15 Places to Shop in Benidorm: What to Buy

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Source: Miguel Discart

Benidorm is known for its diversity of things to do and places to go, and shopping in the town is no different. You can find famous brands or locally made goods, large shops or small, independent stalls. Whether you’re out to buy yourself a new outfit or get some souvenirs for back home then Benidorm provides it all. For keen shoppers it can be a fun day out wandering around the old town or the main strip, checking out what the shops have to offer or maybe doing a bit of bargain hunting. Here’s a guide to some of the best places to go in Benidorm and what you can buy there.

1. C.C. La Marina Shopping Mall

If you like all your shops in one place, then it’s a good idea to head to Centro Comercial La Marina shopping mall. It’s a little outside of Benidorm, but easily accessible, and if yo go by car there is free parking. You’ll be able to find most major brands inside, such as Zara and H&M, as well as McDonald’s and other food outlets for when you need a breather. The great thing as well, is that you can enjoy hours walking around looking at clothes in a cool, air-conditioned environment.


  • Name: C.C. La Marina Shopping Mall
  • Address: Atención de Gerencia Avenida del País Valencià 2 03509 Finestrat Alicante
  • Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

2. Benidorm Municipal Market

If you like to go shopping outdoors, then the Municipal Market is for you. The variety of goods on offer here is great, with handmade leather goods, bags, clothes and a whole lot more on offer. It has that great atmosphere that only markets can produce. The great thing is that apart from Sunday, it’s open every day of the week. It’s a great place to find bargains and souvenirs for home.


  • Name: Benidorm Municipal Market
  • Address: Calle de Mercado 1, Benidorm, Spain
  • Opening hour: Monday to Friday 8am-2pm and 5pm to 9pm, Saturday 8am-2.30pm

3. Benidorm Indoor Market

If you’re looking for a large place where you can find a huge range of reasonably priced clothes, then look no further than Benidorm Indoor Market. It doesn’t get too busy here, so you can have a chilled out shopping experience. As well as a range of clothes, both designer and independent, there are places selling accessories and jewellery.


  • Name: Benidorm Indoor Market
  • Address: Avd. Ametlla de Mar 9 Benidorm
  • Opening Hours: 8am-6pm

4. D-Sastre

D-Sastre is a popular shop selling a range of clothes. They have a number of outlets around Spain, and it is a good place to go if you want to see some Iberian style. It’s a popular place with some quite original designs. Their colourful clothing is perfect if you want to stock up on some summer outfits, but they do of course have different garments for all year round.


  • Name: D-sastre
  • Address: Carrer Poeta Pastor, 2, 03007 Alacant, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone: +34 965 10 37 59
  • Opening hour: Monday-Thursday 9am-6.30pm Friday 8am-3pm

5. Market Rincon de Loix

Another outdoor market, the one at Rincon de Loix specialises in food. This is a perfect place to shop if you’re staying in an apartment or self-catering accommodation. There is a lot on offer, from juicy citrus fruits to fresh vegetables. This is where you want to go if you’re interested in the regions produce, or if you enjoy the buzz of a busy food market. It’s definitely worth the trip.


  • Name: Market Rincon de Loix
  • Address:Rincon de Loix, Benidorm, Spain

6. Chiquitines

Many people go to Benidorm on holiday with families, and it’s good to know which shops are good for children’s goods. Specifically, Chiquitines caters to babies. There is a whole load of things to buy here such as cuddly toys and prams. If you’ve forgotten to bring something for the baby, or you just want a few more oriinal, well-made items for your youngest, then don’t miss this shop.


  • Name: Chiquitines
  • Address: Avda / Juan fuster zaragoza 6 local 9 Benidorm
  • Opening Hours: 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm
  • Phone: +34 663 85 36 63

7. Di Marco – Joyerias

Di Marco – Joyerias is rated as among the best jewellery shops in Benidorm. They craft dozens of different types and styles of jewellery so that you can always find what you’re looking for. Whether it be a fancy gold necklace with an original design, or a plain, subtle band, this store produces it all. Another great thing is that you’ll be able to find deals and great prices, which is not always common for jewellery of this quality.


  • Name: Di Marco – Joyerias
  • Address: Paseo de la Carretera, 6 Benidorm
  • Opening Hours: 10am-10pm
  • Phone: +34 966 80 46 05

8. Llibredorm

Imagine the scene. You’ve got to Benidorm, you’ve unpacked everything, you’re ready to start your holiday. But you’ve forgotten one thing: your book. Luckily, there is at least one outstanding book shop in the town, which is Llibredorm. They sell everything from modern literature to classics, and you’ll be able to get your hands on something that will interest you for sure. It’s a fine choice for any bookworm.


