7 Places to Shop in Murcia: What to Buy

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Murcia Shop
Source: Enrique Freire

Murcia is a wonderful place in Spain to spend your summer days. Today, we are going to show you 7 places, where you can easily shop in Murcia. You have to do at least some shopping, right? Let your friends or family know that you were on vacation in such an amazing place.

1. Centro Comercial Nueva Condomina

Centro Comercial Nueva Condomina is located north of the city. As many of the shopping malls do. It is a modern center, where you can find everything you need. It is said to be very spacious and clean shopping mall. It can handle a lot of people, so you can go there at any time. Moreover, a tram goes from the city centre to the shopping mall every 10 minutes.


  • Name: Centro Comercial Nueva Condomina
  • Address: Autovia a-7, Km 760, 30110 Murcia, Spain
  • Website: ccnuevacondomina.com

2. Centro Comercial Thader

Centro Comercial Thader also is located outside the city, but a little bit closer than the first shopping mall. It is a well-established shopping mall that has a great entertainment area. If you are looking for a quick break while shopping, be lucky to shop at Centro Comercial Thader that has a huge variety of foods and cinemas.


  • Name: Centro Comercial Thader
  • Address: Avenida Juan de Borbon, 30100 Murcia, Spain
  • Website: www.thader.net

3. Centro de Artesania de Murcia

If you don’t want to go outside the city, hopefully, there is Centro de Artesania de Murcia that is located almost near the city center. This place has everything you need, ranging from kitchen ceramics to jewelry. But know that they close during the midday. So, if you are going to shop there, plan your day accordingly.


4. Parque Comercial La Noria Murcia Outlet Shopping

Looking for the outlet shopping? Welcome to the Parque Comercial La Noria Murcia Outlet Shopping! However, it is located north-west of the city, so be sure to go there by car or any other vehicle. Because you won’t find so cheap apparel like there. Also, there are plenty of foods and restaurants to have a lunch, so don’t worry about that.


  • Name: Parque Comercial La Noria Murcia Outlet Shopping
  • Address: A-7, 658, 30830 Murcia, Spain
  • Website: lanoriaoutlet.es

5. Chivey infantil

Chivey Infantil is a very gorgeous place to shop. It is located in the city center near the Catedral de Murcia. Although there are not so many shops, you will have a great time. This place is perfect if you are looking apparel for your children (if you have any, of course). It is said that it has one of the best services among other shopping malls.


6. M53 Off

M53 off is located between Catedral de Murcia and Plaza Santo Domingo, so you will easily find the place. If you are looking for some Spanish style clothes, this place is a must-visit in your list. It is a nice looking place with very friendly staff. What could be better than that? Of course, sales. But we recommend you to keep calm and buy only things you need.


  • Name: M53 Off
  • Address: Plaza Cetina, 5, 30002 Murcia, Spain
  • Website: www.m53off.com

7. M53

M53 is located a little bit left from M53 off. You might think that it is the same place, but it isn’t. Moreover, it is a great shopping mall for tourists who want to buy regular clothes. There are some great shops but the real purpose going here is when you need something immediately. Also don’t worry about dining. There are several great restaurants near the place. We have mentioned them as well.


  • Name: M53
  • Address: Calle Jabonerias, 8, 30001 Murcia, Spain
  • Phone Number: +(34)968 935301

Being the largest city in Murcia province, Murcia city doesn’t have a lot of places to shop. But actually, the quantity stands on the second place after quality. And Murcia totally has a few great shopping malls that you will like. Just take a time and visit at least one of our list and you won’t regret your choice.

Have a good trip and travel!

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