12 Months in Barcelona (January to December)

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Source: Moyan Brenn 

Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia autonomous community, as well as the second most populous city in entire Spain. The city has a rich cultural background which is can be clearly observed in many of the buildings present in it. No matter what time of the year you visit this amazing city at, you will always have something to occupy yourself with!

1. January in Barcelona

January is part of the off season in the city- you would find the streets with almost no tourists at all. Do not worry, you will still have lots to do! In fact, it is an ideal time to visit your favorite bars or other places without finding a crowd inside and having to wait for hours at a time. In addition, you get to see the bluest skies of the whole year during this month too.


  1. Gaudi Walking Tour: One of the best things to do in January. Go out on a tour visit famous works of architecture by the great architect Antoni Gaudi.
  2. Visit the Barri Gotic (old city center of Barcelona): Yet another wonderful thing to busy yourself with in January. You would not find large crowds near the place too!
  3. Go to the Barcelona Aquarium: Indeed, visiting this aquarium can be a very amazing experience and it is not even crowded during January.
  4. Have coffee at La Granja 1872: One of the best things you can do in January in Barcelona! A warm cup of coffee can be quite relaxing.
  5. A Trip to Museo Picasso: This museum houses many works of art from the artist Picasso. Even if you do not like art, you should check his works out. They are too awesome!

2. What to do in February in Barcelona

Source: Grace

Barcelona gets quite cold in February so you should have some warm clothes with you. Again, this month is in the off season, so you will be able to find hotels to stay in at cheaper rates than in summer. Have an umbrella with you- it does not rain much in Barcelona but in February, it rains on an average of 7 days through out the month.


  1. You can take part in a number of free activities: Watch a Barcelona (football club) match at a local bar or visit the Caixaforum art gallery to learn new things.
  2. Visit the Casa Batllo, which is yet another masterpiece from Antoni Gaudi.
  3. Sightseeing tours: Visit the working class area in Barcelona and spend some time over there. You will be stunned by the wonderful view available over there.
  4. Popular attractions in February include the Agbar Tower, Boqueria Market and  Santa Eulalia. Make sure that you check them out.
  5. Santa Maria del Mar is one of the most splendid churches in the world. You must visit it we you are in Barcelona, especially in February.

3. March in Barcelona

Source: Paulo Valdivieso

March is another cool month in Barcelona. There are considerable ups and downs in the weather- from ‘beach’ like weather to snowfall. This is why you should have some warm clothes, such as jackets with you at all times during your visit to the city. As mentioned above, any time in the calendar year is a good time to visit Barcelona so you should not abandon a trip if it is being arranged in March.


  1. Visit Port Olimpic: This place is a tourist’s paradise as it is full of amazing bars, cafes and restaurants.
  2. La Pedrera: You just cannot complete your trip to Barcelona without checking out the great Gaudi’s amazing works. La Pedrera is another such brilliant piece of work from Gaudi’s side.
  3. Take a tour of the back streets and get amazed by the awesome bars and shops. Do not forget to go to Espit Chupitos and take a one shot drink from the counter (costs 2-5 euros).
  4. Go to Eixample: Being one of the most ‘posh’ districts in the entire Europe, this place houses many attractions of Barcelona, like the La Rambla. If you cannot stay there, do visit it.
  5. A Trip to Reial Plaza: If you get tired of roaming around in the crowded streets of Barcelona, you can visit the Reial Plaza to admire the amazing architecture displayed by the building.

4. April in Barcelona- Things to Do

Source: Oh Barcelona

April is a warmer month as compared to March and February. There are high chances of rainfall during this month in Barcelona. If you visit Barcelona in April, you would never get bored because there is so much to do- exciting cuisines to taste, amazing places to visit and beautiful things to admire. April is one of the best months to visit Barcelona as it offers some degree if sunshine too.


  1. Go to Poble Espanyol. It is a museum in Barcelona and one of the key attractions in the city during April, providing visitors with amazing learning and sight-seeing opportunities.
  2. Get lost in the Horta maze: This is not a joke, it is indeed fun to get lost and then find your way out of the Horta maze. You can even visit the market near the maze.
  3. Hear, Watch and even learn Flamenco. Flamenco is a traditional dance and April is one of the best months to see, hear and experience it.
  4. Buy books and roses on 23rd April when almost everybody celebrates the legend of Saint George. Men gift roses to women who are important to them, while women give books to men who are important to then.
  5.  Enjoy the Easter related events. You should take part in the religious events too if you are present in the city during Easter.

