7 Places to Shop in Ronda: What to Buy

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Ronda Shopping

Source: Benjamin Vandeer Steen

There’s no doubt that Ronda is a rather small town and remains largely old fashioned. As such, you won’t be able to find many large shopping centers or malls. Ronda is proud of this and clings to a community of small family owned stores and boutiques. In fact, shopping in Ronda is a very leisurely activity that allows for great sightseeing and stops at cafes. Here are 7 places to shop in Ronda and what to buy there.

1. Calzados La Bomba

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Calzados La Bomba is practically a treasure trove for shoe lovers in Ronda as they sell nearly every kind of footwear in this beautiful and modern store. Price ranges are very wide, offering options for every budget. When in Ronda, at Calzados La Bomba, you should definitely try to grab a Spanish-style shoe with bright colors and an airy fit.


2. El Pensiamento

Ronda El Pensamiento
Source: Andy R

A wonderland for toy lovers, children and the young at heart, El Pensamiento is arguably the most popular toy shop in Ronda and the most established. You’ll find every kind of toy under the sun in this store and the gorgeous window display will beckon you in with eye catching trinkets. From Rubix cubes to figurines, there’s something for every body in this store.


  • Name: El Pensamiento
  • Address: Calle Carrera Espinel 16, 29400 Ronda, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 872 193
  • Website: www.elpensamiento.com

3. Weekend Markets

Ronda Bread Stall
Source: Ben30

There’s no better place to go shopping for authentic Spanish treats than the weekend markets or pop up markets around Ronda. Food in particular is incredible at these events because of the simplicity and authenticity of the goods. We recommend visiting a panaderia or a stall that specializes in baked goods to sample delicious Spanish bread.

4. Daizy

Traveling with your family? Take your youngsters shopping for stylish clothing and baby accessories at Daizy. Apart from baby clothes, this store also has other ecological baby items and needs. Moms who want their kids to be stylish and yet remain eco friendly with their items will love this store.


  • Name: Daizy Panales Ecologicos
  • Address: Ramon Corrales Sainz 21, 29400 Ronda, Spain
  • Phone: +34 685 225 208
  • Website: www.panalesecologicos.com

5. Tony Zapatero

Lost your luggage? Need a new one for all the awesome new items you’ve purchased? You can find the most stylish and high quality luggages in Ronda at Tony Zapatero. Also known as Maletas Tony, this store has dozens, if not hundreds, of luggages to choose from depending on your need. Shop for a design that matches your personality and style easily.


  • Name: Tony Zapatero / Maletas Tony
  • Address: Calle Sevilla 37, 29400 Ronda, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 874 333
  • Website: www.maletastony.com

6. Fiesta Markets

Ronda Fiesta Market
Source: Ben30

Spain is never short of a fiesta or celebration all year long. If you’re in Ronda during a fiesta, drop by and make a bee-line for a markets. Some of the best things to buy at these fiesta markets are Spanish herbs. They’re locally grown and have a fantastic robust flavor that will allow you to experience Andalusian cuisine even after you return home.

7. Calle Sevilla

If you’re searching for small trinkets to commemorate your vacation in Ronda like postcards or key chains, or even more elaborate items like bullfighting outfits for children, Calle Sevilla is your go-to place. It’s a long street near the Santo Domingo Convent and Plaza del Socorro that is lined with shop after shop of souvenir items, clothing and other touristy goods.


  • Name: Calle Sevilla
  • Address: Calle Sevilla, 29400 Ronda, Spain


Explore all the boutiques and little shops with various specialties that Ronda has to offer and immerse yourself in the small town culture that this gorgeous place does so well. From souvenir shopping to shoe shopping, a nice long walk down the streets of Ronda will be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Trust us, you won’t miss the big shopping centers at all.

Have a good trip and travel!

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