10 Places to Shop in Lloret de Mar: What to Buy

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10 Places to Shop in Lloret de Mar What to Buy
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What does every traveler like doing during the vacation? Of course, it is relaxing near a pool or a beach; trying local cuisine and exotic meals; looking at the city attractions. But what else travelers can do? Yes, shopping! Lloret de Mar has many great places for the shopping. At this city, you can buy different authentic jewelry, clothes, and perfumes. Let’s take a look what and where you can buy in Lloret de Mar.


Equivalenza is a worldwide famous shop of perfumes. Lloret de Mar has two little shops in the city, so you have a chance to buy a high-quality perfume for such affordable price. The brand has a huge line of products so, at Equivalenza you can find a fragrance for you and for your partner or friend.


  • Address: Miguel de Cervantes, 4, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.equivalenza.com


Piccola is a shop with high-quality Italian leather bags. You can find only one shop of Piccola bags in Lloret de Mar. Why do you need to buy this bag? Because it is handmade and is only in few shops in Europe. So if you are a fan of leather bags and wallets, we highly suggest you to visit the Piccola handbags shop.



Hollies Stockholm is a leather and fur shop from Sweden. You will find an original shop in one of the central streets of Lloret de Mar. This brand makes high quality and long lasting products. Hollies pays a big attention to the details, and only Sweden designers are making these adorable clothes. In Lloret de Mar you have an opportunity to buy these excellent leather and fur products.


  • Address: Cervantes, 16, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.hollies.se

4. Peu-Xic

Are you traveling with your children? If your answer is yes, we find the perfect shop for you. Every parent knows how hard it is to find good shoes for your kid. Don’t waste your time while being in Lloret de Mar. This city has Peu-Xic, shoe-shop for children. At this place, you find high-quality shoes that are made according to orthopedic standards.


  • Name: Peu-Xic
  • Address: 3, Passatge Senyora de Rossell, 1, 17310 Lloret de Mar
  • Telephone :+34 972 37 24 78

5. Arrels

Arrels is a Barcelonian clothing brand that you can find only in 5 countries (Spain, France, Germany, China and Japan). The brand is coworking with famous designers, so sometimes you have a chance to buy clothes from capsule collection. For example, today you can buy incredible shoes from Catalina Estrada, Colombian illustrator, who now lives in Barcelona.



What is the most popular product in Spain? Right, it is wine. We suggest you to visit one of the central wine markets in Lloret de Mar. This place has a big amount of wine products and additions like cheese, grapes, and nuts. The service in the shop is great, sommelier always helps you with a right decision. And don’t forget – a bottle of wine is one of the best gifts you can make for your friends and family.


  • Address: Vila de Blanes, 8 – 10, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: newweb.winepalace.es

7. Font Decoracio

Spain has many different high-quality products and one of them is home accessorizes. Lloret de Mar has a big shop – Font Decoracio, that includes many Spanish home decor brands. Some of them you may know Desigual, Stobag, Gomarco and many others. If you don’t have these home decor shops at your home city, you really need to visit that place.



For all music fans, we suggest visiting the Maxi discos shop. This place has a lot of music stuff. Especially you will find here authorized copies of different music albums. You can buy them on CD disks or if you a true music lover, the shop has a lot of vinyl music albums. Moreover, you can find here not only modern music albums like Adele, but old school bands like Beatles, the Doors, and others.


  • Address: Felip i Gibert, 16 -18, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.maxidiscos.com


If you don`t imagine your vacation without a book, we suggest you to visit Busco Books. Visit this shop and you will find a lot of book about Catalan region and its culture. Also, you will find different fiction books, books for children and historical literature.This place has so many books for every kind of person.


  • Address: Sènia del Barral, 41, Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.buscobooks.com


Ale-hop is the most popular gift shop in Spain. This is like Mecca for travelers in every Spanish city and town. You will find here so many different kinds of goods so you won`t forget why you are here. This shop is a perfect spot to shop for souvenirs for you friends. Ale-hop is an unusual shop that you need to visit while being in Lloret de Mar.


  • Name: ALE-HOP
  • Address: Carrer de Sant Pere, 44, 17310 Lloret de Mar, Spain
  • Website: www.ale-hop.net

As you see, Lloret de Mar isn`t only a city with sunny beaches and Mediterranean food, it is also a great place for shopping. Take one day of your vacation for a little shopping and you will find a lot of interesting things in this little city.

Have a good trip and travel!

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