5. Things to do in Barcelona in May

Source: Jorge Franganillo

May is one of the hot months in Barcelona. You will be up against some clear and sunny days with temperature as high as 20 degrees centigrade. Some of the most exciting experiences await you in Barcelona during May. This makes this month a very good time to visit the city, especially if you love nice and warm sunny days.


  1. May starts with a public holiday and almost all the business remain closed on that day. Most of the city center is blocked due to protests so it is better for you to go out on some day trip away from the enter, such as towards the Montjuic Mountain.
  2. Do not miss the International New Rose Competition! The date is not fixed, but it happens in May. You go to the Cervantes Park and vote for your favorite rose (there are loads of them).
  3. Night of Museums is a cultural event which takes place on 18th May. All museums that take part in this event open up free of cost at that night so do not forget this event!
  4. The Ciutat Flamenco festival is celebrated from the mid to end of May and provides you with a complete opportunity to enjoy the most authentic displays of this traditional dance that you can find in the entire country. It is not free, but is worth its price.
  5. Primavera Sound is an internationally recognised music related festival. Many venues host this festival throughout the city and performances are made by popular stars from all over the world. This means you must attend it!

6. June in Barcelona

Source: Jaume Escofet

June marks the starting of the tourist season in Barcelona. Locals, at least those who can do so, leave the town and you can have the pleasure of traffic-free roads for some days until the number of tourists does not become too high. Summer in Barcelona is not very hot, but it is quite humid. However, visiting the city in June can be one of the most pleasurable experiences you have ever had!


  1. Check out the ‘dancing egg’ performance which takes place on Corpus Christi Day which lies almost every year in June.
  2. Do not forget to visit the beaches in the city. Summer is the ideal season for beaches- all of them are amazing, nice and clean!
  3. Enjoy yourself thoroughly by taking part in the ‘Piknic Electronik’ music festival which starts in June and takes place every Sunday during summer. Many famous DJs come to the festival. You have to pay some fees to take part in the festival.
  4. Take a walk around the Gracias neighborhood which is one of the coolest neighborhoods in the entire city. It is full of young and friendly people.
  5. Eat in one of the many sea-facing restaurants present in the city. This is a very good way of spending evenings, particularly during June.

7. July in Barcelona

Source: Veselina Dzhingarova

July is another summer month in Barcelona with humid and sunny days. It is one of the best months to visit the city and is part of the peak season for tourism in the region. Many concerts and movie screenings dominate the month and excellent nightlife opportunities present too, increasing the overall fun you may have while visiting the city.


  1. Musica Als Parcs is a festival celebrated throughout summer. Many concerts are arranged in the numerous parks in the city and all of them are free of cost. This is why should not miss this one!
  2. July is an excellent month to enjoy the Paella (traditional food) on the terrace of a sea facing restaurants, such as Salamanca or Bravo 24.
  3. Cinema screenings (open air) at the Montjuic Castle are a common sight during July. Visit the place and enjoy the movies on the big screen!
  4. Experience Sopras amb Estrelles or Dinner with Stars. You get to have a dinner outside the Fabra Observatory followed by a tour of the museum. You can also have the chance to view some planets or stars using a telescope!
  5. You must check out the Festa Major del Raval, which is a festival organised by the Raval neighborhood during mid of Jule. It consists of several events which are a good way of passing the time.

8. August in Barcelona- what to do?

Source: Procsilas Moscas

August is the best month for those tourists who love the sun, the beaches and music to visit Barcelona. This month is part of the summer season too and the city is full of tourists from all over the world. You can have one of the best trips you have had in your life if you visit Barcelona in this month as many bars and nightclubs open frequently in this season as compared to the rest of the year.


  1. August is a wonderful month to visit the beautiful beaches of Barcelona. There are 10 of the in total and all of them are great. The nearer the beaches are to the city center, the more crowded they are.
  2. Nightlife is at its peak during August in Barcelona. Many nightclubs and bars are open throughout the week and host concerts and provide great drinks to the visitors.
  3. Festes de Gracia is a fiesta which takes place in the Gracias district during the mid of August. Concerts, games, workshops and fireworks are some of the many interesting things that you can enjoy during this fiesta.
  4. Many open air cinema screenings are organised during August near the beaches such as Platja de Sant Sebastia where you can thoroughly enjoy the movies.
  5. The Supercopa match is an excellent opportunity for FC Barcelona lovers to see their team in action (provided it plays the match, which it usually does). This match occurs somewhere between mid to end of August.

