10 things to do in Sao Luis: Brazil

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Sao Luis, Brazil
Source:André Ribeiro

Located on Ilha de São Luís in the Baía de São Marcos, Sao Luis the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Maranhão. Originally it was a large village of the Tupinambá tribe making it rich in culture and history. Besides this, its architecture is famous over brazil and is named as “The Tiles City”. The area has beaches, museums and other historic and the religious sites that attract the tourist. If you are planning to go to Brazil, here are 10 things you can try out in Sao Luis.

1. Watch plays and performance at Theatre

Teatro Arthur Azevedo
Source:Lyssuel Calvet

Being the second oldest Theatre of Sao Luis, Teatro Arthur Azevedo is popular and beautiful theatre to visit in Sao Luis. Having its own style, very scenic and the perfect acoustic puts up to make a wonderful play watch for the audience. The building is beautiful from inside with great architecture. If you are a lover of plays, take the seat near the “plateia” area to get an even better view. Altogether, it is a place you want to be if you reach Sao Luis


  • Name:Teatro Arthur Azevedo
  • Address:Av. Paes de Barros, 955 – Mooca, São Paulo – SP, 03115-020, Brazil
  • Tel:+55 11 2605-8007
  • Website: http://www.prefeitura.sp.gov.br/cidade/secretarias/cultura/dec/teatros/arthur_azevedo/

2. Prayers at Se Church

Se Church

At the centre of the government square in the old part of Sao Luis, lies a beautiful church Se Church. Beautifully positioned at the centre of government square with eye-catchy ornate and beautiful trimmings. The interior and exterior have good frescoes with classical structure. There are majesty and the altar with a large concert hall and the place is clean considering the large area. If you want to go and have a good prayer at Sao Luis with a spacious, beautiful, and clean environment, it is a place you want to go.

  • Name:Se Church
  • Address:Av. Pedro II, s/n, Sao Luis, State of Maranhao, Brazil
  • Category:Church
  • Tel:98-3222-7380
  • Website: http://www.arquidiocesedesaoluis.org/

3. Visit Palace of the Lions

Built by the French between early late nineteenth-century and early twentieth century, Palacio dos Leoes is a beautiful and interesting palace placed in the governors of Maranhao. Roughly translated as “The Palace of the Lions”, It is also enlisted in the World Heritage List. If you are a lover of art and architecture, you will surely enjoy the beautiful architecture of the palace and the paintings, ceramics and other artifacts. So, it is not a place you want to miss, if you visit Sao Luis, Brazil.


  • Name: Palacio dos Leoes
  • Address:Próximo ao Nº 78, Av. Dom Pedro ll, S/N – Centro, São Luís – MA, 65010-070, Brazil
  • Category: Palace and History
  • Hours: 9AM–12PM, 2–5PM at Sat-Sun| 9AM–12PM, 2–5:30PM Wed-Fri |  Closed at Monday
  • Tel: +55 98 3232-9784
  • Website:http://www.ma.gov.br/

4. Enjoy at Water Park


Valparaíso Acqua Park is a fun water park to go for you and your little ones. It is a beautiful park where you and your little ones can have a great time. There are many water games for you to enjoy and for age under 5 and above 60, it’s free. So don’t forget to carry the identification if you have anyone of that age. They have a safe and well-maintained environment and a cool music playing all the time. They have many hotels, restaurants, and cafe nearby where you can grab a drink or have a meal after water fun.


  • Name:Valparaíso Acqua Park
  • Address: Estrada da Pindoa, n. 03 – Pindoba, Paço do Lumiar – MA, 65130-000, Brazil
  • Category: Water Park
  • Hours:  10AM–5PM except Sat-Sun
  • Tel:+55 98 98754-7181
  • Website:http://www.valparaisoacquapark.com.br/

5.Boating and Swimming at the beach


If you love to have a peaceful time away from the noise and crowd of the city, Carima Beach is the place ou want to go to. There are no any inhabitants, shops or any disturbance in the beach. You can rent a boat and go on a boat ride and enjoy the tranquil and peaceful. With nice landscape and no any buildings or inhabitants, you connect to nature immediately. You can also have a cool swim if you feel like it.


