10 Things To Do in San Javier: Spain

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San Javier
Source: psemitiel

Famed for its amazing summer festivals and its commitment towards agricultural and nautical activities, San Javier, located in the province of Murcia, is more than just a mere beach destination which goes beyond the sun, sea and the sand. The Mediterranean waters go well with the cool air which makes this place an ideal hotspot for enjoying water sports all year round, and of course, you could just relax or go for a leisurely walk at the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

1. Enjoy a Pleasant Walk

Mar Menor
Source: maxbrotto

San Javier, with its Mediterranean vibe and village charm, never ceases to amaze you every second of your trip, thanks to the splendid Ribera promenade, lined with gorgeous palm trees, making it perfect to enjoy a pleasant walk. Although the town has a modern feel to it, it has never lost its seafaring charm. The promenade is filled with amazing bars and cafes to keep you occupied.

2. The Flying Acrobats

Patrulla Águila
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One of the most amazing spectacles in San Javier happens in the skies. The frequent visitors to Mar Menor must know of the wonderful acrobatic demonstration performed by the Patrulla Águila Team of the Spanish Air Force, based out of the San Javier Air Force Academy. You’d be delighted to see the acrobatic squad in action. It’s so breathtaking and so much fun that you just can’t stop looking into the sky.

3. Boat Ride to Santiago de la Ribera

Mar Menor1

Santiago de la Ribera is one of the main tourist hotspots in San Javier which from a simple fishing village has established itself as a popular holiday destination, attracting not only the domestic crowd but also tourists from all over the continent. A pleasant boat ride to the coastal town is worth your time and money. The beautiful promenade lined with a wonderful spectacle of beautiful palm trees and a long stretch of magnificent sandy beaches.

4. Stroll Along the La Manga Strip

La Manga
Source: Felipe Ortega

Take a ferry ride across the majestic waters of the Mar Menor, to the La Manga strip while enjoying amazing vistas across the lagoon along the way. The 22km strip separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Mar Menor lagoon. The shallow and protected waters of the lagoon make it an ideal spot to enjoy windsurfing and canoeing.

5. Parroquia de San Francisco Javier – A Striking Contrast

Experience a striking contrast between the modern facade and the stunning interior of the San Francisco Javier Church which was originally built in the 17th century but was restructured in a Baroque style in the late 18th century. The exterior of the church looks Romanesque with a rose window over it. There’s a bell tower to the right adorned with a neoclassical touch.


  • Name: San Francisco Javier Church
  • Address: Calle Luis Garay, 6, 30730 San Javier, Murcia, Spain
  • Phone: +34968571085

6. Step Back Into the History

Take a look back into the town’s amazing history from pre-history through to its present day home of the Spanish Air Force Academy in the Museum of San Javier. It provides a quick tour of the local life of San Javier, showcasing the history of municipality starting from the social and cultural aspects of the town to agriculture to the modern day development of aviation.


  • Name: San Javier Museum
  • Address: Ctra. a Cartagena, s/n 30730 San Javier
  • Phone: +34968192526

7. Take to the Golf Courses

Source: TheDalleyLama

Take a little golf time of your sightseeing tour and enjoy this amazing sport on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. With over 21 golf courses spread over a 30-mile radius, the coastline attracts a steady influx of golfers from all around the world. Taking the center stage is La Manga, which is a haven for golf enthusiasts and has been designated with the European Golf Resort of the Year award on several occasions.

8. Go on a Cycle Ride

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Bicycles are quite a catch in the summers and even more on the stunning beaches of San Javier. Walking the coastline is fun but cycling around the beaches is even more interesting, especially with so many cycle lanes along the beaches.

9. The Vibrant Street Market

Street Market
Source: Mojpe

If you’re looking for something other than the sun and the beaches, head for the bustling street markets, especially the Market Large which is held every Thursday morning. This is a large street market with hundreds of stalls selling fresh fruits and veggies, meat, nuts, bread, cakes and pastries. One of the many joys of shopping is Spain is the opportunity to buy local fresh produce and clothes at discounted prices, and this is just the right place for all the Spanish colors and noise.

10. Sync to the Tunes of Jazz Festival

San Javier is famed worldwide for its extravagant Jazz Festival which is held each year in the month of July. One of the best in Spain, the Jazz Festival hosts a wealth of beautiful concerts where some of the best jazz musicians perform. This festival brings national as well as international jazz legends to the wonderful town of San Javier.

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