7 Nightlife to Enjoy in Santa Susanna

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Source: Dainis Matisons

Santa Susanna is gifted with natural beauty and is a great selection for a vacation by travellers. Tourists from all across the world visit this place to enjoy its beautiful blend of historic as well as a traditional backdrop. Santa Susanna is just 64 Km from Barcelona and is on the coasts near Costa Brava. This adds glitters to it and makes it a great place for holidaymakers. Nightlife is not left alone and there are some great places which make the nights a great fun too. Santa Susanna, is a perfect blend of contemporary extravagance and abundance for those who voyage in the hunt of exploring history and traditions. Being wrapped perfectly through glitzy aquatic at one end and precipitous milieu at the rest, the destination has been on the dream list of many travel enthusiast, both Spanish and abroad.

Well, the above mentioned are pretty too mainstream trip ideas. If you wish to see the expedition with a perfect quotient of effervescence, witnessing the nightlife in Santa Susanna is like a must.

1 The glam nights

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Nightlife on a tour is never really gratifying without paying a visit to the bars. On this context, Santa Susanna is packed with all-encompassing options. The best experience it’s always recommended to visit during summer. Spending a bit more, one can enjoy all glam nights at the hotels here. Well, you can never ignore he resorts as well. For the foodies, one should never miss the saliva dragging Pineda de Mar.

2. Sea Foods

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And, don’t forget the Catalan Cuisine, especially for the seafood enthusiasts. Chicken dishes are pretty delicious here as well.

3. Desserts

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Enough of blood and flesh; the vegetarian in the gang should never forget to try the desserts here. Being specific, the ‘Crema Catalan’ has to be confirmed.

4. A coastal drive-post exploring the Bars

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Budget is never really a constraint for the hotels or restaurants here. Those like la Siesta and Tahiti Playa Hotel can keep you at an accomplishing side, both regarding money and service. In fact, the native bars here offer much more than the worth hey demand, especially upon comparing with the other parts of the globe. Visit the bars with some evening hours left, and post having one of the wildest experience here, a coastal drive is a perfect recommendation to let the nerves get calmed down.

5. Drinks

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Don’t forget to ask for “el cremate,” a perfect blend of black coffee and scorched wine. Among the others, the drink enthusiasts must try the red wine here, especially from Campmamny.

6. For the family guys

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Talking about the family guys, you can’t really afford to miss the medieval dinner. Where to enjoy it? Pay a visit to Castell Medieval del Comte de Valltordera. The service and delegacy here can just blow away any boorish heart.

7. Casino

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Suggesting something for the folks fond of extravagance, the Casinos here are ever ready. To name one, the Lioret de Mar is obvious to appear as a must recommendation. Just gamble as much you can until morning. Well, make sure the passport is ready.

Have a nice trip and travel!

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