7 Restaurants in Los Alcazares that Everyone Must Visit

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Begoña Martínez
Source: Begoña Martínez

Los Alcazares is a beautiful place where lots of tourists visit during summer seasons. There are many attractive places to visit such as shops, bars & restaurants. The restaurants and their food are very famous and one must definitely visit to enjoy delicious food and ambience. Let’s discuss some of the famous restaurants & their specialties:

1.Bistro Hemmingway

This is a place you can taste the best French food prepared using fresh ingredients. You can enjoy special seafood daily which is chef’s specialty. You can make your events special and memorable with the help of this restaurant as they organize them creatively. It’s located in Oak Park. Also besides the delicious French food, the ambience here is perfect playing soft French music in cozy banquettes.


  • Name: Bistro Hemmingway
  • Address: Avenida Rio Nalon 12, 30710, Los Alcazares, Spain
  • Price: 5.31-17.64 Euro
  • Access: 23 Min from Greeline
  • Phone: +34 664 37 74 42
  • Opening Hour: 17:00
  • Closing Hour: 23:00
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/BistroHemingWay/

2.Restaurante Bacchus

This restaurant is located here since more than 30 years and it’s best known for it’s services, food quality & perfect location. It mainly serves Mediterranean and International Cuisine. It’s best features include outdoor seating, good surroundings for business meetings, romantic dates or any other special occasion. They also serve a wide range of wines & beers.


  • Name: Restaurante Bacchus
  • Address: Calle Penelope | Oasis Bulevar, 30710 Los Alcazares, Spain
  • Price:2.65- 24.69 Euro
  • Access: 5 min from Pasty Shack
  • Phone: +34 663 33 93 67
  • Opening Hour: 18:00
  • Closing Hour: 23:00
  • Website: http://www.restbacchus.com/

3.Restaurante bar La Tropical

You can enjoy various cuisines here in addition to Spanish such as Mediterranean, European and Gluten free. It has the best bar where different wines and beers are served. This place is bit expensive but worth to visit and you will surely enjoy their delicious food.


  • Name: Restaurante Bar La Tropical
  • Address: C/ Santa Teresa, 66 | Murcia, 30710 Los Alcazares, Spain
  • Price: 12.34-29.98 Euro
  • Access: 10 min from Restaurante Bacchus
  • Phone: +34 968575005
  • Opening Hour: 09:00
  • Closing Hour: 00:00
  • Website: http://www.restaurantelatropical.es/


The location of this restaurant is brilliant serving standard food of Mediterranean, European, Spanish and Gluten Free cuisines. The sitting area is perfect and food quality they serve is of a high standard. The décor here is traditional and service offered is very fast by well-dressed waiters.


5.Pasty Shack


The cuisines served here include British and Gluten Free. The Sunday meal is greatly recommended to taste at this place. People usually come to eat the starting meal of the day i.e. breakfast here, which they say is very delicious. The prices of food items are not so high so it’s cheap and best place at Los Alcazares.


  • Name: Pasty Shack
  • Address: 50 Avenida Rio Nalon, 30710 Los Alcazares, Spain
  • Access: 4 Min via Calle Río Aranguin and Av. Río Nalón
  • Phone: +34 968 574 979
  • Opening Hour:9:00
  • Closing Hour:6:00
  • Website: http://thepastyshack.es/

6.Restaurante Ramon

Visit this amazing restaurant and enjoy seafood of different varieties. Besides that Gluten free, Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines are also served best. The ambience here is very peaceful and highly recommended for seafood. You can also organize your special occasions & business meetings here because food & surroundings both are amazing.


  • Name: Restaurante Ramon
  • Address: Avda. de la Libertad, 48, Los Alcazares, Spain
  • Access: 3 min via Av. de los Narejos and N-332
  • Phone: +34 968574173
  • Opening Hour: 7:30
  • Closing Hour: 00:00
  • Website: http://www.restauranteramon.com/

7.Pearl’s Plaice

The famous cuisine served here is British and the food is highly recommended as it’s very delicious and of amazing quality. The prices charged for services are reasonable. The staff working here is very friendly and will guide you everything. The fish & chips here are very famous and liked by many people. This place is best among the list of best restaurants in Los Alcazares


  • Name: Pearl’s Plaice
  • Address: Av del Río Nalón, 24, 30710 Los Alcázares, Murcia, Spain
  • Price: .89-9.71 Euro
  • Access: 7 min from La Encarnacian
  • Phone: +34 968 57 44 45
  • Opening Hour: 12:30
  • Closing Hour: 09:00
  • Website:https://www.facebook.com/Pearlsplaice?sk=info&tab=page_info

You will find number of restaurants in Los Alcazares and every place has something special. We have discussed some of the best places here that you must visit surely and enjoy the amazing food and environment.

Have a good trip and travel!

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