15 Things To Do in Santa Susanna

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Source: Dainis Matisons

Santa Susanna is a municipality in Comarca in Catalonia, Spain. The total land area of Santa  Susanna is 12.6 kilometers squared with 3,293 total population as of 2014.  Santa Susanna is famous for its wonderful beaches so don’t forget to bring your swimming attire as you plan to visit the municipality.


1. Watch Flamenco

Flamenco is a traditional performance in Spain where there would be a dancer, a singer and someone to play the instruments. A good way to enjoy your stay in Santa Susanna is to see the traditional performances, meet some locals and even tourists like yourself. Ole! Flamenco has all round entertainment, you might want to visit there but there are a lot Flamenco performances around the city. Posters are everywhere so you would be able to book yourself without any hassle of finding information.

2. Have a swim at the beach

As what we’ve said, Santa Susanna is very popular with its beaches and resorts. It’s a really great way to get away from the busy city and just relax and unwind here. The beaches or resorts for you to choose from are Llevant, Les Dunes,and Les Caletes. Make sure you spend a day on the beaches to make it worthwhile.

3. Have a taste of the food around

Of course, you wouldn’t forget to eat something while on vacation but why not make the most of it by trying out if not all then one of the best restaurants in the city including their local food. In that way, you are not just eating but also exploring Santa Susanna in a different way. The best restaurants around the municipality are The Drunken Duck, Kings Grand Cafe, Indalo Park Terrace Bar, La Pergola, Sand Beach Club, Pepe Pollo, Il Veneziano, and La Caleta Casa Manolo.

4. Experience horseback riding

Santa Susanna as a very amazing strip of nature and the unique way to explore that one is to do some horseback riding tour. You might not be sure about this but it surely is worthy of your time and effort. Why not try something you haven’t done before? There is some ranch that offers this service and one of them is Nauranxo.

5. Taste the fantastic wine at Wine Palace

A great way to experience Santa Susanna is by tasting the wine. We all know Spain is famous for the wine they produce and there is no other place than Santa Susanna can do it better. The wine palaces have over 3,000 different kinds of wine and is free for degustation.


  • Name: Wine Cellar
  • Address:Plac a Bobila N 4 | Planta Baixa, 08398 Santa Susanna, Spain
  • Access: 30 minutes away from Activ Natura
  • Price: Varies
  • Phone: +(34)93 767 78 60
  • Opening hours: 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Website: www.winepalace.es

6. Have a splash at Aqua Park Santa Susanna

The kids will surely love the penguin show and even the dolphin ones. The aqua park is a famous spot in Santa Susanna not just for tourists but also for the locals. There are different kinds of pools with slides and other surprises for you to have fun. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and visit the park.


  • Name: Aqua Park Santa Susanna
  • Address: Placa Catalunya N/1, 08398 Santa Susanna, Spain
  • Access: 20 minutes away from Activ Natura
  • Price: $15-$30
  • Phone: 679072182
  • Opening hours: 8:00AM-6:00PM
  • Website: None

7. Try Quad biking at the country side

If you want nature to get involved withy our visit in Santa Susanna then going to Activ Natura and doing some quad biking is the best activity for you. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license. There are novice tracks and one ramp drop at about 10 foot so just wear some clothes that you are fine with getting dirty.

8. Visit Marsia Can Rates

Marsia Can Rates is a resort with excellent facilities and very accommodating staff that will make sure that your stay will be memorable and comfortable. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear and beach attire as well. This place might be crowded as you visit since it is a place where most tourist go.

9. Watch La Siesta

La Siesta is a show in Santa Montana where different kinds of performances are performed. There would be a lot of people and it will be very fun. The staff is really friendly and you will be able to have a drink or eat something while at the show. You will experience the show for just $40 USD and you’re good to go. There would be a flamenco show as well.

10. Do some hiking at Montnegre Natural Park

If you want to sweat it out then do some trekking at the Montnegre Natural Park, you will be able to make your stay at Santa Susanna worthwhile. The views of the hills are just breathtaking. Don’t forget to wear a comfortable pair of shoes and camera to capture the moments.


  • Name: Montnegre Natural Park
  • Address: Carrer Església 13, Vallgorguina, 08470
  • Access: From Sant Celoni, take the turn-off to Vallgorguina. It can also be reached from Arenys de Mar.
  • Price: $15-$30
  • Phone: 938 679 452
  • Opening hours: 9:00AM-3:00PM
  • Website: parcs.diba.cat/web/Montnegre

11. Visit watchtowers

One thing to do in Santa Susanna is to visit the watchtowers. Santa Susanna is a medieval town with lots of castles and ancient churches. If you want to experience what its like to live from the past then visiting the towers is a good way to go. They are well preserved and very ancient. The towers are called Galter Mas Tower, Torre de Can Rates, and the Torre Montagut.

12. Enjoy your stay at Vacation Rentals

If you want to explore Santa Susanna every minute of your stay then you won’t be spending too much time at your hotel or motel. However, if you plan to just unwind along the city and taste different kinds of food, enjoy the nightlife and do some shopping then staying at one of the famous private houses. It is very luxurious, fully-furnished and very comfortable. If you visit the city, you should be able to find one since private houses are popular in Santa Susanna.

13. Experience nightlife

If you want to visit Santa Susanna and make the most out of it even every minute then why not stay awake for the whole night and experience the nightlife in the city as well as meeting locals and tourists. There are clubs and bars for you to choose from such as Shanti Discotheque, Discoteca Tropicana, Restaurante Maui Beach Club, and Disco Tropics.

14. Do some shopping

When you are in the city, you might enjoy all of the activities too much but you will never forget shopping. There are stalls around the city that sells local products which are great for gifts and souvenirs. There are also shopping mall around the city if you want to visit there is no need to find one because you will eventually see it as you stroll around the streets.

15. Try jet skiing and paragliding

Yes, the beaches are fun and popular in Santa Susanna but why not spice it up with some adventurous activities such as jet skiing and paragliding? They have these services along the beaches. Don’t forget to get information and book your chosen activity at the moment since many tourists would be doing the same so it’s a great idea to book yours ahead of time.


Have a good trip and travel!