10 Things To Do in Acre

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Source: Davi Sopchaki

Acre is a state in Brazil with a two hour time difference from Brasilia. The capital of Acre is Rio Branco. The total land area of Acre is 152,581 kilometers squared and the population of the state is 758,787 as of 2012.

1. Visit Palacio Rio Branco

Palacio Rio Branco is one of the famous landmarks in Acre. It is a very interesting architecture with full of history. There will be a tour guide as well who will help you with all the information you need. It is located in the heart. The building was the office of the government decades ago and became a small museum recently.


  • Name: Palacio Rio Branco
  • Address: Rua Benjamin Constant, s/n | 1 Distrito, Rio Branco, State of Acre, Brazil
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Novo Mercado
  • Price: $6USD
  • Phone: (68) 3223-9240
  • Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 8:00AM-6:00PM Saturday-Sunday 4:00PM-9:OOPM
  • Website: http://www.ac.gov.br/wps/portal/acre/Acre/estado-acre

2. Buy Something at Novo Mercado Velho

Novo Mercado Velho is a market with lots of souvenirs shops, crafts and other local products that are for sale, some say you will find everything you need to buy here. You just have to walk around and you will probably see a lot of good stuff to buy. It also has a lot of good options of restaurants just along the area.

3. Stroll around the wonderful parks

Grab the chance to get away with the busy city by strolling and wandering around the parks of Acre. They have wonderful parks that have great views and are great for picnics. Families with little children would love to do this activity. The best parks in Acre are Parque Ambiental Chico Mendes, Parque da Maternidade and Serra do Divisor National Park.

4. Amazed by the Passarela Joaquim Macedo Scenery

Passarela Joaquim Macedo is a bridge that goes over the Acre River with lots of statues that poses to be coming or going from the bridge. This is a great place to visit during sunset. It is a very beautiful place to take pictures and to just feel the breeze on your face and it is just located around downtown of Rio Branco.

5. Get educated at the museums and memorials


There is no better way of enjoying your vacation in Acre by knowing the history of the state. Going into memorials in museums will give you a lot of information about the state that will make you much more interested in the stories of the landmarks around the area. The best museums and memorials to visit are Memorial dos Autonomistas, Memorial of Autonomists Senator Jose Guiomard dos Santos, Museu da Borracha, UFAC University Acervos Museum,Casa Chico Mendes Museum, Seringal Capitao Ciriaco Museum, Borracha Gov. Geraldo Mesquita Museum, Cruzeiro do Sul Museum, Panteology Museum and Legislation of Acre History Museum.

6. Taste local food

While you are in the state, you must grab the opportunity to get to taste the best food in town by visiting the best restaurants they have and tasting the food that they are to offer. The best restaurants in Acre are Jarude, Estancia Churrascaria Gaucha, O Paco, AFA Bistro d’Amazonia, Restaurante E Pizzaria a Princesinha, Peixaria do Elcio, Agua Na Boca, Restaurante Pao De Queijo, Inacios Restaurante and Tacaca da Base.

7. Have fun at the House of Peoples of the Forest

House of Peoples of the Forest is a house that is located just near the other city attraction at the center of Rio Branco and it is a house where there are stories of the indigenous people of the Acre state, their lifestyle, the crafts they made and all of the other things about them.

8. Witness the amazing views at Sitio Historico Quixada

Sitio Historico Quixada is a heritage center with a restaurant inside. The place is very rich in history, you will learn a lot about Acre in Sitio Historico Quixada. The view outside is very cool too, it looks like it is in the middle of the forest. Don’t forget to bring your camera as you visit this place to capture amazing moments and views.


  • Name: Sitio Historico Quixada
  • Address: Estrada do Quixada | Zona Rural, Rio Branco, State of Acre 900000, Brazil
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Palacio Rio Branco
  • Price: $5USD
  • Phone: +55(68)9904-4638
  • Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Website: None

9. Book some private tour

Enjoy the best landmarks and activities in Acre by booking a private tour. The travel agency will be the one to organise everything for you especially if you want to go on a trip without any hassle, they will be the one to schedule everything, to provide accommodation,meals and the way of transport so you get to enjoy your vacation worry-free.

10. Go and watch something at the theatres

Witness the talents of Acre by watching one of the performances in the theatres. There are a lot of theatres in Acre, be sure to take time and enjoy the show or a movie perhaps, at Anfi Garibaldi Carneiro Brasil – UFAC Theater, Cine- Recreio Theater, and Placido de Castro Theater.

Have a good trip and travel!

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