15 Things to Know about Barcelona Airport

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Barcelona Airport
Source: Alef12

Nothing gets quite fascinating and alluring than a trip to Barcelona. Over the years, folks from all over the globe have been paying this magnificent city of Barcelona a visit, mostly to enjoy all its beautiful and bewitching attractions and the Barcelona airport, has been at the center of it all. Just to clear the air, Barcelona Airport is a reputed international airport perfectly seated barely 7.5 miles southwest of the city’s center and is also popular as El Prat airport.


1. Transportation Ticket

Barcelona Airport
Source: Ralf Roletschek

As much as it’s not appealing to state, the tickets for public transport are not as affordable in the city of Barcelona for a distance that can be covered on foot; bet that’s because of the stature of the town itself, though. To avoid this, one can rent an apartment in the city, which can enable them to travel from one tourist destination to another with a minimal amount of cash. This allows you to save any extra charges that would have been encountered if one could travel using Metro buses which are quite costly.

2. Late Night Transportation

The metro buses close their shifts early and so makes the night fly challenging and one has to an alternative way to travel during the evening. The subways into the bus stations close at midnight during weekdays apart from Fridays and Sundays where they are being closed past midnight. It’s only on Saturdays where the buses work the whole night. This timetable is not fixed so one should be at the bus station earlier than the scheduled time. There is two entrance into the station so during the period of closing one opening is closed living only one subway so when one tube is closed one should be sure to use the other. Renting near around the city center favors the changing timetable.

3. Marvelous Airlines

Barcelona Airport
Source: Steven Straiton

Different airlines do operate at this scenic airport; such comprise Air Europa, Easy Jet, Ryan air, etc. These select airlines give tourist varieties of splendid options to choose from as to which flight they’d want to luxuriate in at that particular instance. The flight tickets vary to your budget so one can choose an airline that they can easily afford. The difference in carriers is because the airport operates domestic flights.

4. Departures and Destinations

Barcelona Airport
Source: Marco Ruiz

The airplanes from the numerous airlines which depart from the high-caliber Barcelona Airport usually land in various destinations all over the globe. From the city of Barcelona itself to local cities and towns within the country such as Madrid and Bilbao to abroad destinations and world famous cities such as Paris and Amsterdam. In reality, there isn’t any locality that you can’t access from this hilarious airport.

5. Shops and Duty-Free

Barcelona Airport
Source: Andy Mitchell

There are varieties of shopping malls at the airport where one can buy stuff when he needs them. Those goods range from foodstuffs, clothing and many others that one may require. Also available there are Barcelonan traditional products which tourist can enjoy the host’s culture. The airport shopping mall has different types of goods which one may carry on their way home after enjoying this beautiful ride in Barcelona airport.

6. Restaurants and Cafeterias

On reaching the airport, one might be exhausted and need something to keep their stomach warm. This port has the major and very comforting hotels which can serve your case; best dishes are served in a very welcoming manner. Those fantastic eateries welcome you with sweet aromas, and one cannot afford to travel without a bite. Passengers who cannot afford to eat those major eateries can pop in for an ice cream. The eateries are affordable and ensure no one can travel on an empty stomach. Hotels are shops open before the first flight to the end of the last trip, so nobody misses these unique prepared foods.

7. Car Rentals

The airport has car rental agencies located at every exit of the arrivals; this ensures the visitors travel in comfort even if they have heavy luggage. The car rental companies offer a variety of vehicles that can suit every traveler’s needs. Guests who feel uncomfortable traveling in public means of transport can hire a car that will fit their choice. These agencies are international so one can sure rely on them and also are highly efficient.

8. Parking at the Airport

Barcelona Airport
Source: McLaurin

The airport has a plenty of parking space, and one need not worry about parking place since space is divided into three sections. These sections are for rental cars, casual and long stay parking. Long stay parking is for those visitors who are on long tours while P1 parking cars stay for a duration of 4 days and also used for carrying passengers. Booking of parking can also be made online for a guest who does not want inconveniences. Staffs in Barcelona airport are friendly and can ensure clients’ needs are met.

9. VIP Lounges

This is a very comforting place set aside for visitors who awaits their flights to different destinations. Passengers can relax and have fun at their expense. A little fee is paid to enjoy this luxurious space. There are also membership cards for passengers who have registered to use this beautiful area. One can use this card to enter the lobby, and these cards can be employed by more than one person.

10. Air Cargo and Air Freight Operations

Barcelona Airport
Source: Tony Hisgett

Barcelona airport is one of the leading air freight operators so far it is equipped with modern technology, and its storage is more developed to meet its customers need. Importing of cargo is briskly due to its undemanding infrastructure. Many air freight companies have been operating inside the airport. Most goods that are being transported by air freight are exported overseas.

11. Scenic View and Environmental Concerns

Barcelona Airport
Source: Vertounoir

The airport has set some rules and regulations on how to conserve its environment in matters of noise and air pollution. Plants and flowers are being taken care of at the airport to bring fresh air and so no air pollution around the airport. Any tourist coming to Barcelona need not worry about environmental discomforts as they have been taken care of. The noise pollution has also been reduced to the minimum one cannot complain of any pains.

12. Tourism and Accomodation

Barcelona Airport
Source: Kippelboy

The various historical and scenic attractions found in the old Barcelona serve as a significant tourist magnet. Upon getting to the airport, one may feel like a few hours rest could prove vital or a night spent would do no harm. Hence, fully-furnished, first-class rooms are present at the airport. These ‘air rooms’ are just exemplary, and a suite is also available upon request. The services and amenities inside are commendable and interesting enough, some services and offers are tax-free.

13. Passenger Services Availed

Barcelona Airport
Source: Alef12

At the airport, travelers are provided with different services that are humanly essential. Some of them are the ATMs where one can withdraw cash when the need arise. To ensure that no communication problems exist at the airport, there’s many public the telephone which one can call one’s mobile phone has a problem. Medical services are offered to in case of emergency, so tourist doesn’t have to be bothered concerning medical cases. Shopping can also be done at the duty-free shops located at the airport.

14. High-Speed Internet and Free Wi-Fi

At the station one can enjoy faster internet freely this keeps the passengers busy as they wait for their flight to arrive. Passengers can do online chatting with their loved ones before they depart to their various places. A tourist can google the places they want to visit while at the airport with ease access to the internet. Beautiful sights can be viewed online.

15. People With Reduced Mobility

As per the legislation put in place in 2008, the Barcelona Airport provides services which guarantee safe and comfy travels for all; more so for people with certain disabilities. Special services and particularly designed amenities are availed to ensure that the whole air-travel escapade for those with reduced mobility is just as memorable and enjoyable. This has, to a great extent, made Barcelona Airport one of the most cherished airports across the continent and the even the entire world.

Have a good trip and travel!

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