10 Things to Know about Fuerteventura Airport

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Airport at Fuerteventura
Source: Frank Vincentz

The airport of Fuerteventura is located close to the capital Puerto del Rosario. It is hardly 10 minutes away from the resort of Caleta de Fuste. It is an easily accessible place with a modern architecture, and an impressive design!

1. How To Get There

How to get there
Source: Andy Mitchell

Getting to the airport at Fuerteventura, Spain is easy. The airport is accessible through roads; there are buses from many parts of the city to the airport. There are taxi services available too. There are buses to the city from the airport at every half an hour. They are the cheapest travel access in and out of the terminal. Taxi services to opt should be signed ranks. The services are a bit expensive but safer and private, maybe even easier.

2. Check-in desks

Check in
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The check in desks in the airport de Fuerteventura is on the ground floor. You can check which check-in desk has been assigned to your flight on the information screen. The rule says that one has to arrive two hours prior to the take off scheduled time. Thus, it is advisable to be well before time, to avoid last moment hassle and unexpected problems. Many airlines also allow online check in on their websites.

3. Security checks

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Once you have checked in and received the boarding pass, the passengers need to pass through a metal detector arch at the security point. The carry-on luggage is checked and one has to go through x-ray inspection as well. Before the security, passengers are asked for the boarding pass. To allow small objects to pass through the metal detector, the passengers are provided with small trays.

4. Parking

Source: Oscar Benito Fraile

The airport de Fuerteventura car park offers some of the best parking services in Spain. It guarantees you an awesome convenience at a competitive price. It is efficient and easy to use the parking services. For ease of access, it is situated a few meters from the terminal. It can be reached in merely 2 minutes from the terminal. There are 945 slots for parking and the tariffs are reasonable too.

5. Shopping

Source: Balou46

There are duty-inclusive as well as duty-free shops available at the airport de Fuerteventura. On the first floor, there are some food shops, fashion, and accessory shops, only for passengers. On the ground floor, in the public zone, there is a pharmacy shop for emergencies. There is also a newspaper shop for both public and passengers on the first floor.

6. Restaurant and Cafeteria

Food and drink
Source: Frank Vincentz

There are coffee shops and a variety of cafeterias on the ground and first floors. These are some best shops to choose from for the perfect travel time coffee. There are around four awesome restaurants for passengers to dine in, all four on the first floor itself, in the passenger-only zone. There is a pizza shop, a traditional Spanish cuisine restaurant and bar, and two other diners.

7. Services

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The airport at Fuerteventura has a way to please the passengers. Here, passengers are facilitated with ATMs, internet access terminals, and WiFi. There are many information points made available at the airport for passenger grievances and inquiries. There are meeting points for those who come to see off the visitors, there is a children-play-area too. The airport provides lost and found services, baggage wrapping machines, bags for carrying liquids, photocopier, etc. the airport is convenient and helps toward a hassle free journey.

8. Environment

Source: Frank Vincentz

The airport de Fuerteventura takes steps towards environment betterment. It has taken actions to eliminate the noise pollution. It has implemented a standard take off maneuver on runway 01 that has helped reduce the noise level by 40%. It has installed acoustic barriers to reduce the noise as well. The airport has a system of selective waste collection. Also, it supports a water treatment plant helping in the water scarcity of the island. The airport has a purifier too, which treats 100%of the sewage. Thus, the place makes sure to keep the lands healthy and eco-friendly!

9. Tourism

Source: Frank Vincentz

The tour operators at the airport have their offices on the ground floor and t the check in points. There are many tourism companies that help the visitors plan their journey and vacation well. The tour operators attend to these travelers since their arrival at the airport. These operator offices are all in the arrivals hall, with a varied number of companies to choose from!

10. About the Airport

Other practical information required about the airport:


This was all the information you needed for a hassle free trip to the beautiful islands. Do check out the websites and compare prices before booking tickets. These 10 things to know about the Fuerteventura Airport are here to support your trip!

Have a good trip and travel!

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