  • Name: Llibredorm
  • Address: Carrer d’Alacant, 23, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening Hours: 10am-1.30pm
  • Phone: +34 965 86 55 55

9. Boutique Bambu

For women looking for a bit of style and glamorous fashion, then Boutique Bambu is one of Benidorm’s best bets. The dresses in the store are of a good price and come in a wide range of sizes. They really try to cater to as many women as they can, and you can guarantee that whether you’re looking for something to turn heads on a night out, or you want something for a formal occasion, Boutique Bambu will have something to your taste.


  • Name: Boutique Bambu
  • Address: Passeig de la Carretera, 32, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante
  • Opening Hours: 10.30am-2pm and 5pm-10pm
  • Phone: +34 965 85 79 61

10. Boutique Luna

Boutique Luna offers a very unique design, with many items aimed at young girls. The style is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, and if you have a young daughter, you won’t be able to walk passed this shop without her dragging you in. This is a great place to buy a gift for someone’s children, but you can also find clothes for yourself. You get many a happy customer who has been to Boutique Luna.


  • Name: Boutique Luna
  • Address: Calle Valencia, 4, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 5.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 10.30am-2.30pm
  • Phone: +34 966 80 96 41

11. Intersport Benidorm

With Benidorm hosting such a wide range of activities, both land-based and water-based, it is important that there are providers of sports gear. Intersport is one of the top options in this regard. There are a lot of items particularly for those looking to go snorkelling or scuba-diving, as well as stuff for running and other activities. Whether you’ve forgotten your stuff back home, or need some new things for sports then this is the place to go.


  • Name: Intersport
  • Address: Calle Mercado 3, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening Hours: 10am-4pm and 4.30pm-8.30pm
  • Phone: +34 965 85 77 20

12. La Zapateria

Spain is famous for its own-made leather goods, and La Zapateria offers stylish shoes in that material as well as others. Whether you want smart-casual footwear or sandals for a walk along the beach, La Zapateria has it. An added bonus is that the customer service at this store is known to be excellent. They have the variety to make sure that whatever your size and whatever your taste, you’ll be suitably catered for here.


  • Name: La Zapateria
  • Address: Los Almendros, 11 Avda, Benidorm
  • Opening Hours: 9.30am-1.30pm and 5pm-9pm
  • Phone: +34 966 80 27 99

13. Carrefour

Carrefour is a French hypermarket that is famous across the west of Southern Europe. The branch in Benidorm is huge, and inside you’ll not only find food. The hypermarket provides everything from electrical goods to clothes, and you can also be guaranteed a good price. It’s the perfect choice for a quick buy if you have lost something or forgotten to bring something on a holiday, such as swimming wear or a phone charger.


  • Name: Carrefour
  • Address: Ctra. Nueva de Finestrat a La Cala, Km 5, 03509 Finestrat, Alicante
  • Opening Hours: 9am-10pm
  • Phone: +34 914 90 89 00

14. Magma Benidorm

Magma is stylish clothes shop famous around Benidorm. It provides clothes all year round, with loyal customers who wait for the next season’s range to be released. There is helpful and knowledgeable staff inside who will help you find exactly what you need. As well as clothes they provide other accessories such as purses. This is a great spot for people who like boutique shopping, and enjoy finding original designs.


  • Name: Magma Benidorm
  • Address: Carrer Major, 10, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening Hours: 10.30am-2pm and 5.15pm-8pm
  • Phone: +34 965 86 66 98

15. Floristeria la Orquidea

Finally, something a little different. Floristeria la Orquidea is quite simply a beautiful flower shop in Benidorm. As a popular tourist destination, many people head to the town for celebrations, such as birthday’s, anniversaries, and hen parties. In that case, few things make better gifts than a fabulous bouquet of flowers. If you’re in Benidorm and one of these occasions occurs, then you should at the very least go in to Floristeria la Orquidea for a look.


  • Name: Floristeria la Orquidea
  • Address: avd. rey jaime 1, nº7, local 7, Benidorm Alicante
  • Opening Hours: 9am-9pm
  • Phone: +34 659 53 94 46

Have a good trip and travel!

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