrellas and hammocks to jet ski and ice cream and beverage kiosk. The beach has safeguards and Tourist Information Service, so if you have any questions about the beach and the city you will find the answers here.


  • Name: Lloret Beach
  • Lloret Beach bathing season: from 15th March to 30th November
  • Tourist Information Service: 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 7pm Monday to Saturday, Sundays from 10am to 2pm

6. Castell d’en Plaja

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 6
Source: manuelfouce & anaramos

This is one of the most romantic spots in the city. Castell d’en Plaja is located on the top of a little mountain. From the castle, you will see the breathtaking view at the Mediterranean sea. The walk is a little bit long, but it is worth it. The best time to get here is evening because there is nothing better than meeting the sunset in the beautiful Spanish castle.


  • Name: Castell d’en Plaja
  • Passeig de Sa Caleta ( 17310) Lloret de Mar.
  • Tel: +34 972 365 788

7. Santa Cristina Beach

Santa Cristina is a little and cozy beach. This place is great for people who love nature and don`t want to hear city noise and traffic while enjoying the sun bathes. Despite the fact, that the beach isn’t located in the central part of the city, it has many facilities too. You can find here a rental store of umbrellas and ice cream and beverage kiosk. Moreover, it has showers and beach lockers.


  • Name: Santa Cristina Beach
  • Beach bathing season: from 15th March to 30th November
  • Life saving and first aid services: 10.30 am to 6.30 pm

8. Modernist Cemetery

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 8
Source: José Luis Filpo Cabana

Modernist Cemetery is a great example of Catalan architecture and funerary art. If you are the fun of Gothic style in art you really need to visit this place. Modernist Cemetery was created in 19 century by famous sculptors like Josep Puig I Cadafalch,Vicenç Artigas I Albertí, Ismael Smith, and others. Many travelers come here to look at this piece of art, it looks more like museum than a cemetery


  • Name: Modernist Cemetery
  • Address: Camí del repòs, Ctra. Blanes (200 metres de St. Quirze) 17310 Lloret de Mar
  • Phone Number: +34-972-349-573

9. Gnomo Park

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 9
Source: Emily Robinson

Gnomo Park is a big adventures park for travelers with children. You will like your time spending here, especially your kids. The place has many different attractions like slides, mini golf courts, and even kid’s disco club. Moreover, at Gnomo Park, you can shop and make a food stop. At the whole territory of the park works wifi, so you can download your photos of park instantly to your social media.


  • Name: Gnomo Park
  • Address: Carretera Blanes-lloret, rotonda Platja de Santa Cristina., 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: gnomo-park.com

10. Castell de Sant Joan (Sant Joan Castle)

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 10
Source: Josemanuel

Castell de Sant Joan is located on the top of the little mountain between two beaches: Lloret and Fenals. The castle was built approximately at the beginning of 11 century by Lords of Lloret. Today the castle is one of the main Lloret`s landmarks. At the territory of Joan Castle, you can find many signs that show you an information about the history of the city and the castle.


  • Name: Castell de Sant Joan (Sant Joan Castle)
  • Address: Punta de Fenals. 17310, Lloret de Mar.
  • Price: Adults: 3 €; Reduced: 1.5 € (pensioners, youth card holders, student card holders, family card, disabled persons)
  • Opening hour: Monday to Sunday: 10 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm

11. Cala Boadella beach

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 11
Source: Jorge Franganillo

Cala Boadella beach is another one beautiful beach at the Lloret de Mar. The beach combines wild nature, crystal water, and clean sand. This is the perfect place for everyone who want plunge into the tropical life. But be prepared, this is the popular place of nudists, so you can see some authorized practice of naturism.


  • Name: Cala Boadella beach
  • Access: C-32 speedway, Exit: Malgrat-Blanes-Lloret; AP-7 motorway exit number 9 – Lloret; C-63, Vidreres county road; GI-682, Blanes to Tossa county road
  • Parking: next to the beach (200m)

12. Parochial Rectory

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 12
Source: Olivier Duquesne

Parochial Rectory is an architectural complex near the Parish Church of Sant Roma. This place is popular among art lovers. Beautiful combination of mosaics with architecture creates authentic Catalan style. Many of travelers like to stand up in restaurants and cafes near Parochial rectory just for enjoying a beautiful view while eating. The whole city of Lloret de Mar consists of interesting historical places, but this one is the best.


