10 Things to Know about Water Park in Gran Canaria

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Source: Uri Tours

Gran Canaria is a popular tourist destination and the second largest island of the Canary Islands. So it comes as no surprise that there is a spectacular water park on this island that attracts thousands of visitors on a yearly basis. Aqualand Maspalomas has everything you need for a fun day at a water park, so if you want to try something completely different on your holidays, this is the place to go.

1. You can reach it by car or public transport

Aqualand Maspalomas is very accessible. You can either reach it by car, or choose to go by a bus. There are two bus lines that will drive you straight to the Aqualand. If you are not a fan of public transport, you can take a taxi from Maspalomas as well. It is a short ride from the city so the fare will not be too high.

2. You can buy tickets online

If you don’t want to spend at least half an hour waiting in the line to buy your ticket for Aqualand, the best solution is to buy it online. The ticket price depends on your age and you will be able to choose between three types of tickets – adult, children, and mini tickets.

3. You have ten days to use your ticket

Once you reserve your ticket in the online store, you will have ten days to use it in the Aqualand. Therefore, you can buy your online ticket before you even embark on your Gran Canaria holiday and you will be able to use it as soon as you arrive on the island.

4. Adrenaline Fun rides are perfect for adults

There are plenty of slides designed for adults only. These slides are fast, fun, and you will be able to enjoy a thrilling adrenaline rush. Some of these rides include the ever popular Crazy Race where you can compete with your friends, and Mamut which is perfect for a large group of people.

5. Mini Park is for children

The safest rides and slides are in the Mini Park which is for children only. The youngest ones will have an opportunity to enjoy their own little part of Aqualand and experience awesome rides that are suitable for them. Polynesia rides are children friendly as well so make sure you check them out.

6. Swimming with sea lions

Aqualand is known for adding new and noteworthy attractions every season, and swimming with sea lions is one of the newer ones. You can swim or take photos with these beautiful animals and Aqualand instructors will be there to help you and keep you safe. This is a perfect activity for the entire family.

7. Discovery Beach

If you are craving the feeling of sand underneath your feet, you can head out to Discovery Beach which is a large wave pool located within this complex. It is perfect for light swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing while the waves splash the shallow part of this pool and cool you down.

8. Solarium and other activities

Aqualand is not all about slides. You can also relax in the solarium while your family or friends are having fun in the water, or you can all go and play a round of mini golf. So if you get bored by the slides, you can always choose another engaging activity within the waterpark grounds.

9. Food and drink

If you are concerned about the food and drinks, don’t worry. You will be able to purchase a variety of meals and drinks on the waterpark grounds. There is a self-service cafeteria where you can pick and choose exactly what you want to eat, or go to one of the ice creams stands that are closer to the water slides for a quick snack.

10. Aqualand Shop


If you forgot to bring your sunblock or you need any type of swimming accessories, head out to the Aqualand Shop. They have everything you need for an enjoyable day at the waterpark. You can also buy various souvenirs at this shop, so if you want an Aqualand t-shirt or a keychain, you can find them at this store.

Aqualand Maspalomas is an ideal place for you and your family because you will be able to experience something completely new on your holiday. So if you want to spend your day sliding and having fun on different rides, head out to Aqualand and see these attractions for yourself.

Have a good trip and travel!

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