10 Restaurants to Go in Murcia

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Murcia Foods
Source: Evgeniy Isaev

Murcia is a famous city. All travelers know the beauty of the main attractions in the city, but what else can you do in Murcia? Of course, you can visit the best restaurants of the city. Local cuisine is very delicious and well known in the world. Local chefs prepare all meals professionally and with local and fresh ingredients. Let’s take a look what places are the best for the food experience in this city.

1. Restaurante Salzillo

Restaurante Salzillo is a perfect place to eat a local food. The restaurant is very professionally organized. The staff is friendly and welcomes to help you with your order. Moreover, waiters speak English. Restaurante Salzillo looks like a family restaurant with true Spanish atmosphere and attitude. You will enjoy the taste of every meal you have.


  • Name: Restaurante Salzillo
  • Address: Calle Canovas del Castillo, 28, 30003 Murcia, Spain
  • Average prices: $25
  • Website: www.restaurantesalzillo.com

2. El Pasaje de Zabalburu

El Pasaje de Zabalburu is a fancy restaurant with very high prices. This place isn’t for budget travelers, but if you have an opportunity to visit this place, you will like it 100%. The restaurant has the most delicious renovated menu. The main dishes are from local and Mediterranean cuisines. This place is very crowded, but if you want to avoid this, book the place for early lunch or dinner.


  • Name: El Pasaje de Zabalburu
  • Address: Plaza San Pedro n0 3, 30004 Murcia, Spain
  • Average prices: $22 – $112

3. Restaurante El Churra

Restaurante El Churra is located at the famous hotel of Murcia – El Churra. This place is a little bit expensive but it is worth it. You will have a chance to eat the most delicious dishes from the Mediterranean menu. The restaurant has an incredible atmosphere of a Spanish culture and the design also looks like Spanish home. Great place to have dinner even if you are not stay-inn in the El Churra hotel.


4. La Cabana

Do you want to get a fantastic food experience in Murcia? Visit the La Cabana restaurant. It is a little bit difficult to find, but thanks that we live in an era of GPS. The restaurant has approximately 17 main dishes and all of them are so tasty that you will want to come back here again. You will have an amazing food experience at this modern Murcia`s restaurant.


5. Enso Sushi

Enso Sushi is a great restaurant that provides Japanese and Asian cuisine in Murcia. You will be obsessed with this place, all dishes are made only from fresh and local ingredients. A style and a design are chic and gorgeous. You will have a unique view on the golf court. In general, we can say that this is a great and beautiful place for a romantic evening or special occasion.


  • Name: Enso Sushi
  • Address: Calle Santa Teresa 6, Murcia, Spain
  • Website: www.ensosushi.com

6. Taberna Tipica La Pequena SL

Taberna Tipica La Pequena SL is a gorgeous restaurant that is located at one of the main squares of the Murcia(Plaza de San Juan). If you visit this place you will want to come back here again because this is a unique place with delicious meals. Also, the service of the restaurant always pays attention to customers and welcomes to help with any question.


  • Name: Taberna Tipica La Pequena SL
  • Address: Plaza San Juan, 2, 30003 Murcia, Spain
  • Website: www.lapequenataberna.com

7. Mano A Mano

Mano A Mano is one of the best pizzerias at the Murcia. If you want to try true Spanish pizza with fresh ingredients, you need to visit this place. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and a delicious scent of pizza that is always in the air. Mano A Mano is a truly Spanish place but iFy also very friendly to customers from every country in the world.


  • Name: Mano A Mano
  • Address: Calle Teniente General Gutierrez Mellado, 9, 30008 Murcia, Spain
  • Average prices: $7 – $13
  • Website: www.manoamano-pye.com

8. La Mary

La Mary is a gorgeous restaurant in the heart of the Murcia. You will love that place, every piece of the restaurant are made with great love. The design is so stylish and traditional at the same time. The menu has a lot of dishes, most of them are from local cuisine. So you have a chance to try unique dishes from Murcia region.


9. Rincon de Pepe Restaurante

Rincon de Pepe Restaurante is a very stylish restaurant in the center of old city. The prices are little too high but the dishes are very delicious. Should be noted that the design and atmosphere here are excellent and there always playing relaxing music. Rincon de Pepe Restaurante is a perfect choice for big companies and family dinners.


10. El Favorito Hamburgueseria Gourmet

El Favorito Hamburgueseria Gourmet is a little America in the Murcia city. The restaurant has a great western menu, so if you are little tired from seafood and local cuisine you can go to El Favorito Hamburgueseria Gourmet and eat your favorite hamburger with fries. Moreover, this place has a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. This is the great place for a trip with a low budget.


  • Name: El Favorito Hamburgueseria Gourmet
  • Address: Avenida De Santiago, 58, 30007 Murcia, Spain
  • Average prices: $6 – $13
  • Website: www.hamburgueseriaelfavorito.com

As you can see Murcia has a lot of restaurants and all of them are so different from each other. You have a lot of variations in food cuisine. At this Spanish city, you can enjoy the local cuisine as well as Asian. We find for you only the best places to try food in this city, so take your chance and enjoy it.

Have a good trip and travel!

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