10 Things to Know about Bilbao Basket

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Bilbao Basket

Bilbao Basket is Bilbao, Spain’s professional basketball team. This year the team celebrates its 16th anniversary.

1. Men in Black

The predominately black and silver uniform worn by Bilbao Basket team members has led to the team affectionately being known by fans as the Hombres del Negros, or Men in Black.

2. Home stadium

Bilbao Basket2
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Bilbao Basket’s home arena, Bilbao Arena, is located in the town of Mirribila in Bilabo, Spain. The 42 million euro arena has been the team’s home stadium since 2010 and can hold up to 11,000 basketball fans.  The construction of the arena was modeled on the surrounding natural environment with the aim of looking like the trees of Bilbao.

3. Liga ACB

Bilbao Basket is part the Liga ACB, a first tier Spanish professional men’s basketball association. After 4 years in the Spanish second tier league (LEB), Bilbao Basket managed to secure a place in the Liga ACB by winning the 2004 LEB semifinal against rival team Baloncesto Leon 3-1.

4. Eurocup

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As well as the Liga ACB, Bilbo Basket is part of the Eurocup, the European multinational second tier professional basketball league. The team made it the 2013 Eurocup finals in Charleroi, Belgium but unfortunately lost the match to Russian team PBC Lokomotiv Kuban with a score of 75 – 64. In order to advance to the first tier European multinational league, Bilbao Basket must win the Eurocup Finals.

5. History

The club was foundered in 2000 and replaced 2 local clubs, Cajabilbao and SD Patronato. Since then the club has steadily moved up the ranks from the second league of the Spanish basketball system to its current place in the first league (Liga ACB).

6. International

Bilbao Basket

The Bilbao Basket team features players from all over the world including Tobias Borg from Sweden, Seydou Aboubacar from Niger, and Marko Todorovic from Montenegro. Only 4 of the 16 current players are Spanish, however both the Head Coach and Assistant Coach are Spanish.

7. MVP

Bilbao Basket player, Marko Banic, won the 2010 award for Most Valuable Player in the Eurocup league. Banic is the only Spanish player to ever receive this prestigious award.

8. Quinteto Ideal de la ACB

The Quinteto Ideal de la ACB (All-ACB Team awards in English) is an annual award for players form the Liga ACB. This prestigious award highlights the top five players of each season. The winners are chosen by votes form coaches, players, the media and fans. Bilbao Basket players have featured in the Quinteto Ideal de la ACB 3 times. In 2007 Brazilian Marcelinho Huertas was ranked second in the awards. In 2015 Montenegrin Marko Todorovic placed fifth and in 2016 Spaniard Alex Mumbru placed third.

9. NBA

Bilbao Basket played against an NBA team in a preseason game in October 2013. The match against the Philadelphia 76ers drew crowds of over 13,500 at the Bizkaia Arena in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. The match was close with the Philadelphia 76ers beating Bilbao Basket by only 2 points. The final score was 106 – 104 in favour of the 76ers.

10. Sponsorship

Bilbao Basket is often known as Dominion Bilbao Basket for sponsorship reasons. Dominion has been a major sponsor of the team since 2015. Bilbao Basket has had 5 other major sponsors since it was promoted to the Liga ACB in 2004.

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