9. September in Barcelona

Source: Oh Barcelona

September can rightly be called the month of fiestas in Barcelona. Many fiestas take pace throughout the month, the most prominent one being the annual summer fiesta of Barcelona. In addition there are several music festivals and dinner opportunities for those who want to engage in them. Overall, it is a good time to visit Barcelona.


  1. Take part in the Festa de la Merce, which is the annual fiesta of Barcelona and is named after the patron saint of the city. It is celebrated on 24th September, but festivities continue for four to five more days.
  2. Check out the BAM festival, a free musical festival consisting of several concerts throughout the city. It takes place during the week of 24th September.
  3. Festa Major de la Barceloneta is the fiesta of the La Barceloneta neighborhood of the city. It consists of many interesting events and you do not want to miss it at any cost!
  4. Catalunya’s national day is on 11th September so you may be able to check out several museums on that day if you visit the city in September.
  5. During the first or second week of September, the Festa Major del Pobleneu occurs. It is the fiesta for the district of Pobleneu and it consists of some amazing activities and experiences.

10. October in Barcelona

October is another good month to visit Barcelona. Temperatures are still as high as 18 degrees centigrade, but summer is nearing its end by this month. You can have a pretty good trip to the city in October with plenty of nice things to do such as visiting museums or local markets or going out for lunch or dinner.


  1. Go to the Museo Miro, which is full of great works of art from the artist Joan Miro. You would not get bored, even if you are not much of an arts fan.
  2. Montjuic Castle is a fantastic place to visit during October as you will get to have an insight into the heritage of Barcelona, as well as a chance to engage in sightseeing.
  3. You can also visit the cultural center, Teclasala to get to know more about the rich cultural background of Barcelona.
  4. The gardens of Hospital de la Santa Creui Sant Pau are yet another wonderful place for a stroll or two with one’s friends or family. You would love it a lot!
  5. You would enjoy watching a Castellar practice, in which locals build amazing human pyramids. It is a good way of passing one’s time and having fun.

11. November in Barcelona

Source: Ben Sutherland

November is one of the colder months in Barcelona, with an average temperature of around 8 degrees centigrade. This implies that you would not be able to visit beaches and swim quite a lot, but do not let this depress you! A more ‘chilled’ weather opens up the doors to other exciting activities, making November an excellent month to visit Barcelona too!


  1. Go for the ‘Picasso’s Barcelona’ walking tour. You will have a very good time and will get to know Barcelona very well.
  2. Pay a visit to the Mercat Gotic, an antique market, which opens every Thursday. You can visit it via some walking tours to Barri Gotic.
  3. Go to the Metronom. It is a fun place to visit since it contains art works which are not ‘normal enough’ to be displayed in normal galleries. There is some really interesting stuff in there that your eyes can feed on!
  4. A trip to the top of Montjuic Hill is always a good experience as you have plenty os sightseeing opportunities, the best one being the overhead view of the entire city!
  5. Try eating Churros- they are simply delicious and are available at many cafes throughout the city! If you can get a cup of hot chocolate along with Churros, you are going to have a very good time.

12. December in Barcelona

Source: Carquinyol

A trip to Barcelona in December can be quite amazing. December is a part of the winter season in Barcelona and you would want to have warm clothes along with you during your visit to the city. December brings with itself the festivities of Christmas, so you are not going to get bored at all during this trip of yours!


  1. Christmas markets are full of people (and goods!) during December. A trip to such markets can provided good window shopping opportunities to you! The one in front of the Barri Gotic is quite famous.
  2. A walking tour to Ramblas and Barri Gotic can be interesting during December. You will see many locals streaming nearby the Barri Gotic. It is a nice trip, overall and you must take part in it.
  3. You can also go to the City Hall and admire the central piece inside it. This is the starting of a range of wonderful sculptures, so you would not get bored at all!
  4. On 12th December, a procession is carried out from the christmas market near the cathedral of Barcelona. It is a great sight as the Catalans carry out their traditional rites.
  5. Gaudi’s works are just too awesome to be ignored! You can go for a Gaudi tour, viewing many masterpieces from Gaudi and admire the unique beauty each one possesses.

Barcelona is an excellent place to visit- at anytime of the year! Every month in Barcelona comes with its own unique set of activities, ensuring that you will have an amazing trip, no matter which month you visit the city in!

Have a good trip and travel!

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