  • Name: Parochial Rectory
  • Address: Cami del Bon Repos, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Access: Free

13. Flamenco Gran Casino Costa Brava

Enjoy your evening in Flamenco Gran Casino Costa Brava. This place is full of fun and excitement. It looks like little Las Vegas in Lloret de Mar. Casino Costa Brava plays their own shows like cabaret. It is clear that the main thing here is a casino. Different games are waiting for you but don`t waste so much time and money.


  • Name: Flamenco Gran Casino Costa Brava
  • Address: Avenue de la Vila de Tossa, 27-43, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.flamencograncasino.com

14. Museu del Mar – Can Garriga

Museu del Mar – Can Garriga shows different stories about sailors. The museum consists of four parts: Sоns of the sеa, Medіterranean, The doors to the ocеan, Llorеt after the sailіng ships and Bеyond the bеach. While visiting this museum you will have a chance to take a trip through the centuries and take a look at the real life of Mediterranean sailors and colonization.


  • Name: Museu del Mar – Can Garriga
  • Address: Paseig Camprodon i Arrieta, 1-2, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Price:  4€; Reduced: 2€ (pensioners, youth card holders, student card holders, family card, disabled persons

15. Arbre Aventura Park

Sometimes we all need to relax and reunite with nature. You can do it in Arbre Aventura Park. This is a great place to relax and have fun with family or friends. At this place you can do whatever you want: climb the trees, ride on the vines and get through different objects on the trees. Totally cool and fun experience for a vacation.


  • Name: Arbre Aventura Park
  • Address: Carretera Lloret, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: arbreaventura.com

16. Puig de Castellet Iberian Settlement

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 16
Source: Karsten11

Puig de Castellet is an ancient settlement of the first people who lived in Lloret de Mar. This is a great place to plunge into the history of the Mediterranean ancient nations. Take a tour and listen to the stories about culture and habits of the first people. This place dates back to the 3rd century BC when Iberian Tribes(set of people with Greek and Roman roots) lived on this land.


  • Name: Puig de Castellet Iberian Settlement
  • Address: Urbanitzacio Roca Grossa C./ Poblat Iberic, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Adults: 3 €; Reduced: 1.5 € (pensioners, youth card holders, student card holders, family card, disabled persons)

17. Can Comadran (Casa Font)

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 17
Source: Pierre de Sable

Another one historical landmark of Lloret de Mar. This is a well known house of the city. It was built in the middle of 19 century and was finished in 1877. The building is in Modernists style, you can see it in every detail. Like the main door, windows and even exterior walls. This place must be visited if you are a fan of the architecture and its history.


  • Name: Can Comadran (Casa Font)
  • Address: (C.P.) C/ Sant Carles (17310) Town Lloret de Mar
  • Telephone 972 365 788

18. Ermita de Les Alegries

20 Things To Do in Lloret de Mar 18
Source: José Luis Filpo Cabana

Ermita de Les Alegries is a little church in Lloret de Mar. Truly amazing place with incredible atmosphere. If you love the history of religion, you will like the tour of the church. It tells different stories about the history of this place and miracles that happened here. Also, this place is great for a beautiful walk, you will feel the real Catalan atmosphere here.


  • Name: Ermita de Les Alegries
  • Address: Paratge de Les Alegries, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Price: Free

19. Parc d’Atraccions Sould Park

Parc d’Atraccions Sould Park is a great place for families with little children. This amusement park offers you a lot of fun and attractions. Your kids will like to travel at the safari trains or tame a bull. By the way, last attraction is suitable for every age and everyone has a chance to get a dose of adrenalin.


  • Name: Parc d’Atraccions Sould Park
  • Address: Carrer Vicenc Bou, 14 – 18, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.souldparklloretdemar.com

20. Can Xardo

We invite you to the Can Xardo. The place where you can discover different Lloret de Mar, with its unique history, rich archaeological heritage and culture. Enjoy the beauty of the city by visiting this historical villa. The place has breathtaking architecture and an amazing garden. Totaly must visit place for every traveler. Moreover, you can make a lot of beautiful photos here.


  • Name: Can Xardo
  • Address: Parc de Can Xardo (Av. Tossa), Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Opening hour: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

As you see Lloret de Mar has a lot of places to visit. It means that you won’t be bored at all. Moreover, if you visit at least half of these places you will have the most excitement travel experience to Lloret de Mar.

Have a good trip and travel!