10 Things to Know about Race Park in Las Palmas

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Source: SuperCar-RoadTrip.fr

Las Palmas Race Park is a perfect place where you can spend your afternoon and experience something completely different. If you happen to be on the island at the right time, you might get a chance to see super exciting car races that are held every now and then at this location. Race Park do have other interesting events to offer, so make sure you are well informed before you actually go there.

1. Location

Located in Las Palmas, Race Park can be reached from the city fairly quickly. You can take public transport to one point, but it might be better to go there by taxi, or your own vehicle. And there is no need to worry about parking – you will easily find a spot.

2. Events

Besides the obvious car and motorbike races, Las Palmas Race Park hosts various presentations of motorsport equipment and services. You will be able to enjoy and get to know the latest innovations in this sport, as well as to see it in action right there on the Race Park track.

3. Porsche, Lamborghini, Good Year, etc.

Las Palmas Race Park is one of the favorite places for these big brands and they often have large presentations and reveals right here on the island. So if you are a fan of these famous brands and want to attend one of these events, make sure you reserve your spot because they usually get crowded.

4. Driving school

If your driving needs some polishing and you want to learn from the best, Race Park has a couple of courses available to everyone. Depending on your level of knowledge and what exactly needs to be improved, you will be assigned to an instructor who will lead you through everything you need to know in order to drive better.

5. Track rental

The Race Park track can be rented to individuals who want to take their own cars for a spin, or to rent one of the Race Park vehicles they want to test. The price might be a bit too high for some of you, but we are sure there are people who can easily afford it.

6. Motor racing

Motor racing is very popular on the island and you can see plenty of off road racers enjoying this specific terrain which is made for rally due to the fact that it is very versatile. If you don’t want to go to the sand dunes, you can also watch motor racing right here at Las Palmas Race Park.

7. Competitions

There are a couple of competitions held at Las Palmas Race Park that are very exciting to the spectators and the stands fill out quickly. These include Fun Cup and Speed Race Championship. If you want to attend one of these races, make sure you check the schedule in advance.

8. Car service

Believe it or not, you can have your car checked and fixed right here at the Race Park. The experts working here will inspect your vehicle in a couple of minutes and you will be good to go in no time. Keep this in mind if you decide to rent a car while you are staying at the island.

9. The race track is in use all year round

Since the climate on Gran Canaria is warm all year round, the Las Palmas Race Park is always open for visitors and moto sport enthusiasts regardless of a month or a season. Therefore, you will be able to use it or see the races whenever you happen to be the island.

10. Supercar

If you love expensive and fast cars, but you can’t really afford them, the next best thing is to take your favorite cars for a spin. You can do so if you book a Supercar date at the Race Park. You will be able to pick and choose among the latest models of cars and decide which ones you want to try. It is not very pricey so you can make your dreams come true, at least for a couple of hours.

Las Palmas Race Park is a must see for all moto sport enthusiasts. You will be able to enjoy various races and attend super interesting events at this venue. Plus, Race Park can make your holiday at Gran Canaria simply unforgettable.

Have a good trip and travel!

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