7 Places to Shop in Los Alcazares: What to Buy

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los alcazares
Source: Keith Williamson

Los Alcazares is a small spa town located in the south eastern Spain. It used to be a fishing village back in the days but it grew larger and now it is a popular tourist destination. Surfers and windsurfers adore Los Alcazares because of its pleasant climate and strong winds. The beaches are particularly clean and kept in perfect conditions. Los Alcazares is a gorgeous town and it is an undiscovered gem of the Mediterranean where you can experience the life as it used to be on these shores.

1. Mercadona in Los Alcazares

If you are wondering about the best place in Los Alcazares for grocery shopping, the answer would be Mercadona. They offer a variety of foods and products from all around the world so you will be able to find your favorite snacks while on your holiday. There is no need to bring the food along with you on your trip.

2. Los Alcazares Market

los alcazares
Source: Peter Zuco

Tuesdays and Saturdays are the market days in Los Alcazares. You can buy various things here – from fruits and vegetables, to souvenirs and handmade items. Tourists especially love the local market because the whole town gets very busy and almost everyone seems to be there, going through the crowd, and browsing around.

3. Dos Mares Shopping Center

Just like every other large shopping mall, Dos Mares has plenty of stores that sell various goods – from high fashion outlets to cafes and restaurants. If you are looking to do a lot of shopping, Dos Mares is the place for you. It is located outside of Los Alcazares so you will have to use your own vehicle or public transport to get there.

4. Las Velas

Las Velas is slightly smaller than Dos Mares but it still offers a lot of shopping opportunities. It is located near the airport and you will be able to get there quickly. You can browse the shops, watch a movie in a theater, eat a delicious meal in one of the restaurants that are located inside Las Velas, or sip on coffee while you wait for your family to finish their shopping.

5. Primark in Murcia


Murcia is just ten minutes away from Los Alcazares and we recommend visiting this town as well while you are in the area. Primark is the most popular clothing store in Murcia and there you can find both stylish clothes and various things for your home. So if you want to add some clothing pieces to your wardrobe while you are on holiday, visit this store.

6. Ikea Murcia

Ikea’s furniture is famous all around the globe. Unfortunately, it is not available in some countries, so if you have enough space in your car to transport it back home, head to Ikea and find something interesting that will refresh your house. There are plenty of small furniture pieces you can easily carry so don’t worry. Just be prepared to assemble it on your own because that is where the fun begins.

7. Carrefour

Carrefour store chains have everything you need. They sell both food and a wide selection of household items. So if you forgot your toothbrush or something else while you were packing for your holiday, you can get it here at Carrefour. Also, if you want to cook and prepare your own meals, you can find all the ingredients you need right here.

Los Alcazares might be a small coastal town but it has a lot of personality. The locals are very proud of their pristine beaches and clear water, and you will absolutely adore your stay here. Make sure you check out the nearby attractions and visit the Los Alcazares market – we are certain that you will love it.

Have a good trip and travel!

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