7 Restaurants to Go in Cambrils

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Source: M.Campo

Cambrils is a seaside town in Tarragona, Catalonia, East Spain. It’s situated in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so it’s a place with great tourism, history and food. While you enjoy it’s beaches, resorts, museums or landscapes, don’t forget to keep your stomach full. So, here you go – 7 restaurants in Cambrils that will simply fascinate you with their food, service and ambient.

1. Can Bosch Restaurant

It has a central location in Cambris, a great deal of happy customers and delicious food. It’s been opened since 1969 and by today it has a five-star reputation and by a lot of the customers – the most delicious food in the whole city. You get the idea just by reading their motto – ,,The sea on the plate,,.


2. Restaurante Miramar

This restaurant also has a traditional Spanish cuisine well combined with homemade desserts and sight of the Torre del Port de Cambrils. They offer 5 types of menus, fresh fish and sea food, broad vine list and a breath taking view just in front of the sea.


3. Prick Thai

This restaurant offers what every Asian food lover needs – Thai food between all that Spanish food. It has excellent and affordable prices for well-known Thai dishes. It’s a small family restaurant with a traditional food prepared by a native Thai chief. It also offers takeout, outdoor and indoor seating, full bar and fast serving. A place you just can’t dislike.


4. Acuamar

Always fresh fish and sea food, nicely combined with their local vegetables and fruit it’s what makes this restaurant excellent. They have a 40 years long tradition in making Spanish food, and they do that in a building built in 1935, owned by the family.


5. La Palmera de la Llosa

Another great restaurant that combines sea food with national Spanish dishes. Their stuff is small, but their dishes are big. It’s perfect for business meetings, family dinners, romantic nights and everything in between. The prices are affordable for everyone and the atmosphere is laid back and authentic.


6. L’indert

,,The restaurant has a modern feel, a nice atmosphere and a good view of the sea. It seems designed to cater for larger groups (most of the tables seat 8 or more) and it’s a very sociable dining experience. ,, – say some of the costumers. This restaurant has modern interior, but their food is a perfect mix of tradition and modern cuisine – extravagance in a dish. They also have a professional stuff, ready to serve you in the best possible way. Sumed up, in L’indert you can find everything you search for in a luxury restaurant.


7. Pasta E Basta

Presented as the best pizza place in Cambrils, this place really stands out because of their perfect pizzas. Customers are characterizing it as a local, fast service restaurant, with a friendly stuff, welcoming atmosphere and hot, next to perfect pizzas. Who wouldn’t like that?


The food in Cambrils mostly comes from the sea. But, not everyone cooks it the same, and not everyone eats it the same. So, we did ,,a must,, list with some of the best restaurants in the city. Don’t hesitate, go choose a restaurant and get the best meal.

Have a good trip and travel!