  • Name:Carima Beach
  • Address: Sao Luis, State of Maranhao, Brazil
  • Category:Beach

6.Enjoy the Nightlife of Espigao Costeiro

Located at the edge of a sandy peninsula, the Espigão Costeiro is a place to go to enjoy the pretty landscapes and the beautiful sunset. The view of the Saint Marcos Bay is beautiful and if you walk along the lane you will reach the pier. There are places to park and you can get drinks and snacks in the place nearby. The place may get windy sometimes. So, it is better to go prepared. But if you love to enjoy the scene of the beautiful scene of the beach and the sunset, it is a place you want to go.


  • Name:Espigao Costeiro
  • Address:Address: Baia de Sao Marcos | Ponta d’Arei, Sao Luis, State of Maranhao, Brazil
  • Category:Landscape and Sunset

7. Visit Museum Casa de Nhozinho

Consisting of some most unusual collection of the artifacts, Casa de Nhozinho is a wonderful museum in Sao Luis. Named after the Nhozinho, a craftsman with disabilities. Even the building has its own history.There are toys and objects built with recyclable material attracting the children and the windows upstairs is a work of true art.  The presentation of various types of objects produced by artisans and indigenous tribes of the region will surely interest you.This is a place not to miss if you love to study the local art of other tribes and region.


  • Name:Casa de Nhozinho
  • Address: R. Portugal, 185 – Praia Grande, São Luís – MA, 65010-480, Brazil
  • Category:Museum
  • Hours: 9AM–6PM except Sat-Sun
  • Tel: +55 98 3218-9951

8. Admire the beauty of Convento Das Merces

Located in the center of the Sao Luis, Convento Das Merces is an architectural site with a historic background.  Founded by a Spanish order, they have colonial architecture. built about 2000 years ago, they have arches from Spain and the ashlar stone floors which look amazing. The unique and intoxicating architecture of ancient times is the reason that attracts most of the art lovers to this place. If you are a fan of the stories and mysteries, this is a place you want to be.


  • Name:Convento Das Merces
  • Address:Address: Rua Da Palma, 502, Desterro | Desterro, Sao Luis, State of Maranhao, Brazil
  • Category:Hiatory and Religion
  • Hours: 9AM–7PM except Monday and Saturday | Closed on saturday
  • Tel:+55(98) 3211-0062
  • Website:http://www.fmrb.ma.gov.br/convento-das-merces

9.Dine at IL Vicoletto

IL Vicoletto is a classical Italian restaurant with a Mediterranean style decoration. They serve a variety of food and wine along with a daily special. Popular among the locals and tourists, the place may be full. It is better to book in advance. The place has a clean environment, good food, and friendly workers. It is a good place to go with your family or as a couple. The place is not cheap but if you are planning for a good meal, it’s worth it.


  • Name:IL Vicoletto
  • Address:5 Crow St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
  • Category:Restaurant
  • Tel:+353 1 670 8633
  • Website:http://www.ilvicolettorestaurants.ie/

10. Shop at São Luís

If you are looking for a place to shop gifts or souvenirs, Sao Luis Shopping is a place you want to go to.There are a lot of the options for you at the mall with Riachuelo stores, apothecary, Samsung, live, among other high-end brands and also give parking with reasonable price. If you have some time to kill, you can enjoy your free time watching a movie in the movie theater or have a meal at the food court.


  • Name:São Luís Shopping
  • Address: ‘Avenida Prof. Carlos Cunha, 1000 – Jaracati, São Luís – MA, 65076-907, Brazil
  • Hours:10AM–10PM except sunday
  • Tel:+55 98 3313-3760
  • Website:http://www.saoluisshopping.com/

Have a good trip and travel!

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